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For a more comprehensive take on the Valkyrie Profile game series, please visit the Valkyrie Profile Wiki! Certain links present here automatically take to the corresponding Valkyrie Profile Wiki page for that term. Multiple spoilers for the series are present here.

Valkyrie Profile is a role-playing game series developed by tri-Ace and originally published by Enix, now Square Enix. The first title was published in 1999; there are currently two main-series titles and a spin-off mobile game, along with a beat 'em up spin-off for Playstation 4 and 5. The premise of the game focuses extensively on facets of Norse mythology, such as Asgard, Valhalla, Ragnarok and the Valkyries. Players control the Valkyrie who recruits slain warriors to aid in her objective of fending off Ragnarok.

Elements from Valkyrie Profile have made several cameo appearances in the Final Fantasy series.

From Valkyrie Profile to Final Fantasy[]

Final Fantasy Dimensions II (Free-to-play)[]

Characters from the series appeared as obtainable signets. These characters included alternate versions of Lenneth, Freya, Alicia, Norn and Sennah.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

During the event The Valkyrie Descends, players could pull series weapon relics from a special Relic Draw for use by any allowable unit per relic. These relics carry EX Record Synergy that follows standard rules, with shared Soul Breaks present on each.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

Characters from the series appear as obtainable units while some appear as enemy units. The obtainable characters include Lenneth, Freya, Arngrim, Lucian and Jelanda while the enemy units include Lezard Valeth and King Barbarossa.

From Final Fantasy to Valkyrie Profile[]

Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin[]

Characters from the Final Fantasy series appeared as obtainable units and non-playable characters. These characters include Aemo, Morrow, Agnès Oblige, Tiz Arrior, Ringabel, Rinne, and Tyro

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