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Final Fantasy VIII-0: Laguna Loire's Adventures (in italian, Le avventure di Laguna Loire) is a trilogy of long videos that were published in 2012 by the Youtube italian user TheFF8Fan. The three fan-movies were realized editing the PC version of Final Fantasy VIII: the plot follows the Laguna Loire's life, from the events when Laguna was young and lived in Deling City to his new life as a president in the Esthar continent. Those movies are a mixture of scenes seen in the original game and fan-made scenes and dialogues created by the author. Thanks to these new scenes, the three movies add some details about Laguna's story and about his travel around the world.

Cast[edit | edit source]

Laguna introduces the 1st movie to his fans

Main characters[edit | edit source]

  • Laguna Loire - The protagonist, a Galbadian soldier who wields a machine gun. Despite disliking violence, he is a soldier because he likes to travel. His dream is to become a journalist.
  • Kiros Seagill - A Galbadian soldier who wields katar in battle. An intellectual and cool person, he is Laguna's best friend and the voice of reason within the group of friends.
  • Ward Zabac - A Galbadian soldier who wields a harpoon. Though intimidating at first glance, he is a caring individual and a most loyal friend to Laguna.

Other important characters[edit | edit source]

  • Julia Heartilly - A young pianist that Laguna often likes to hear and obviously to see, because she has talent and she is sweet and beautiful.
  • Raine Leonhart - A woman who has a pub at Winhill. She will become very important for the protagonist.
  • Ellone - An orphan little girl that lives with Raine in Winhill. She hides mysterious powers that no one can understand.
  • Sorceress Adel - A sorceress who governs in Esthar during the period of the Sorceress War.
  • Dr. Odine - A scientist working for Esthar.
  • Edea Kramer - A woman we can see in an orphanage for the Sorceress War orphans on the Centra continent. The orphans refer to her as "Matron".
  • Squall Leonhart - A misterious and taciturn young warrior who enters in Laguna's life as a "fairy", but there's probably something more...

Story[edit | edit source]

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I am Laguna Loire, a man who likes to write and to talk about himself... Well, to be honest, if I had to describe my first 26 years, i would probably leave many blank pages...

Laguna Loire's Introduction

Movie #1: The Soldier[edit | edit source]

Laguna Loire presents himself as a man with so many dreams that he could not realize in his early life, because he is forced to stay in Deling City, where he performs his duties as a Galbadian Soldier. The leaders of the army never let Laguna to go out on a mission, because of his attitude to lose his way, during the training period. Even if he cannot travel, he likes Deling City because he has two great friends, Kiros Seagill and Ward Zabac, the two soldiers who are always at his side, and a woman he admires a lot, Julia Heartilly, the pianist who often perform at the hotel.

Laguna, Kiros and Ward usually fight some monsters in Deling Sewers until an army officer sends them to Timber, their first true mission, because the other soldiers who are fighting to invade that town need reinforcements, but they are stopped in the woods by some monsters and fail to reach their destination. For the first time, during this mission, Laguna and his friends start to feel something strange inside their heads, as if they are observed and helped by some "fairies".

Julia and Laguna, Deling City Hotel

One evening, back in Deling City, Laguna visit the hotel again and work up enough nerve to speak to Julia, and Julia invite him up to her room. The pair open up to one another; Laguna confide in Julia his dream of quitting the military and becoming a journalist, and Julia tell Laguna her wish to write and perform her own songs. She wants to sing, but has never known what to write a song about. In meeting Laguna, Julia says she has found her inspiration. Their time together ends when Kiros inform Laguna they have been called away on an important mission. Laguna promise to return to hear Julia's songs.

On the train, while they are traveling to reach the Centra continent, Laguna tells his friends he hopes to return to Deling City soon, to see Julia again. But fate has different plans for them: the trio accidentally ends up in the Centra Excavation Site where the Esthar Army is excavating the Lunatic Pandora. During their escape Ward receives a wound that results in the loss of his ability to speak. with no other options left, Laguna tosses his friends off the side of a cliff into the ocean before following after them himself. Laguna does not make the jump gracefully, plummeting to the waters, unconscious.

Julia Heartilly with Fury Caraway

In Deling City, General Fury Caraway, who is Julia's friend, tells her that Laguna, Kiros and Ward did not return from their last mission. Julia understands Laguna is probably dead and she is desperate for him. Caraway comforts Julia in this period and encourages her to pursue her dream of becoming a songwriter. Julia finally writes, "Eyes On Me", a romantic ballad about Laguna, and it became a hit all over Galbadia.

Laguna drifts until he washes up on a shore until he reaches the town of Winhill, where a woman named Raine finds him and together with her adopted daughter, Ellone. Raine takes him in and slowly nurses him back to health. Eternally grateful for rescuing him from certain death, Laguna remains with Raine for several months, repaying his imagined debt to her by helping her look after Ellone and patrolling Winhill daily in an effort to keep its residents safe and its streets monster-free. Although Raine and Laguna are only friends at first, their relationship deepens and they fall in love.

Ward, working at the prison

After another six months roll by; Kiros, who has been searching for Laguna ever since he recovered eleven months ago, finally finds him and tells him what has been going on with Ward and Julia. Ward has permanently lost his voice and become a janitor at the D-District Prison, while Julia's become a famous singer/songwriter and married a General Caraway from the Galbadian army after her "true love" never returned from war.

Laguna takes Kiros out on a monster hunting mission where he declares him his assistant, and the two talk about Laguna's plans of becoming a journalist: Kiros thinks Laguna could have an opportunity to realize his dream, working for the Timber Maniacs magazine that is interested in making world travel articles. Laguna is excited about this chance, but he does not want to leave Winhill so soon. Kiros realizes his friend is changed a lot since they last met.

Laguna does not want to lose Raine as he lost Julia, and one evening he reveals to her his feelings in the middle of a field. The two marry shortly after and live happily with Ellone for some time...

Movie #2: The Journalist[edit | edit source]

Playing cards at the Dollet Pub

Laguna introduces himself to an editor of Timber Maniacs, who assigns him his first article. Laguna collects some interviews in Timber, who has finally been subjected by Galbadians. Then Laguna travels to Dollet, where he visits the Communications Tower and tries to interview some celebrities of the city: some actors refuse to talk with him, then he met a famous card player in a pub. This man accepts to be interviewed but first he wants Laguna to try to defeat him, playing Triple Triad. Laguna has never been good with cards and he quickly losses almost all his money to that man.

After some time, Kiros and Ward (who has finally left the prison where he worked) find Laguna in the Dollet Pub, while he's completely drunk. Unfortunately, Kiros has bad news from Winhill: Sorceress Adel's forces have kidnapped Ellone to Esthar a few days before. Laguna immediately decides to go to save the little girl.

Their journey to reach Esthar is fraught of danger. The trio participates in a movie deal to raise money for their travels, in the Trabia continent, where Laguna fights a Ruby Dragon with a gunblade, a weapon he hasn't used since his training at the military academy. With the help of Kiros and Ward, they escape from the dragons' nest hidden on the mountainside, but they are separated again: Kiros and Ward, with the rest of the movie company, success to escape from Trabia just before a Lunar Cry hit the continent; Laguna finds a refuge in the woods, but he is attacked by a Malboro, that uses Bad Breath to injury the man and transforms him into a statue.

The statue remains in the woods until some Moombas discover it and carry it to the Shumi Village, where the Village Elder uses his medical knowledge to restore Laguna's status effect and takes care of his many wounds. Laguna repays the Shumis' kindness and befriends the Moombas, attempting to teach them to speak. The Moombas learn only a single word, "Laguna", which they exclaim whenever they see him. Laguna talks a little to the Elder about his mission to save Ellone. He also hopes to see again Kiros and Ward. The Elder tells him that he would probably find his friends on the "Green Island" and Laguna understands he is speaking about the Balamb Island. The Shumis give him a boat to let him continue his travel.

Laguna tries to move to the south, but he is surprised by a storm which deviates his route and he finally lands on the coasts of Centra. He is looking for help to repair the boat where he find an orphanage. There he meets Edea Kramer and talks with her about Ellone: Edea thinks Ellone was kidnapped because Sorceress Adel's is looking for a successor for her sorceress power.

Laguna, Kiros and Caraway, Balamb Hotel

Laguna finally repairs the boat and reaches Balamb, where he finds Kiros and Ward, as the Shumi Elder told him. Kiros seems to know a way to reach Esthar: they have to go across the Horizon Bridge, but it would be a very long walk. Laguna visits the Balamb Hotel and meets a man with a familiar face who owns a private ship. Laguna asks him for a ride to Fishermans Horizon, but the man assigns to the trio a strange mission: they have to find for him a gemstone in the Fire Cavern. They carry out the mission successfully and the man, who reveals to be Fury Caraway, accepts to take them to Fisherman Horizon, where he's going to attend the concert of his wife, Julia.

Laguna meets Julia again, Fisherman's Horizon

The next evening, Laguna is present at Julia's concert, while she sings her last song, which is about dreams. Laguna remembers his past hearing her sweet voice. Laguna doesn't want Julia to see him, but the singer surprises him calling his name, when he is about to go away. Laguna says he has finally kept his promise to hear her songs and congratulates her because of her success as a singer and because he has just known she is pregnant. He also recommends to her not to think about their past because she must enjoy the extraordinary life she has earned. Julia thanks him e asks him about his family and Laguna answers he is traveling to try to reunite his family. Julia concludes by wishing him the best for his future.

The day after, Laguna, Kiros and Ward start to run across the Horizon Bridge. They arrive in the Esthar continent, in front of the Great Salt Lake. Esthar City can be seen on the background: Laguna feels he will find Ellone very soon.

Meanwhile, in Winhill, Raine has discovered she is pregnant and pray for the return of her husband and her sweet Ellone...

Movie #3: The President[edit | edit source]

The Great Salt Lake

To try to reach Esthar City, Laguna proposes to climb the mountains surrounding the Great Salt Lake. While they are climbing with no certainty, they meet a Moomba that seems to know the right way, but after some time they are surronded by the Esthar army. Laguna and the others fight bravely, but when Esthar soldiers threaten to kill the Moomba, they decides to surrender.

They are captured and become imprisoned within the Lunatic Pandora Laboratory, where they join the resistance against Sorceress Adel. Laguna is appointed their leader after displaying his kindness to the Moomba that was captured with him, and immediately afterwards stages a jailbreak. After escaping, Laguna and the others find Ellone, who has been kept safe the entire time by Dr. Odine who wants to study her power to send a person's consciousness back in time.

Fighting the sorceress

To come up with a plan for capturing Sorceress Adel the resistance end up at the Sorceress Memorial, and as part of their plan to seal away the evil sorceress, they construct an armored cryo-capsule, placing it inside the Memorial. They craft a simulacrum image of Ellone, whom Adel is searching to continue her reign of terror through her successor, and use it as a bait. Once Adel is informed Ellone is being held inside the newly constructed building, the sorceress transports herself there at once. Within the Memorial Adel sees the fake Ellone, but before she can act Laguna pushes her into the cryo-tomb (later known as Adel's Tomb) where she is trapped and flash-frozen.

Because of his bravery and wisdom, the people of Esthar appoint Laguna the new president, replacing Adel's former reign. Before accepting, Laguna want to send Ellone back to Winhill. He also want to ask Raine to move to Esthar in order tu reunite the family. A couple of Esthar soldiers accompanies Ellone to Winhill, where they find Raine that is about to give birth. The soldiers generously help Raine who finally gives birth to Laguna's child, Squall. But the womas has lost a lot of blood and she's very weak. The two soldiers decides to return to Esthar to warn their president about his wife's health conditions, but they are imprisoned by the Galbadian soldiers who patrol in Winhill and are sentenced to death by President Deling. Raine dies after some days and Ellone and the child are sent to Edea's Orphanage on Centra. Laguna later hears Raine has died and Ellone has been taken to an orphanage, but never learns his son's fate.

Laguna remains the president of Esthar for the next seventeen years, and because of his duties to uphold a policy of seclusion and neutrality for his nation, he cannot get away to see Ellone, who has been hidden away from the world to protect her on a ship driven by men with white uniforms. One day, that ship is attacked by Galbadian ships who wants to capture Ellone to deliver her into the hands of Sorceress Ultimecia. Ellone saves herself fleeing on board an Estharian ship.

Laguna and Ellone, 17 years later

Ellione manages to reach Laguna at the Lunar Base Space Station, where he is to oversee Adel's Tomb. Ellione finally tells Laguna he has a son and he is initially upset. After some time, Squall follows Ellione to the base, desperate to find a cure for Rinoa Heartilly, who has fallen into a comatose sleep during battle. Squall begs Ellone to use her mysterious powers, sending his consciousness into Rinoa's past to see what has happened to her and prevent it. But no one knows that Sorceress Ultimecia is hiding inside Rinoa's body: Ultimecia uses Rinoa to unlock Adel's Tomb and leaves Rinoa to die in space.

Laguna left the Lunar Base with his assistants while a new Lunar Cry is starting. Squall finally saves Rinoa and they return to the planet on board the derelict Ragnarok airship. Laguna returns to Esthar when the city has been already invaded by monsters that came from the moon: Kiros informs him that Ragnarok has just landed on the planet and that sorceress Rinoa has been arrested and their powers will be sealed in a new tomb on Sorceress Memorial; Kiros also tell Laguna that Rinoa is Julia's daughter. Laguna orders his friend to contact Ward and immediately sends him to release Rinoa, but when Ward arrives at the Sorceress Memorial, Rinoa has been already saved by Squall and his comrades.

Laguna finally meets Squall and the forces of SeeD face-to-face when they are called to Esthar for a mission to defeat Sorceress Ultimecia. After explaining the plan, with the help of Dr. Odine, Laguna climbed aboard the Ragnarock and encourages Squall to believe in the values of friendship and love, because this is the only way to survive during the Time compression that Sorceress Ultimecia wants to implement.

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Battle System[edit | edit source]

During the battles we can see in the movies, the three characters uses the same commands: Attack, Magic, Draw and Items. Since the plot is presented from Laguna's point of view, Guardian Forces are not available (but Gilgamesh accidentally appears as a "special guest"). Obviously each character can use their Limit Break.

Extra[edit | edit source]

Laguna and his car, Winhill

  • In the 1st movie Laguna can bee seen while driving his car, in Winhill.
  • In the 1st movie Laguna and Ellone walk in a map unused in Final Fantasy VIII, where we can see the frontal view of Ellone's house.
  • In the 2nd movie, during her concert, Julia sings the song Dreams, a song of The Cranberries, covered by Faye Wong.
  • In the 3rd movie, dialogues and scenes on the White SeeD Ship have been written and mounted in a different way, to express the feelings of the characters who are experiencing those situations (in Final Fantasy VIII, those scenes are simply narrated by the commander of the ship).
  • In the 3rd movie, before sealing Adel's powers, the trio of protagonists weakens the sorceress, hitting her in battle.

Playable demo[edit | edit source]

For the moment, the three movies are available only in italian language, but there is also a small playable demo available in english: in this demo, the player can guide Laguna, Kiros and Ward inside the Fire Cavern, to find the gemstone that Fury Caraway is looking for (2nd movie). The entire work is non-profit. All rights are reserved to Square Enix.

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