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Magic in Vagrant Story is learned from special items called Grimoires, which are dropped by monsters or found in chests. Once a Grimoire is used, Ashley learns the spell permanently, but the Grimoire disappears. Like in the Final Fantasy series, spells cost MP. There are four major classes of magic.

List of magic spells[]

Shaman spells[]

Shaman spells focus on restoring HP and healing negative statuses. They are similar to White Magic in function.

Spell Description Grimoire MP to cast
Heal Restores HP. Guerir 5
Restoration Cures Paralysis. Mollese 3
Antidote Cures Poison. Antidote 3
Blessing Cures Curse. Benir 17
Clearance Cures negative status. Purifier 15
Surging Balm Regenerates HP. Vie 20

Enchanter spells[]

Enchanter spells focus upon boosting weapon and armor affinity against certain elements, similarly to Red Mages or Mystic Knights.

Spell Description Grimoire MP to cast
Luft Fusion Increased weapon affinity to the Air element. Sylphe 10
Spark Fusion Increased weapon affinity to the Fire element. Salamandre 10
Soil Fusion Increased weapon affinity to the Earth element. Gnome 10
Frost Fusion Increased weapon affinity to the Water element. Undine 10
Aero Guard Increased armor resistance to Air-elemental attacks. Parebrise 9
Pyro Guard Increased armor resistance to Fire-elemental attacks. Ignifuge 9
Terra Guard Increased armor resistance to Earth-elemental attacks. Rempart 9
Aqua Guard Increased armor affinity to Water-elemental attacks. Barrer 9

Warlock spells[]

Warlock spells focus upon dealing damage to the enemy. They are similar to Black Magic.

Spell Description Grimoire MP to cast
Solid Shock Attack the target with a shockwave. Zephyr 25
Lightning Bolt Attack the target with lightning. Teslae 25
Fireball Attack the target with Fire. Incendie 25
Vulcan Lance Attack the target with Earth. Terre 25
Aqua Blast Attack the target with Water. Glace 25
Spirit Surge Attack the target with Light. Lux 28
Dark Chant Afflicts enemies with searing pain. Patire 28
Exorcism Exorcise the undead. Exsorcer 22
Banish Instantly kill the target. Banish 25
Explosion A focused blast hitting multiple targets. Demolir 36
Thunderburst Calls down a bolt of lightning down onto the targets. Foudre 36
Flame Sphere Surrounds targets in flames. Flamme 36
Gaea Strike Creates a warp of Gravity around the targets. Gaea 36
Avalanche Super-freezes the targets. Avalanche 36
Radial Surge Focused rays of light pierce enemies. Radius 38
Meteor Rains meteors down onto the target. Meteore 38
Drain Heart Absorb HP from the target. Egout 12
Drain Mind Absorb MP from the target. Deamance 2

Sorcerer spells[]

Sorcerer spells focus upon raising Ashley's stats while lowering enemy stats. It is most similar to Green Magick. They also perform non-battle functions like opening Chests and revealing traps.

Spell Description Grimoire MP to cast
Herakles Increases target's strength. Intensite 12
Degenerate Temporarily lowers target's strength. Debile 7
Enlighten Increases target's intelligence. Eclairer 12
Psychodrain Temporarily lowers target's intelligence. Naugeux 7
Invigorate Increases target's agility. Agilite 12
Lead Bones Temporarily lowers target's agility. Tardif 7
Prostasia Strengthens target's equipment. Ameliore 15
Tarnish Temporarily weakens target's equipment. Deteriorer 7
Magic Ward Blocks the next spell cast on the target. Annuler 21
Stun Cloud Paralyzes target. Paralysie 7
Poison Mist Poisons target. Venin 11
Curse Curses target. Fleau 17
Silence Temporarily stops target from using Magic. Muet 7
Fixate Freezes cloudstones in the room in place. Halte 3
Dispel Removes all statuses on the target. Dissiper 10
Unlock Open chests locked by Magic. Clef 3
Eureka Reveal traps. Visible 6
Analyze View enemy stats. Analysis 5


Teleportation is a special spell that does not fit in any of the four categorizes of Magic. It is learned after defeating Lich in the Undercity. Teleportation is a self-descriptive spell, it will teleport Ashley to a Magic Circle. It can only be used when Ashley is standing on a Magic Circle. For every Magic Circle between Ashley and the location he wants to go, the MP cost will rise 4 points from the starting cost of 15.