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The Ushumgal Subjugator is a boss in Final Fantasy XIII. It is fought in Palumpolum twice by the player party, at different locations.

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Battle Edit

First encounter Edit

Guess we'll have to talk about this later!


Snow and Hope fight the Ushumgal Subjugator on the apartment rooftops. The boss remains in an aerial state throughout the battle, mainly attacking with the Fire-based Napalm. Hope's Barfire can neutralize this threat.

Strategy Edit

A good strategy, albeit a slow one, would be to have three main paradigms: Arcane Defense (SEN/RAV), Building Block (SEN/SYN) and Lifeguard (SEN/MED). As a Sentinel, the player should select Provoke, then Steelguard, then Vendetta, then Steelguard again. Hope will do whatever is appropriate for his current role.

It is best to start the battle with Libra, and do four Provokes to grab the Subjugator's attention before switching to Building Block so Hope will buff Snow while Snow keeps the Subjugator busy. Afterward the player should switch either to Lifeguard or Arcane Defense (in case Hope needs healing), and keep using the ability sequence above. However, it takes a while to defeat in this manner.

Second encounter Edit

Always the hero. You want to die? You can't! I won't let you!


Hope begins the battle alone, but after his health is reduced to a sliver, or he deals a certain amount of damage, Lightning and Fang join the party and the proper battle begins. Fang becomes the party leader. Since the fight restarts, Hope's buffs will not carry over, rendering shroud usage pointless. At this point, retrying to change setups is possible.

Strategy Edit

It is imperative that Hope uses Protect on the party during the start of the fight.

A certain strategy is to use the Combat Clinic paradigm (Fang as a Sentinel, and Lightning and Hope as Medics). When the Boss starts to use Targeting for its Pinpoint Beam and subsequent Photon Blaster, the party can shift to Combat Clinic and provoke the boss into attacking Fang. When she is hit, Hope and Lightning will heal her, and hopefully keep her alive long enough to survive the attack. Once the attack is over, and everyone is healed, the party can return to Relentless Assault to stagger the boss.

AI script Edit

First encounter Edit

Counter Physical Attacks - Character who didn't Attack - Napalm
When Battle Starts = Start Timer : When timer = 135 - Overdrive, Set timer = 0
Turn 1 - Napalm
Turn 2 - Napalm
Turn 3 - Napalm
Turn 4 - Napalm
Turn 5 - Tail Hammer

Second encounter Edit

(After Being Staggered - When Stagger Ends - Increase VA1 by 1)
Turn 1 - Laser Rain, Laser Rain
Turn 2 - Laser Rain
Turn 3 - Laser Rain
(If VA1 = 1 : Turn 1 - Targeting
Turn 2 - Pinpoint Beam, Pinpoint Beam
Turn 3 - Pinpoint Beam
Turn 4 - Pinpoint Beam
Turn 5 - Pinpoint Beam
Turn 6 - Photon Blaster (Reset VA1 = 0)

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper Edit

FFRK Ushumgal Subjugator FFXIII
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Etymology Edit

Among the earliest written documents from Mesopotamia are records of land sales or grants, often carved in stone with associated images, perhaps for public display. The Sumerian inscription on the Stele of Ushumgal records a transaction involving three fields, three houses, and some livestock. Ushumgal, a priest of the god Shara, and his daughter, are the central figures of the transaction, but because of the archaic script it is not clear whether Ushumgal is buying, selling, or granting these properties.

In foreign translations, Ushumgal is written as Ushmugal.

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