Vagaries of a Fractured Heart is a time-limited event where Kefka from Final Fantasy VI can be added to Mog's group of warriors. This paralogue of the main scenario is located after Chapter 10.

Story[edit | edit source]

The prototype to the Magitek Knights, Kefka acts as Emperor Gestahl's court mage carrying out his orders. He lost his mental stability after he was artificially injected magical powers and he, because of this, had ended with many lives as the emperor's puppet. But a brutal catastrophe occurred when he gained the power of the "Warring Triad", dominating the world with fear.

Kefka's description

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Quests[edit | edit source]

Story Cutscenes[edit | edit source]

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All Through with You:

It is recommended that you clear Ch. 10: Abandoned Petalum before playing.

  • Mog: Lord Spiritus's warriors are really getting things done, kupo!
  • Mog: Care to see what they've been up to, kupo?
  • Spiritus: Hmph... If you think you can manage such a feat, show me.

(The Cloud of Darkness appears)

  • Cloud of Darkness: Hahaha... That you would even try to use us is appalling...
  • Cloud of Darkness: We are the law itself. That is the reason which the world follows...

(The Cloud of Darkness disappears)

  • Mog: Kupo! They didn't tell us anything!
  • Mog: How about this one, kupo?

(The Emperor steps out from a Torsion)

  • The Emperor: What's this...? A wretched god and its wretched spirit?
  • The Emperor: I alone am all that's needed to rule this world. Shall I destroy it here and now?
  • Mog: Hold that thought, kupo! If you destroy the world, the Torsions go with it, kupo!
  • Mog: That would put you in a bind, too, right, kupo?
  • The Emperor: Then bother me no more. The next time you have an audience with me, it will be in a battle over the conqueror's throne.

(The Emperor exits into the Torsion)

  • Mog: Kupo... Let's try the sorceress, kupo...

(Ultimecia steps out from a Torsion)

  • Ultimecia: Ha... Deceitful spirit. Still you persist with this act.
  • Ultimecia: Unaware of that within you, eating away at your very self...

(Ultimecia exits into the Torsion)

  • Mog: Kupo! No one is cooperating, kupo...
  • Kefka: You know, we don't have a reason to play nice with each other like your widdle warriors of wight.

(Kefka appears)

  • Kefka: This does not sit well with me. Pretending to let us do what we want, while it's really for your own hobbies.
  • Kefka: Well, pthbbth! I'm through with you!
  • Kefka: Hee hee hee! Time to get on with my bad self, just the way I like it.
  • Mog: Are you going to cut ties with Lord Spiritus, kupo! Is that really a wise idea?

(Kefka disappars)

  • Spiritus: I care not. At least I can grasp his motivation, unlike you.
  • Mog: Kupo! I'm working hard for the sake of the world and its gods, kupo!
Gift Box:
  • Kefka: Hee hee hee! It has been a puh-leasure doing business with you.
  • Mog: Consider it a deal, kupo!
  • Terra: Mog!? Kefka...what are you doing here!?
  • Kefka: Whoopsie-daisy. I'll leave it to you to relay the particulars. TTFN!

(Kefka disappears as the party approaches Mog)

  • Edgar: ...Mog! Did you just accept Kefka's dimensional coordinates!?
  • Firion: You fight with us!?
  • Terra: No! How could you!? Mog, you know what Kefka has done!
  • Mog: H-he was so very insistent about it! Whether you use them or not is up to you, kupo...
  • Edgar: That's not what we're talking about! We're talking about your behavior!
  • Edgar: That man has slaughtered countless innocents in his lust for carnage! There's no excusing his sins!
  • Vincent: Sins...?
  • Shadow: You worked with Kefka for a time.
  • Shadow: What's his goal here? Would you be able to detect any ulterior motives?
  • Terra: Shadow! Are you really...?
  • Shadow: I'm eliminating emotion to assess reality.
  • Edgar: Are you telling us we get a grip?
  • Shadow: I don't expect it to come easily.
  • Firion: There's no telling when Kefka might betray us...
  • Shadow: By moogle logic, that would make Mog a traitor, too.
  • Mog: Kupo?
  • Edgar: So the moment Kefka starts acting suspiciously...we should be prepared to eliminate him and Mog wholesale.
  • Terra: Mog... Why...?
  • Vincent: ...We don't need to reach a conclusion immediately. Let's take our time thinking this over.
  • Faris: That mage, Kefka. He hasn't done anything to us so far.
  • Faris: I get that it's nothing good, but what did he do in your world?
  • Ramza: If it comes to a duel, I would know as well.
  • Terra: He ruined...the world...
  • Edgar: Originally he was a magitek knight of the Gestahlian Empire.
  • Setzer: He would lead attacks here and there on the emperor's orders, but that was merely a bluff.
  • Edgar: He betrayed his emperor, stole the power of goddesses, rent the earth, murdered innocents... Utter ruin.
  • Warrior of Light: Stole the power of goddesses...?
  • Ramza: Had he no cognizance of his crimes? Some ideology or driving goal?
  • Setzer: Kefka hasn't the heart for such luxuries as that.
  • Edgar: His mind is completely shattered. All he seeks is ruin... Nothing more.
  • Faris: In order words...he can't listen to reason.
  • Faris: Isn't this a right awful party member we've brought aboard. What is that Mog thinking?
  • Ramza: Mog's thoughts aside... What Kefka's deeds wrought are hard to forgive...
  • Ramza: Sacrificing the innocent and the powerless...!
  • Warrior of Light: We can no longer trust Mog's judgment... We must rely on our own.
  • Terra: But how can we find our way in this world without any help...?
  • Setzer: It's a gamble.
  • Ramza: Mog professes he acts at the goddess's word, but we cannot take that at face value...
  • Setzer: Right. But if we watch his actions, we should be able to read his hand.
  • Edgar: Mog acts toward some goal other than the gods' will...but what...?
  • Setzer: We're one step behind him.
  • Ramza: What can we do?
  • Warrior of Light: We can only prepare to remain staunch in our convictions when the moment of truth comes.
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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the Global release, Kefka's and Lenna's events offer 15CP weapons due to being released after Sephiroth, whose event was the first to offer a character's weapon.
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