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The following is a list of all elements in Vagrant Story.


Fire and Water are opposed elements.


Water and Fire are opposed elements.


Air and Earth are opposed elements: Air-based attacks can reduce Earth affinity and vice versa.


Earth and Air are opposed elements: Earth-based attacks can reduce Air affinity and vice versa.


Light and Dark are an opposed pair.


Dark and Light are an opposed pair.


Physical is opposed to all the Elemental affinities as well as Light and Dark. When Physical goes up, it has a tendency to be very destructive to other affinities, sometimes reducing two or more at a time.

Game Element Type Effect
Explosion Warlock Spell A focused blast hitting multiple targets.
Solid Shock Warlock Spell Attack the target with a shockwave.
Lotus Palm Break Art Physical affinity.
Vertigo Break Art Physical affinity.
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