Name Liam
A.K.A Zodiarkmaster / Fury Fox
Job Class Dragoon Warrior
Hometown Interdimensional Rift
Date of Birth 24/12/95
Age 15
Height 5'8"
IQ Infinate and non-existant
Weapon Gunblades (all versions) and Katanas
Spells Flare, Spellblade, Meteor, Gravity, Hastega, Warp, Thundaga, Firaga, Blizzaga, Stonega, Waterga, Aeroga, Scourge, Scathe, Curaja, Dispelga, Reflectga, Protectga, Shellga, Esunaga, Darkga, Holyga
Summons Gilgamesh, Greiver and Bahamut
Limit Breaks Bushido, Zantetsuken and Renzokuken

ZodiarkMaster... I exist.

Myself as a Dissidia CharacterEdit

Idea taken from Drake Clawfang

A warrior youth who battles using odd techniques.
Brought into the conflict to fight for Cosmos by accident, his newfound abilities and strength comes from the training he's had from the other Warriors, making them all friends as they fought together. Unaware of the power he now possesses, he fights his enemies with hot-headedness and passion unlike any of them had seen, utilising moves he has seen in Anime, Manga and Video Games.
Battling to protect those he holds dear to him, he rushes into the conflict with optimism, skill and foolishness.


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Zodiarkmaster is known as the "Subspace Slicer", utilising attacks based on ones he's seen used in Manga, Anime or other Video Games, swiching his weapons in conjunction with each move. His appearance is a mish-mash of peices of clothing from various Manga and Games, His hair is Brown and styled like Sasuke Uchiha's, he wears Scott Pilgrim's Jacket, a plain white T-Shirt, Squall's Necklace, Black Jeans and Hiking Boots. A Konoha Forehead Protector hangs from his belt loops. His alternate costume gives him an open Akatsuki cloak, a green t-shirt with Knuckles on the bottom left, changes his jeans to a dark blue and the forehead protecter gains a Slash through it. His Manikin form, Unknown Player, is Green with Silver features.
He uses the following weapons:
Hunter's Dagger
Bone Katana "Wolf"
Hunter's Bow
Bone Axe


Brave Attacks

Name Type Description
Knife Storm Ground/Aerial Throws several Knives at the enemy rapidly to damage seven times.

Additional Effects: Chase

Combination Slice Ground Slashes enemy with the Bone Katana "Wolf" to excecute a 5-hit combo, ending with a powerful horizontal slice

Additional Effects: Wall Rush

Axe Blade Ground/Aerial Uses the Bone Axe's Sword mode to hack the opponent in an x-shape then smack them upwards with the Axe.
Blade Rush Ground Uses the Hunter's Dagger to lift opponent into the air

Additional Effects: Chase

Hunter's Arrow Ground/Aerial Uses Hunter's Bow to fire three arrows simultaniously. Can be charged to increase homing speed.

HP Attacks

Name Type Description

Brave to HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Crazy Rage Breath Aerial Fires a blast of powerful, yellow energy. (Chains from Blade Rush)

EX ModeEdit

Zodiarkmaster's EX Mode is called Decorations Active, which changes his Weapons into their ultimate forms and envelops him in a green (or, alternitivley, Yellow) light. EX Mode gives him the abilities Frenzy, Crisis and HvnlyShield. Frenzy increases the strength Zodiarkmaster's brave hits, Crisis gives him a 35% chance to instantly break his opponent if he is in danger of break or at low health and HvnlySheild protects him from being hit by projectiles when moving.

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