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Hello, I noticed you have been putting down translations for many areas and bosses for our FFXIV dungeons. Thank you very much for helping in retrieving those, however, I noticed a recurring issue of you putting down translations that seem to be directly pulled from Google Translate, especially in the romanizations, if not I apologize for assuming this.

I would ask that you would kindly not put in the romanization in the same format that Google Translate provides, as the are usually wrong and often carry the "~" symbols to put emphasis on pronunciations, our wiki does not require the ~ symbols, so you don't need to have them there. Just remember, GT is a tool, but not always the best to use when it comes to translating everything. Sites such as Jiisho and Tangorin are also helpful and provide more accurate translations at times. :3 --Miphares (talk) 02:52, February 2, 2020 (UTC)

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