Welcome to my text page! Please feel free to leave a comment or just idle chatter.
All I ask is that you follow a few simple rules that you probably already have been thus far on the Final Fantasy Wiki~.
I always like to meet new people!
  1. Sign your posts. I like talk templates, but any way you choose to leave your username and time is fine.
  2. Keep your text comprehendable. You don't have to speak perfectly, but it is very difficult to understand posts with superfluous uses of 'netspeak'.
  3. Keep your text civil and fair. We're all here because of Final Fantasy, so there's no reason to belittle each other.
I can't think of what to say here.
I tend to visit the Wiki on a daily basis, but if you want to contact me directly, I have a Yahoo account at my username for e-mail or IMs, so feel free to drop a line!
Archive 1
June — September 09
The first talk page, where I join and learn wiki-code.
Current Page
October 09 — Present
The most recent talk page!

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