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"Please God, Can you please give me wings?"
VIVID from Final Fantasy: Unlimited

VIVID was used as the closing theme for episodes 1 to 13 of the anime Final Fantasy: Unlimited. It was performed by Fairy Fore for Avex Trax, with lyrics and music by Takashi Genouzono and arrangement by Fairy Fore and Masao Akashi. As featured in the program, "VIVID" ran at a length of 1:30, whereas the full version is 3:10 long. The TV version of the song was also featured in its entirety in the episode "Jane: The Moving Ocean Puzzle".

Lyrics (Japanese version, TV)[]

Japanese Rōmaji[]

Nodo ga karakara desu
Taihen nan desu
Kono mune ookaii desu
Kimi wo hitome mita
Shunkan bibi to kita

Goumon no you desu
Taekirenai desu
Kimi ni ko shite kara
Itsumo kimi to nita
Kamigata ni ha to suru

Douko kamisama
Kono boku ni tsubasa ku dasi yo
Kore kare kimi dake wo motto tsuyoku
Omotchatte kirakira
Tsutaetai koto ippai
Jikan ga tarinai nai ai ai
Boku no hitomi ni wa mou
Kimi shika utsuranai
Kitai wa kore kara
Nani kara nani made omoikitchatte
Sa subete wo butsukeyou
Seikai wa dare ni mo wakanai ai ai ai ai
Atama no aka de wa mou
Shukufuku no kurakkaa
Nani ka ga hajimaru
Kitai wa kore kara
Nozomi wo mochimashou
All right!

English Translation (From Subtitles)[]

I am so thirsty
It's getting really bad
It's burning up inside of me
My heart skipped a beat
When I laid eyes on you

It's just like torture
I can't take it
Ever since I fell in love with you
My heart skips a beat whenever
I see a girl with hair like yours

Please, God
Can you please give me wings?
From now on, my thoughts of you
Will only shine and grow stronger
There's so much I want to tell you
There's not enough time left in the world
You are now the only person
That my eyes can see
Now I've got my hopes set high
All of these thoughts are too much for me
So I'm just going to spill my guts
Nobody knows the right answer
I'm already celebrating my joy
On the inside
Something is going to start
Now I've got my hopes set high
Let's never lose sight of our dreams
All right!