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Likeacupcake 06:58, August 7, 2010 (UTC)

Featured Edit

Since you're the sole person responsible for encouraging me to continue my Featured, would you like the dubious honour of picking this month's? :P Obviously, what I write will be my choice, but you can choose the articles -- Sorceror Nobody Flan 13:04, October 2, 2010 (UTC)

Would you mind if I did next month's? I can't think of any ideas now. I want my Birth By Sleep... Apologies. --YamiMysteriaG 06:24, October 3, 2010 (UTC)
Okay. I hope you get BbS soon! -- Sorceror Nobody Flan 11:17, October 3, 2010 (UTC)

Since my Featured's confirmed audience now includes three people – namely Armageddon11, MirrorshardSceada and yourself – I'm offering all three of you an equal opportunity to select next month's articles. The idea I've had is that you each pick one of the four categories to select the article for... and it will be first come, first served as to who gets which category :P Sound good? -- Sorceror Nobody Flan 14:02, October 4, 2010 (UTC)

Sorry for the really late reply. (Exam, oh damn) Yeah, it's fine, I guess. Which categories can I choose from? --YamiMysteriaG 11:44, October 7, 2010 (UTC)
Character, Concept, Enemy or Miscellaneous -- Sorceror Nobody Flan 17:54, October 7, 2010 (UTC)
I'll go with Misc. Fine? --YamiMysteriaG 12:37, October 8, 2010 (UTC)
I trust you've actually picked a particular article (or at least a shortlist)? You don't need to tell me what it is until just before the end of this month, but for the sake of fairness to the other two, I'll have to insist that you can only claim category choice priority if you have an article (or shortlist) planned to back it up. If you haven't picked yet, you can still claim the category, but if one of the other two picks it and actually has an article in mind, they take priority. Just want to be clear : ) -- Sorceror Nobody Flan 16:05, October 8, 2010 (UTC)
I have a few articles in mind, so I'll get back to you soon about which article I want... --YamiMysteriaG 04:29, October 9, 2010 (UTC)

l'Cie Edit

{{User:Sorceror Nobody/Sorceror l'Cie
|date=October 29<sup>th</sup> 2010
|eidolon=Mist Dragon
|focus=WikiGnome by weeding out grammatical errors in articles

Your Focus is somewhat indefinite in nature, but it is at least a thoroughly admirable one, so it's fine for now. As for your proficiencies, you can add 30% to them... just let me know if you want to. Anyway, enjoy eternal servitude! Oh, and one more thing... don't forget to indicate whether or not you want to participate in my l'Cie Tournament! -- SN Cocoon Sig 18:18, October 29, 2010 (UTC)

I know I've asked you about this before, but...
Since the tournament is now beginning to gear up towards actually getting started, this would be an excellent time to let me know whether you want to redistribute your role proficiencies... or more accurately, increase them to your full entitlement. You can add up to 30 points to them in total, so if you want to make use of that, tell me how you want them distributed -- SN Cocoon Sig 23:24, November 13, 2010 (UTC)

I'll add 30 to Ravager. Is that fine? --YamiMysteriaG 06:26, November 15, 2010 (UTC)


{{User:Sorceror Nobody/l'Cie Tournament/Userbox}}

I'm afraid that you have been knocked out of the Grand Sorceror l'Cie Tournament, A Contest of Peons, in Round S1. Nonetheless, your participation was welcome, and you are therefore awarded this consolation userbox -- SN Cocoon Sig 20:23, December 20, 2010 (UTC)

Sorceror l'Cie reviewEdit

I am reviewing my l'Cie, with the intention of maintaining a certain standard.

  • Your Focus needs to be more specific

Please get back to me as soon as possible -- SN Cocoon Sig 17:34, February 20, 2011 (UTC)

Err... Perhaps change it to "Make all the FFXI Spell Pages more professional"? I'll try to find something... --YamiMysteriaG 08:37, March 2, 2011 (UTC)

Sorceror l'Cie CommendationEdit

SorcerorlCiebrand.gif Sorceror l'Cie Commendation
Sorceror l'Cie for 1 year
For one or more achievements relating to their status as one of Sorceror Nobody's l'Cie, this user has been commended on their service.

Good work, YamiMysteriaG!

Late commendation is late but better than not at all -- SN Cocoon Sig 14:41, February 1, 2012 (UTC)

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