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Valefor is a non-elemental aerial aeon in Final Fantasy X. She is Yuna's first aeon, and her fayth is a teenage girl whose fayth statue resides in the Besaid Temple. Valefor also appears as a boss, both in Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2.


Valefor is a large, avian creature notable for her dragon-like wings. She primarily attacks with her strong talons. Some of her body is covered in red feathers and she has a long lizard-like tail.

There are symbols of the Yevon script that are associated with a particular aeon. The symbol for Valefor and Besaid is annotated with the kanji for nothing (, mu?). Emptiness, mu, is a Zen Buddhist concept expressing negation of the self, selflessness, innocence and purity of soul. These are traits a summoner must achieve to succeed in defeating Sin. The Buddhist concept of nothingness may also be associated with the element of air. Valefor is a flying aeon whose main attack is non-elemental and delays the opponent's turn, traits that also fit this theme.


Valefor is obtained early in the main story, after Tidus completes the Cloister of Trials at the Besaid Temple and meets Yuna.


Yuna and Valefor.

Valefor's regular attack is a quick swipe of her taloned feet, enhanced by her high Accuracy. Unlike other aeons, Valefor is unique in not having the Piercing auto-ability, and also has a slightly lower attack power. This has no impact when using the Attack command, as the aeons use a different version of this command which has built-in Piercing and carries the normal attack power. Any Skills used by Valefor will be affected. No other aeon lacks Piercing in this way, but Shiva does share the lower attack power.

Due to how she remains airborne, some enemies have separate attack patterns against Valefor than they do against characters or even against other aeons. These are often in Valefor's favor; using only weak or easily-evadable attacks, or even not attacking at all. This can make daunting enemies as Demonolith much easier to defeat.

Valefor in battle in Final Fantasy X HD.

Valefor has the unique ability Sonic Wings, which sends a shock wave at an enemy, deals damage and inflicts Delay. Because of the short recovery time the player can often hit enemies repeatedly with Sonic Wings with little or no retaliation.

Valefor is the only aeon to have two Overdrives. The default Overdrive is Energy Ray: Valefor fires a super-charged beam that explodes underneath the foes and deals non-elemental damage. Her second Overdrive, Energy Blast, is obtained by speaking to a young girl in Besaid Village and inspecting her dog to receive "something mangled and slobbery". For Energy Blast, Valefor fires a number of destructive beams, damaging all enemies. Energy Blast deals more damage than Energy Ray, but has a longer recovery time.

If the damage limit is ignored (or has not yet been reached), Valefor's second Overdrive, Energy Blast, is one of the most powerful attacks in the game. It is the strongest attack that is reliable: all stronger attacks either can be reduced by the enemy's defense (Attack Reels), are only stronger than Energy Blast when landing a critical hit (Nova), or both (Blitz Ace).

If Yuna has the Nirvana Celestial Weapon and has upgraded it with at least the crest, Valefor will gain Break Damage Limit and her attacks will be able to inflict over 9,999 damage.

Valefor's victory pose is to spread her wings.


Base stats
Stat Base value
HP 725
MP 24
Strength 18
Defense 23
Magic 21
Magic Defense 23
Agility 10
Luck 17
Evasion 19
Accuracy 11
Stat growth

Valefor's stat growth depends on the number of battles fought and Yuna's stats.

Number of battles N Max HP Max MP Strength Defense Magic Magic Defense Agility Evasion Accuracy
0 to 59 725 24 18 23 21 23 10 19 11
60 to 89 785 27 19 25 24 26 10 20 11
90 to 119 885 29 20 28 27 27 12 21 12
120 to 149 955 30 21 29 27 30 12 21 12
150 to 179 1003 31 22 30 30 33 12 21 12
180 to 209 1127 35 24 33 31 37 15 24 13
210 to 239 1169 36 25 34 34 41 15 24 13
240 to 269 1229 39 27 36 38 41 18 25 14
270 to 299 1341 43 28 39 42 42 19 27 15
300 to 329 1465 46 30 44 42 46 21 28 15
330 to 359 1525 49 32 46 46 46 22 30 16
360 to 389 1573 50 33 47 47 51 24 30 16
390 to 419 1685 53 35 50 51 55 25 31 17
420 to 449 1785 55 36 52 51 55 27 33 17
450 to 479 1845 58 38 54 55 60 28 34 18
480 to 509 1917 60 39 58 55 60 30 36 18
510 to 539 2005 63 40 60 59 60 31 37 19
540 to 569 2053 64 42 61 59 65 31 39 19
570 to 599 2177 69 44 64 64 65 34 39 20
600 and more 2225 71 45 66 64 69 34 42 20


Valefor's default abilities
Blk Magic Fire, Thunder, Water, Blizzard

After obtaining the Summoner's Soul from Belgemine when she is fought for the second time, aeons can learn most abilities available to the main party by using items in specific quantities. See here what abilities can be learned this way.


Valefor's weapon (not usually viewable in game) initially has only one ability, simply titled -, which gives immunity to all negative statuses except Curse and Eject. Once the Nirvana is powered up with the Moon Crest, Valefor's weapon also gains Break Damage Limit. Valefor's armor contains Sensor, Break HP Limit, and Break MP Limit.


Final Fantasy X[]

Boss Valefor uses Sonic Wings.

Belgemine summons Valefor in the Remiem Temple as a way to train Yuna. Isaaru summons his Valefor, which he calls Pterya, as one of Yuna's trials at the Via Purifico. Yuna summons Valefor inside Sin after that is then possessed by Yu Yevon.

In the PAL, International, and Final Fantasy X HD Remaster versions, Dark Valefor is a superboss fought at the entrance to the village of Besaid after Yuna and the party escape from Bevelle.

Final Fantasy X-2[]

Valefor, along with the other Final Fantasy X aeons, is possessed by Shuyin's hatred and appears as a boss in the Besaid Temple during Chapter 3.

Musical themes[]

Valefor's musical theme is the "Hymn of the Fayth". In each Chamber of the Fayth the fayth for the temple's aeon sings the hymn, each fayth's version slightly different.



In demonology, Valefar is a Duke of Hell. He tempts people to steal and is in charge of a good relationship among thieves, but later he brings them to the gallows.