aka Winter Keiths

  • I live in Leadworth
  • I was born on December 31
  • My occupation is to play Animal Crossing as much as possible
  • I am hungry

And he'll say, "Incredible!" And then he'll keel over and die on the spot!

A certain nasty moogle, Final Fantasy XIII-2
Zeypher Mage VII
Name Zeypher Seven
A.K.A. Zey-san, Metalhead
Job Class Black Mage
Hometown Vancouver
Date of Birth January 7
Height Way too short
IQ 3,000,000,000
Weapon My extensive vocabulary
Spells Shut Up-aga, I Don't Care-aga
Summons My friend Kent
Limit breaks Oppa Gangnam Style
Final Fantasy Wiki user

Hello there, my friends! My name is Zeypher Mage Seven. I go by Zey-san, though.

I don't play a lot of Final Fantasy, but I do have some fun kicking Sanctum butt in XIII every now and then. If there was an option to kick Snow's butt too, I'd take it faster than you could say "Snow is a complete moron." Because he is. Hope is awesome, admit it.

  • I'm told there's add-on in FFXIII-2 that in fact does let you kick Snow's but. Time to go get some DLC, stat!

So, what am I like? Well, I've been told I'm spunky. Which I might be. I've been told I'm nerdy. Which I'm not. I am stubborn. Very, very stubborn.

Although I've never played FFVIII, I've always harbored a strange fascination with Squall. I don't understand it...why is he so awesome? It doesn't make sense. He's such a jerk. Oh, well, I can be a jerk too, I guess. Sometimes. Cloud is even more awesome, though.

I'm quite the gearhead, and have an affinity with mechanical objects. I love taking things apart, and then putting them back. Assuming I can. I usually can.

One time, in Home Economics, we had an egg baby project. I made mine a moogle. Don't ask.

Oh, and I like Chocobos. A lot.

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