The VIIth Imperial Legion is one of the Garlean Empire's armies, serving as the primary antagonist force in the original Final Fantasy XIV. Once led by the White Raven, Nael van Darnus, the VIIth Legion spearheaded Project Meteor that would ultimately release Bahamut from Dalamud and bring about the Calamity in Eorzea. The legionaries were known of their fanatical devotion to their Legatus. Since Nael's death, the legion has been led by Valens van Varro.

Members[edit | edit source]

  • Nael van Darnus ("The White Raven" and Legatus)
  • Valens van Varro (Legatus)
  • Luscus (Tribunus)
  • Atilus (Tribunus)
  • Alfonse
  • Allie
  • Rex
  • Milisandia (Ruby Weapon pilot)
  • Ricon (Sapphire Weapon pilot)

Story[edit | edit source]

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In the year 1572 of the Sixth Astral Era, on the command of Emperor Solus zos Galvus, the VIIth Legion was deployed to the Western Theater (Eorzea) with the mission of bringing the Meteor Project to fruition. Though the legion faced many difficulties with the nations of Eorzea uniting and the Warrior of Light's intervention, the VIIth Legion nonetheless brought about Meteor. Other imperial figures were wary of Nael van Darnus's motives, and wondered if Project Meteor would destroy Eorzea rather than leave it ripe for conquest.

Even after Nael's death the soldiers of the VIIth refused to believe that he could truly die after having seen his displays of otherworldly power on the battlefield. They entrenched themselves at Carteneau Flats to ensure Dalamud's fall, but most perished in the Calamity when Bahamut emerged from the false moon. Few survived and returned to Garlemald to plan their next move. The VIIth Legion is not the same as under Nael van Darnus, as leadership has changed hands many times, but the legion resurfaces years later following the death of Varis zos Galvus, the current emperor of Garlemald, basing themselves in Werlyt.

The legionaries have been reverse-engineering the remains of the Ultima Weapon, creating new anti-eikon warmachina, like the Ruby Weapon and the Sapphire Weapon. These weapons are equipped with an Oversoul based on deceased Legatus like Nael van Darnus, which overrides the pilot's mind while they are absorbed into the weapon's core. The VIIth Legion releases the Ruby Weapon on the Eorzean Alliance on the battlefields of Ghimlyt Dark, but it is destroyed by the combined efforts of the Warrior of Light and Gaius Baelsar. Gaius learns that the pilot was once an orphan he took under his care, and the others he took in and raised now lead the VIIth Legion. The group attempts to track down the hanger where the other weapons are located with the G-Warrior Magitek robot they developed as a counter measure, only to contend with the Sapphire Weapon as the legion got the other Weapons to a disclosed location.

The Sapphire Weapon was incomplete, and the Warrior of Light in the G-Warrior gains the upper hand, but the pilot Ricon activates the Weapons Oversoul with the data of Regula van Hydrus. Though the act kills Ricon, the Sapphire Weapon becomes more dangerous and powerful. The Warrior manages to destroy it regardless, although Alfonse and his remaining siblings flee Werlyt with the remaining prototypes. Several Garlean soldiers abandoned their posts and chose to remain behind in the town of Terncliff where the Sapphire Weapon was fought.

With Werlyt liberated from imperial occupation, the Eorzean Alliance, Gaius and Garlond Ironworks scavenge the Sapphire Weapon, learning that the Oversoul was meant to kill the pilot much to Gaius's horror. The former Legatus resolves to stop the weapons from causing more damage and save the children he raised. Back in imperial territory, Alfonse informs the secretive true leader of the VIIth Legion, Legatus Valens van Varro, of recent events. Though outraged at the loss of both the Ruby and Sapphire Weapons, Valens nonetheless orders Alfonse to proceed as planned while instructing something special for Allie.

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