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The Vallis Media is a location on Gran Pulse in Final Fantasy XIII. It is a mountainous pathway between the Archylte Steppe and the Yaschas Massif. The party first arrives in the Base Camp area at the beginning of Chapter 11. Hope soon vanishes after going out to search for food and the team must search for him.


This is where Lightning and her companions set up camp after their escape from Cocoon and emergency landing on Gran Pulse.

The valley has been formed through great shifts in the earth's crust and centuries of erosion, and scattered among its twists and turns are mechanical remnants of Gran Pulse civilization. Half-buried in the ground and overgrown with vegetation, these abandoned artifacts tell the tale of a fallen age.


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Hope sinks into despair.

In the days following their landing from the Fifth Ark, the team has wandered about Gran Pulse, but have found nothing except for ruins. Having gone out to find food with Sazh's chocobo chick, Hope is affected by his l'Cie brand and collapses. The chocobo rushes back to the camp and informs Vanille. Heading through the valley, the others find Hope collapsed by a river and help him back to the Base Camp. When he comes to, Hope suggests they visit the village of the Oerba, located far on the other side of Pulse.

Alexander appears to test Hope's strength.

Hope now says that they should go on without him and he does not think that he is strong enough to help them. His Eidolon Alexander challenges the party, showing Hope he is strong enough to go on. After Hopes tames it, the team sets off for the Archylte Steppe.

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  • Mission 08 - The Eleventh Hour
  • Mission 32 - And Then There Was One
  • Mission 57 - What's Yours is Brine


Item Location
Partisan Fingers of Stone
Rune Bracelet Atzilut's Tears


In addition to the enemies listed below, two Flan can merge to form one Dire Flan.

Fingers of Stone
Base Camp
Atzilut's Tears

Easter egg[]

The dragon whizzes past.

Upon entering the Archylte Steppe for the first time, if the player returns to the bridge in the Vallis Media, the purple dragon that attacked the party's ship earlier will whiz by. This only happens once; after it passes, it will never appear again.

Due to the place it flies by, most players never see it and only hear its scream. It appears poorly programmed, as its animation is slightly buggy, and it will vanish before completely leaving the area.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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Musical themes[]

The track "March of the Dreadnoughts" plays as Vallis Media's background theme.




Vallis Media is a Latin phrase meaning "valley in the middle", which fits with its location.