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Vampyrs are undead creatures shrouded in mystery in Final Fantasy XI. They are demon-like in appearance, but do not exhibit the same attacking traits as The Dark Kindred. Rather, Vampyrs are even more dangerous, with the ability to charm entire parties or doom their prey. In present-day Vana'diel, Vampyrs are located in secluded sections of the Near East, but others were known to work for the Shadow Lord in the past.

Special abilities[]

  • Bloodrake: Single target Drain.
  • Decollation: Single target attack.
  • Dirty Breath: Conal AoE magical damage. Additional Effect: super Curse. Afflicted targets cannot be cured or restore HP/MP by any means. Lord Ruthven only.
  • Eternal Damnation: Cone Gaze attack Doom.
  • Heliovoid: Steals one beneficial status effect from all enemies in range.
  • Minax Glare: Gaze attack, inflicts Terror and a powerful Defense Down. Lord Ruthven and Shadowbreath only.
  • Nocturnal Servitude: Cone attack Charm and transforms those affected into Giant Bats.
  • Nosferatu's Kiss: AoE HP and TP Drain.
  • Wings of Gehenna: AoE damage, Knockback, and Stun.



Vampyr is German for "vampire". Vampires are mythological or folkloric beings who subsist by feeding on the life essence, generally in the form of blood, of living creatures. Although vampiric entities have been recorded in many cultures, and may go back to "prehistoric times", the term vampire was not popularized until the early 18th century.