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Valley Seven is a dungeon located in the Babil Region of Grymoire in World of Final Fantasy.


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WoFF Valley Seven Map


Name Location Image
Agility+ Seed Cauldron 1 WoFF Valley Seven Agility+ Seed
Jaggejaw Cauldron 1 WoFF Valley Seven Jaggejaw
Hi-Ether x2 Cauldron 1 WoFF Valley Seven Hi-Ether
Hi-Potion x2 Cauldron 3 WoFF Valley Seven Hi-Potion
Bomb Fragment x4 Cauldron 3 WoFF Valley Seven Bomb Fragment
Phoenix Pinion Cauldron 3 WoFF Valley Seven Phoenix Pinion
Phoenix Down Cauldron 2 WoFF Valley Seven Phoenix Down
Hi-Potion Cauldron 4 WoFF Valley Seven Hi-Potion2
Treasure Trove

In Cauldron 3, the Treasure Trove can be found in the lone rock on the platform north of the one from the entrance. Requires a Mirage with the Smash ability to break a pile of rocks to access it.

Key Items

Tip Jar tipEdit

The following tip pops up on the screen when exploring the dungeon for the first time.


Cauldron 1
Cauldron 2
  • Bomb x4
  • Spark Dragon Stack (Flammantoise, Spark Dragon)
  • Black Nakk, Flammantoise x2, Bomb
Cauldron 3
  • Lead Gnome x2, Lead Gnome Stack (Black Nakk, Lead Gnome)
  • Bomb x3, Cocadrille x2
  • Bomb, Behemoth Stack (Black Nakk, Bomb, Behemoth)
  • Memecoleous x3 (level 30/74 (Nightmare difficulty) Murkrift)
  • Bomb x6 (boss battle)
Cauldron 4
  • Blood Eye Stack (Black Nakk, Blood Eye) x3
  • Flammantoise x2, Bomb x2
  • Blood Eye Stack (Black Nakk, Blood Eye), Red Dragon (x2)
  • King Bomb (Boss)
Secret Cauldron

To gain access to the Secret Cauldron, the player will need activate the Puzzle Switch near the entrance. The switch requires mirages with a combined weight of 12 or more and 150 or more Fire resistance.
NB!: The murkrift will need to be completed as it is blocking the way to the switch.

Musical themes Edit

"Labyrinth of Fire" is the background theme that plays in Valley Seven.



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