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The Valdeaunia Front is a theater of the Crystal War in Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the Goddess. It contains the northernmost territories of Quon and houses the throne of the Shadow Lord, who initiated the conflict. Control of this frozen region is therefore highly sought by the Alliance of Altana. The Dark Kindred viciously defend their master's lands, however, and compel other members of the Beastman Confederate to reinforce their positions.

The front includes most of post-war Valdeaunia.




Xarcabard was once an uninhabited wasteland found west of the Beaucedine Glacier. The rise of the Shadow Lord brought a range of foul creatures to the area, however, and during the war it crawls with his Ahriman, Gargouille, Imp, Kindred, and Taurus minions. Gigas and Gnole forces also patrol Xarcabard in support of the Confederate. Above all these threats soar the terrifying Amphipteres, further complicating attempts by the Alliance to approach Castle Zvahl, the Shadow Lord's citadel, at the western edge of the snowfield.

The Dark Kindred assign a squadron of dragons to operations in Xarcabard. Their commander, a demonic dark knight named Shadowsoul, has the ability to convert all damage against him into health.

A Veridical Conflux in the south links Xarcabard to the mysterious Walk of Echoes.

Castle Zvahl Baileys[]


The Castle Zvahl Baileys are the outer walls of the Shadow Lord's fortress. Their eastern half consists of ramparts running from Xarcabard to a portcullis at their center. Beyond this gate begins the castle's maze-like interior. Access to the keep at the western end of the area requires navigating a series of heavily guarded trenches. In addition to the typical demons employed by the Shadow Lord in Xarcabard, this portion of the castle hosts parties of high-ranking Orc, Quadav, and Yagudo soldiers.

A company of Tauri are responsible for the defense of the Baileys. Their leader, Shadowclaw, can doom or Petrify his opponents with a glance.

Castle Zvahl Keep[]

Castle Zvahl Keep is the Shadow Lord's last line of defense. Its halls are fitted with many gates that force would-be assassins to reveal their positions. Alliance agents that overcome these barriers encounter a series of teleporters that operate on a fixed schedule to slow any advance. As only the most elite demons and Beastmen patrol the keep, reaching the throne room is no simple task.

Shadowbreath, a Vampyr, leads a company of Kindred against any Alliance forces bold enough to assault the Keep.

Throne Room[]


The Throne Room is the lair of the Shadow Lord. Its entrance is sealed with a powerful curse that only weakens when the Northlands have been conquered by Alliance forces. If the Beastmen lose control of Beaucedine, Xarcabard, the Baileys, and the Keep, highly decorated soldiers from successful nations may undertake a mission to confront the Shadow Lord himself.