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The skies over Thavnair are aflame, and panic spreads through the populace like wildfire. One by one, civilians are twisted into grotesque fiends, hells-bent on slaughtering everything in sight. The deadliest of these creatures leads its newly spawned kin through the jungle, towards a number of smaller settlements, and as such, Ahewann has dispatched his Radiant Host to forestall the carnage. Though Vrtra, too, lends his strength to the cause, even that may prove insufficient, and thus do the Scions enter the fray.

Duty Finder description

Vanaspati is the third Dungeon Dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker.


  • Arrive in Trnakiya
  • Clear Trnakiya
  • Arrive in Insight
  • Clear Insight
  • Arrive in Devatagara
  • Defeat Svarbhanu


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  • Terminus Trampler
  • Terminus Shriver
  • Terminus Pursuer
  • Terminus Idolizer
  • Terminus Snatcher
  • Terminus Howler
  • Terminus Sprinter
  • Terminus Horror
  • Terminus Weeper
  • Terminus Shadower
  • Terminus Wrecker
  • Terminus Twitcher
  • Terminus Robber
  • Terminus Bellwether
  • Terminus Stalker
  • Blasphemy: Svarbhanu