A Quick Greeting[edit | edit source]

Greetings to everyone! I am The 3rd King. I've recently joined the wiki so I look forward to working with everyone in contributing information to this wiki and help other people in search of it.

I was a fan of Final Fantasy around the time of 2006 or so when I discovered Final Fantasy. I later got my hands on Origins which allowed me to discover the deep and brilliant story of Final Fantasy II. With that, I was instantly hooked. Since the games weren't in any chronological order, I tended to jump around games to play. It was Crisis Core-Final Fantasy VII that had interested me in the franchise once more later on. A big transition in the gaming type and graphics, I tried to play each and every one of the installments. Sadly, I still have yet to play them all. However, I look forward to contributing as much information as I can from playing these games.

I don't limit myself to just Final Fantasy and video games. Although it is common for Final Fantasy fans, I am quite the fan of anime/manga. I consider myself to be an amateur artist since there is always room for improvement, but I do tend to draw getting inspiration from Final Fantasy whether they be random monsters, protagonists, or final bosses. I am a fan of Square Enix's other games such as Chaos Rings, Kingdom Hearts, etc.

Completion Status of FF Franchise[edit | edit source]

Final Fantasy - Completed...?

I defeated Chaos, although I got a bit upset when I had saved over my old file and found out that you restart with beginning stats instead of the ones you had before battling Chaos. I cleared 2 of the Soul of Chaos Shrines. Sadly, I didn't clear the other 2 or enter the Labyrinth of Time before engaging in battle against him. I did defeat Chaos, but I'm unsure if it should be considered completed.

Final Fantasy II - Completed

I defeated the The Emperor in Pandaemonium, once more in Arubboth in the Soul of Rebirth sidequest, and defeated Phrekyos in the Arcane Labyrinth. It was a really interesting storyline in my opinion. Although, I was a bit disappointed with the leveling system. The minigame gave a very good opportunity to get some really good equipment before facing off against the Emperor. I must say, out of all the main antagonists of the games, Mateus has got to be my favorite.

Final Fantasy III - Completed

I defeated the Cloud of Darkness and unlocked the Mognet sidequest to defeat Iron Giant (Final Fantasy III). Playing the DS version gave me a different perspective of Final Fantasy compared to the first two.

Final Fantasy IV - Incomplete

I triumphed over Zeromus (Final Fantasy IV) and stole the Dark Matter (Item) from him. I really enjoyed the story and it's my third favorite yet. The ending was well done along with all of the other cutscenes.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years - Incomplete

I have a friend who could lend it to me...

Final Fantasy V - Completed

I defeated Neo Exdeath and Enuo thus clearing the bonus dungeon. The game focuses much more on the Void. It got sort of annoying when all of Exdeath's threats had to involve the Void though. It was a bit of a hassle looking for Movers in the Interdimensional Rift, but it was fun seeing that all of the classes had been mastered. And of course we can't forget the almighty Gilgamesh. His sacrifice to help Bartz Klauser and the others was really touching for me. He's one of my favorite characters by far.

Final Fantasy VI - Incomplete

I am currently trying to acquire the game. It keeps slipping my mind.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- - Completed

A spectacular game. Following the story of the protagonist Zack Fair with dreams of becoming a hero, it was a very nice experience for me. The gameplay was much more different than the previous games which gave it sort of a refreshing feeling for me. Facing of against Genesis numerous times and finally Genesis Avatar, it was pretty fun with a great story. Many people might be annoyed by his constant quotes of LOVELESS, but I found it able to portray his character quite well. The battle against Minerva (Final Fantasy VII) took quite a while, but I succeeded eventually.

Final Fantasy VII - Complete

I defeated Safer Sephiroth and the optional Weapon superbosses. I enjoyed the storyline thoroughly and hope for a remake! While many people do call Cloud "emo" and such, I found his attitude as a protagonist to be quite fitting as a hero who at first doesn't have faith in his abilities and blames everything on himself, but later comes to forgive himself. Love Sephiroth's theme One Winged Angel!! I've taken a Latin course before so I was able to sing along with it. So much fun.

Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII- - Incomplete

Another one of the games that I am trying to find.

Final Fantasy VIII - Incomplete

I plan on getting the game for PC.

Final Fantasy IX - Incomplete

Yet another game I'm trying to look for.

Final Fantasy X - Incomplete

I plan on getting Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster.

Final Fantasy XII - Incomplete

Also another game I'm trying to get. I tend to complete the early ones rather than the more recent ones.

Final Fantasy XIII - Incomplete

I played some of it a while back, but I seem to have lost the game. I didn't get too into it and have heard many players' dissatisfaction upon it. I still plan on playing to see whether I like it or think Square Enix did poorly at trying to revamp the Final Fantasy franchise.

Dissidia Final Fantasy - Incomplete

I've watched a bunch of walkthroughs but I never got the chance to actually play the game itself. I still have yet to find it. Same goes for Duodecim.

Final Fantasy Dimensions - Completed

The game was really good. There were numerous allusions to previous games which added to the fun, but it was a very impressive storyline. Battling off against the generals numerous times made it more enjoyable. I battled against each of the superbosses once.

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions - Completed

The game had a unique battling system which I took a liking to. It was confusing to get accustomed to their medieval speech manner, but nevertheless it was a pretty good story. The ending didn't hit on me that hard and the final cutscene just made me wish there was a sequel. Facing off against Ultima was not as fun as I had expected, but hey, I suppose nothing is too difficult with strong characters. Still, facing against her second form and winning before she could even land a hit was pretty disappointing. Also, the last cutscene should be expected to give a triumphant and hopeful feeling. Sadly, the game left a mysterious ending making players contemplate at Delita's final words.

As for other games, either I don't plan on playing them or have given up due to difficulty in finding them.

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