Vannath Coast is a fishing spot in Final Fantasy XV found on the beach near to Galdin Quay. It is one of two fishing spots near to Galdin Quay, the other being Galdin Shoals. Vannath Coast has a tackle shop, and is some of the first fishing spots the player is likely to come across, and thus is populated by many beginner-friendly species of fish. It never rains in Galdin Quay, so there are no weather-specific fish.

The player can visit the fishing spot in Chapter 14, but the waters are barren and the player can't fish there.

List of fish[edit | edit source]

Anytime[edit | edit source]

NameStaminaPowerSPEXPAPItem obtainedOptimal lures Fishing spots
Murk Grouper
(Abyss Grouper)
Murk Grouper.jpg
9000002.4356008Murk Grouper EyeBurrower: Abyss WormVannath Coast
Giant Trevally (small)
Giant Trevally.jpg
450001.014101Trevally FilletPoppeck: Chocobo, Sweet Jamming: Custard, Tidal Might LeviathanVannath Coast, Cygillan Sea (royal vessel)
Giant Trevally (big)
Giant Trevally.jpg
750002.324601Trevally FilletPoppeck: Chocobo, Sweet Jamming: Custard, Tidal Might LeviathanVannath Coast, Cygillan Sea (royal vessel)
Galdin Trevally
Galdin Trevally.jpg
600001.122151Trevally FilletSweet Jamming: Flan, Stormer: Chert FocalorVannath Coast, Cygillan Sea (royal vessel)
Reef Trevally
(Atoll Trevally)
Reef Trevally.jpg
1200002.1281203Trevally ScalesSweet Jamming: CustardVannath Coast

Morning[edit | edit source]

NameStaminaPowerSPEXPAPItem obtainedOptimal lures Fishing spots
Dread Grouper
(Menace Grouper)
Dread Grouper.jpg
10000002.63265011Grouper FinBig Master TyphonVannath Coast (morning)

Night[edit | edit source]

NameStaminaPowerSPEXPAPItem obtainedOptimal lures Fishing spots
Glowing Barrelfish
(Glory Barrelfish)
Glowing Barrelfish.jpg
350001.110101Barrelfish ScalesSweet Jamming: Mousse, Fatal Roulette: Floating EyeVannath Coast (night), Cygillan Sea (royal vessel)

Tackle shop[edit | edit source]

Bob's Bait Emporium.

Fun for big fish and small fry.



Bob's Bait Emporium is by the Vannath Coast fishing spot at Galdin Quay. It is always open. Noctis's fishing level affects the prices:

  • Level 3: Tackle shops offer a 10% discount
  • Level 6: Tackle shops offer a 30% discount
  • Level 9: Tackle shops offer a 50% discount
Item Cost
Spider Silk 30
Super Baleen 100
Poppeck: Chocobo 50
Poppeck: White Chocobo 50
Poppeck: Red Chocobo 50
Sweet Jamming: Custard 50
Sweet Jamming: Flan 50
Sweet Jamming: Mousse 50
Bomber: Bomb 50
Bomber: Ice Bomb 50
Bomber: Thunder Bomb 50

Quests[edit | edit source]

Angler's Nightmare completed.

Navyth Arlund's last fishing quest, Angler's Nightmare, has Noctis catch the "Devil of the Cygillan" (Murk Grouper). Navyth is found on the beach at Galdin Quay. It is best to be at least level 7 in fishing, though the quest van be completed when lower. The fish won't be visible on the minimap until Noctis's fishing level is 10, but it can be found on the fishing spot nearest to Navyth during daytime by casting the line to the middle of the fishing area, or a little to the right. If the player spots a giant fish lurking under the surface, they have found it.

Suitable lures are the ones that sink, but an especially good fit is the Burrower: Abyss Worm. It will be a tough battle to reel in the fish, as it will struggle a lot (water is splashing and the controller vibrates). The player must not reel when the fish struggles, but there might only be short windows for reeling as the fish fights back most of the time. Tapping the reel button tends to work better than holding against fish that struggle a lot. Because the fish is so big, it wears down the line fast, and thus the player needs good technique and equipment to catch the fish. Eating Kupoberry Cheesecake before taking on the quest helps with preserving the line longer. The game can be paused during the minigame, and thus tapping the pause button and adjusting the reel/do not reel and direction while the game is paused can help with preserving the line.

Completing the quest yields 5000 EXP along with the Tranquility rod (290 defense).

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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