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Vajradhara Yaksha is an enemy in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-.



Vajradhara Yaksha attacks by striking with the back of its hand.


The player can avoid the Vajradhara Yaksha's physical attacks by running around the enemy in a wide, clockwise circle. The player can use Firaga to deal heavy damage to it.


Vajradhara is the ultimate primordial Buddha, or Adi Buddha, according to the Gelug and Kagyu schools of Tibetan Buddhism. Achieving the 'state of Vajradhara' is synonymous with complete realisation.

Yaksha is the name of a broad class of nature-spirits, usually benevolent, who are caretakers of the natural treasures hidden in the earth and tree roots. They appear in Hindu, Jain and Buddhist mythology. A yakshini is the female counterpart of the male yaksha, and they both attend on Kubera (also called Kuber), the Hindu god of wealth who rules in the mythical Himalayan kingdom of Alaka. They resemble that of fairies.

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