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Increases the damage dealt by each ally's next physical attack.


Valor is an Effect spell in Final Fantasy VI. It doubles the power of the next physical attack used by the party, making it a great way to boost physical damage dealt by an ally. The spell is only taught by the Gilgamesh magicite, meaning it is only available in the Advance version and versions based on it.


The Gilgamesh magicite teaches the spell at an x5 rate.


Valor affects the entire party, making their next physical hit do triple damage. This works regardless of its nature, meaning that physical attacks that do set or percentage-based damage will still increase in power. If the physical attack used hits multiple times, Valor will only augment the first strike (meaning it does not benefit Master's Scroll or Dragon Horn).


For parties focused entirely on physical damage (such as ones including Locke, Edgar, Cyan, Gau, Umaro, or a Terra or Celes built toward physical damage), Valor can be a useful and efficient spell to cast to increase physical damage by the party for one turn. The spell is relatively inexpensive and comes with few drawbacks other than the turn and MP used by the caster. In more mixed parties, or when party members use Master's Scroll or Genji Glove, the spell loses some of its value.

Valor works the same regardless of the stats of the caster, and mostly benefits physical-based parties. As such, teaching it should be more of a priority to party members who rely on physical damage, though party members who play a support role and are brought to physical damage parties can be taught the party. The spell is not a high priority to teach to any party member, but is useful and worth teaching.