Uttu is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV fought during main quests in Zegnautus Keep and in the Costlemark Tower maze. It is part of the archanid genus of daemons and appears as a quadrupedal spider with a torso of a woman. It can summon minions.


Subspecies of arachne that weaves its webs in Zegnautus Keep. While its appearance may vary slightly from the mother species, its mass-reproducing and pack-hunting habits remain the same.
Size: 8.00 ft. Weight: 435.2 lb.
A creepy crawler spotted in the cobwebs of Costlemark. This specimen is physically the strongest of all known arachnid daemons, though its mental faculties appear no more acute than those of the uttu.
Size: 8.46 ft. Weight: 453.0 lb.


Main Quest

Lvl 97 Enemy


Uttu uses both physical and magical attacks. Its magical Lightning-elemental spread attacks inflict Shocked and Stop statuses. It can summon kokyangwutis. It is weak to greatswords, machinery and Fire.


In Zegnautus Keep Noctis must fight uttu with the Ring of the Lucii, but this should be easy after the ring was buffed in patch 1.06. The player should concentrate on Uttu, as its minions will die when the uttu is defeated. Evading enemies with the Ring of the Lucii uses Holy on all surrounding enemies.

Uttu's lightning attack.

At Costlemark the player can fight the uttus with a full party, but they can't use items. Gladiolus's offensive techniques are good, and Prompto's Piercer is also useful. The player can equip a greatsword and stay on the defensive to parry the uttu's attacks and trigger link-strikes. Eating food that makes the party immune to elemental damage is good for this dungeon, also helping against the uttus and their Lightning attacks: Steamed Crab with Rock Salt at Galdin Quay & Maagho Lasagna at Altissia, and Lasagna al Forno & Oak-Smoked Devil Gar & Grilled Mighty Barramundi at camp.


Uttu in Sumerian mythology is the goddess of weaving and clothing.

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