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Utata Uta is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy XIV, first appearing in patch 3.1 As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness. She is the chief engineer of the sky pirate crew the Redbills.


Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward[]

Utata is first met after the Warrior of Light returns to the Sea of Clouds with Leofard Myste and Stacia Myste. She introduces herself as the Redbills' chief engineer, and explains the final step of boarding the ghost ship Void Ark is complete. She explains that she has invented an "ectocompass", which allows to track locations with scarce amounts of aether and plot a course to locations that would otherwise be hard to discover.

Once clearing the ghost ship, the crew discovers a sizable cache of treasure - as well as a voidsent beast, known only as Diabolos. A cat-like creature named Cait Sith arrives to rescue Leofard and the crew, who evacuate the ghost ship.

At the Parrock, Cait Sith explains that the ship is overrun by voidsent, who plan to open a large gate into their current world. As the team plans their next move, Radlia and her Talons holds Utata hostage, in order to ransom for the ectocompass. Utata expresses her deepest regrets letting the Talons overtake her and drag her from the Redbill ship. Leofard slips a tracking linkpearl into the compass before giving it to Radlia, in order to track their movements. After trailing the Talons, this leads the Redbills and the Warrior of Light to the Weeping City of Mhach, the last known location of the Talons, where Cait Sith explains that the Nullstone within will help them defeat any voidsent.



Utata is a Plainsfolk Lalafell with auburn hair in a ponytail tucked under a blue-red hat with brass goggles. She has a red painted heart on her left cheek and wears a Redbill Scarf around her neck. She wears the Level 60 Blacksmith Forgemaster's Set dyed black.


While Utata is confident in her mechanical skills as an engineer, she panics in the way of danger and leaves fighting to her comrades. However, she is still incredibly loyal to her crew, and would refuse to ever surrender one of them if her life was endangered. Her confidence otherwise is radiant, and enthusiastically cheers on her crew as they loot and pillage, requesting heaps of treasure be brought back each trip.