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Vajradhara Kumbhira is an enemy in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-.



Vajradhara Kumbhira often attacks alongside the Vajradhara Karura. It strikes with the back of its hand and also has access to the powerful Tomahawk Boomerang ability.


The player can avoid the Vajradhara Kumbhira's physical attacks by running around the monster in a wide, clockwise circle. Graviga followed by Hell Thundaga can be used to defeat it. Having the Brutal equipped makes the battle go faster.


Vajradhara is the ultimate primordial Buddha, or Adi Buddha, according to the Gelug and Kagyu schools of Tibetan Buddhism. Achieving the 'state of Vajradhara' is synonymous with complete realisation.

Kumbhīra (कुम्भीर) is a Sanskrit for "crocodile".

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