Hello, I'm Zhor7 and my favorite video game series of all time just happens to be Final Fantasy. This brought me to figuring that I should contribute to the Wiki page as much as I can. My favorite Final Fantasy is 7 (I know, I know..) but of the multiple I've played and the 15 I have beaten I haven't really disliked any of them.

Update #1:

I have now beaten 14 of the games. My most recent being Type-0, which I enjoyed. I have now beaten 1-10, Crisis Core, Type-0, Mystic Quest, and Tactics. I've thought considerably about my top games, and for my top five I've come up with:

1. Final Fantasy VII 2. Final Fantasy Tactics 3. Final Fantasy X 3. Final Fantasy VI 5. Final Fantasy VIII 5. Final Fantasy IX

Yes, I know I had two ties with a big one especially on the fifth (it's cheating in an extra loved game), but some of them are just so close that I can't choose. Plus, I love FF9 quite a lot and can't quite keep it off my top five. It was one of the ones I had not played yet last time I edited this, and it, and Crisis Core, have delighted me.

I'm currently playing Final Fantasy Explorers on the 3DS, and plan on finally beating Final Fantasy XIII whenever I get my new computer to play on Steam. Still loving the Final Fantasy games after all these years, and can't wait until XV!!!

Update #2:

I have now played and beat XV! It was very good, and my 15th FF that I have beaten. I am waiting to Platinum it until all of the DLCs come out. I went on hiatus with FF Explorers, but will eventually get back to it. Also do have all the XIII saga on Steam now, and pretty far in XIII. Need to get back to playing it though, as it has a rough time keeping my attention.

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