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Firstly, thanks for the ad and the compliments. "Mark of quality"? You flatter me...

Secondly, I've been meaning to ask... would you recommend Dirge of Cerberus? I have yet to play an FF that I dislike – I might like it less, but not dislike – but I also have yet to see much positive commentary on DoC, so I'm undecided...
Thirdly, lovin' the new pic. Demolition services? Priceless!
Fourthly, don't forget to lend your support to one of the shortlisted fights for next month!
Finally, I'm going to go and have a look at your new Wyrm Skull fights now... it looks intriguing

-- Sorceror Nobody Flan.PNG 16:49, 29 May 2009 (UTC)
EDIT: Two more things. First, you should consider archiving your pics. Kefka's Demolition Service is wicked cool, but the old pic was great too. Second, I would like to offer you the chance to guest-write the introduction to a chapter of my Ring of Fates walkthrough. There's four chapters complete (and one in progress) if you want to look at them, so let me know what you think :P -- SN

Cpt. DB.jpg
Cpt. DB.jpg

Not to pester you, but today is your absolute last chance to act on your promise to support one of the FEC's shortlisted fights -- SN

EDIT: Looks like you've gone to the talk page just before I wrote the above. However, you seem to misunderstand: first and most important, it isn't VI vs Dissidia, it's two versions of Terra who are exactly identical apart from the hair colour. Second, I'll make an assumption and put your name in the shortlist support for you; that's where it's meant to go :P – there's no point supporting the proposal when it's already been shortlisted! Maybe I should make it a bit clearer on the page... -- SN

Oh. Sorry. I probably read the article wrong and just signed my name by the name of the fight I'm wanting. But yeah, put my name in the shortlist support, and I retract by thought about VI vs. Dissidia- Again, I misunderstood what the fight was going to entail (Although my vote's still going to Green Hair anyway:p). The Captain

Three things:

  1. I've finished Chap. 5 of my walkthrough, so I'm ready for a draft of your guest intro if you're planning on accepting my offer
  2. You know my worrying-sounding sprite-based pics I mentioned? I've uploaded them on KHWiki and you can see them here
  3. Thanks for supporting a shortlister! With the support counts being 0/0/2, it'll be Terra v Terra, unless one of the others suddenly gets 3 supports

-- Sorceror Nobody Flan.PNG 16:05, 31 May 2009 (UTC)

and a fourth... I don't suppose you could tell me where you downloaded the Black Mages' albums? I ask because the site I've got the few I have from doesn't have that many tracks, and a lot of them are 1-min long samples :/ -- SN
Cpt. DB.jpg

Great big massive thanks! They have all three albums on bluelaguna, plus something I've been wanting for ages: pre-VII and non-main series OSTs. You might want to try not to typo next time... it's fortunate that the site name is clear enough that the extra "n" was obviously an error :P Besides, you don't have to do it "one by one" as such... I've just downloaded all ten tracks from the first album and I had up to seven downloading in parallel, and the only thing preventing more than seven at once was the fact the by the time I started on the later tracks, the earlier ones finished downloading -- SN

Cpt. DB.jpg

In response to your question of "So, what did you think of them?", I direct you to my in-progress user article here -- SN

Calling me a notable user? You flattering me is becoming a bad habit! Plus you risk inflating my ego (though that's actually not a huge risk). By the way, how goes the guest intro? No pressure, but I'm just wondering -- SN

Well, I had exams all last week, so it had to be put on hold, I'm afraid. I'll get it sorted out as soon as I can, and I'll give you a draft of it.- The Captain

Hope your exams went well! I'm hoping the same for mine – I should find out whether I've done badly or not by the end of this week, and get the actual preliminary marks by the 19th, i.e. my birthday (talk about date coincidence). Just dropping you a line to ask whether you've seen my fulfilment of your request yet... it's here -- Sorceror Nobody Flan.PNG 22:58, 10 June 2009 (UTC)

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