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Valefor is a boss in Final Fantasy X fought in Remiem Temple, summoned by Belgemine. Winning this battle the first time awards four Lightning Gems. The reward for subsequent wins is four Power Spheres.

At the end of the game, a possessed Valefor is fought before the final boss. Her stats at this time are identical to the stats Valefor had when used by the player.


Remiem Temple



In Remiem Temple, the Overdrive gauge of Belgemine's Valefor increases by 5% when targeted, 15% when targeted by a magical attack, and 10% when attacking. Valefor will use Energy Blast as an Overdrive and Energy Ray as a normal attack when targeted by a magical attack while her Overdrive gauge is 30% or higher.

Inside Sin, Valefor will use Energy Blast as an Overdrive instead of Energy Ray if unlocked. Her Overdrive gauge increases by 15~30% when targeted by Power Wave from a Yu Pagoda, and 0~10% when targeted by an attack or using an ability.


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