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The following is a list of all elements in Vagrant Story.

Fire[edit | edit source]

Fire and Water are opposed elements.

Water[edit | edit source]

Water and Fire are opposed elements.

Air[edit | edit source]

Air and Earth are opposed elements: Air-based attacks can reduce Earth affinity and vice versa.

Earth[edit | edit source]

Earth and Air are opposed elements: Earth-based attacks can reduce Air affinity and vice versa.

Light[edit | edit source]

Light and Dark are an opposed pair.

Dark[edit | edit source]

Dark and Light are an opposed pair.

Physical[edit | edit source]

Physical is opposed to all the Elemental affinities as well as Light and Dark. When Physical goes up, it has a tendency to be very destructive to other affinities, sometimes reducing two or more at a time.

Game Element Type Effect
Explosion Warlock Spell A focused blast hitting multiple targets.
Solid Shock Warlock Spell Attack the target with a shockwave.
Lotus Palm Break Art Physical affinity.
Vertigo Break Art Physical affinity.
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