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The VIIth Imperial Legion is one of the Garlean Empire's armies, serving as the primary antagonist force in the original Final Fantasy XIV. Led by the White Raven, Nael van Darnus, the VIIth Legion spearheaded Project Meteor that would ultimately release Bahamut from Dalamud and bring about the Calamity in Eorzea. The soldiers of this legion are known of their fanatical devotion to their Legatus.


  • Nael van Darnus ("The White Raven" and Legatus, deceased)
  • Luscus (Tribunus)
  • Atilus (Tribunus)

Story Edit

In the year 1572 of the Sixth Astral Era, on the command of Emperor Solus zos Galvus, the VIIth Legion was deployed to the Western Theater (Eorzea) with the mission of bringing the Meteor Project to fruition. Though the legion faced many difficulties with the nations of Eorzea uniting and the Warrior of Light's intervention, the VIIth Legion nonetheless brought about Meteor. Other imperial figures were wary of Nael van Darnus's motives, and wondered if Project Meteor would destroy Eorzea rather than leave it ripe for conquest.

Even after Nael was slain, the soldiers of the VIIth refused to believe that he could truly die after having seen his displays of otherworldly power on the battlefield. They entrenched themselves at Carteneau Flats to ensure Dalamud's fall, but were annihilated in the Calamity when Bahamut emerged from the false moon. It is unknown if any attempt to rebuild the VIIth has been made in Garlemald.

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