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As long as there are humans, so will there be witches among them.


Valmafra Lenande, also known as Balmafula Lanando, is a sorcerer sent by the Church of Glabados to assist Delita Heiral when the young knight infiltrated the ranks of Duke Goltanna in Final Fantasy Tactics. A young mage, Valmafra accompanies Delita on his missions, but is not seen in battle during the regular game, appearing only in the Multiplayer missions as an enemy.


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Upon Delita's infiltration into the ranks of Goltanna's men, the Church of Glabados in Mullonde offers Valmafra to assist him in executing their plans. After Delita kills Confessor Zalmour Lucianada, he introduces Valmafra to Ramza Beoulve as one of the many sent by the church to assist him. In this initial meeting, she reveals she was sent by the church to keep watch on him, to ensure that Delita does not defect to the crest of the Black Lion.

During the Battle of Fort Besselat, Duke Goltanna's Cidolfus Orlandeau is accused of being in league with the church. He is imprisoned in a dungeon within the fortress and is to be executed, but Ramza, Valmafra, and Orran Durai help him escape. Delita betrays Goltanna's trust and executes him, and sends for an Orlandeau lookalike, a Glabados devotee, and executes him to make as if Orlandeau had betrayed his own master.

Assignment: Delita[]

With Goltanna and Orlandeau's deaths, the command of the Order of the Southern Sky falls to Delita. The High Confessor Marcel Funebris's call for peace ignored by both Orders, Valmafra understands that her real orders had come; to kill Delita at the first sign of betrayal against the church. However, with the time she had spent in the missions with Delita, Valmafra had gained a respect and admiration for him.

Delita about to draw his sword over Valmafra.

Orran is imprisoned in Zeltennia for knowing too much of Delita's plans, but he escapes. Orran tries to reveal Delita's scheme to Princess Ovelia, but Delita stops him and sends Ovelia away. Delita and Valmafra confront Orran, and Delita confesses that he was indeed using everyone, including the church, to become the ruler of Ivalice. Valmafra began to proceed with her orders, but could not bring herself to kill him. It is unclear what happens afterward; only a woman's scream is heard.

Delita allows Orran and Valmafra to escape from his castle, and fakes Valmafra's death after acknowledging that he saw himself in her—a tool used by the church. She appears at Ramza and Alma's funeral together with Orran, where she lays flowers on their graves.

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Valmafra's base job class is Witch of the Coven (Arc Witch on PS1) though this is not seen without a cheat device or modding software. It describes her as a witch who made a pact with The Dark to place its power under her thrall. Beyond this, it is a blank class with no abilities and generic stats. The name is too long in battle, and is truncated to "Witch of the Cov". Valmafra is also one of the few non-recruitable characters whose sprite appears correctly on both the party roster and battle formation screens. This could imply she was being considered as a recruitable or guest character at the time of programming.


When fought in the fourteenth Rendezvous battle: Brave Story, she is level 99 and starts with 97 Bravery and 75 Faith. She uses Cletienne's Sorcerer job, and is equipped with the Wizard Rod, Aegis Shield, Ribbon, Lordly Robes, and Chantage. Oddly enough, the Aegis Shield normally cannot be equipped by the Sorcerer job. She has access to the White Magicks command, and to the abilities Soulbind, Manafont, and Swiftness. She is innately immune to all statuses except Blind, Silence, Oil, Slow, and Immobilize.


  • Valmafra draws a knife on Delita after finding out he's going to betray the church. Unknown to players, her job—Witch of the Coven—can only equip knives.