"Looks like I've got to fix things..again.." -Zexion

How can there be any meaning in the memory of such a being? What I have shown you is reality. What you remember, that is the illusion."Sephiroth

Name Zexion6
A.K.A Zexy
Job Class Book master
Race human
Hometown World that Never was
Date of Birth Zexion needs no "Date"
Age Zexion needs no "age"
Height Zexion needs no "hieght"
IQ Zexion needs no "IQ"
Weapon Lexion
Spells Ultima, Flare, Curaja,Aqua Breath, Nova, Holy,
Summons Leviathan, Gilgamesh
limit breaks oblivion

Hi, um... well... Oh Ya! these are my favorite Final Fantasys:

Final Fantasy IV,

Final Fantasy VI,

Final Fantasy VII.

My favorite Characters:

Cecil Harvey,




My Favorite website: (other than the FF WIKI!) [1]


talk Edit

Ok so I have a new chat space called:Organization13 Talk‎ go to it here and chat,and post topics there. User:Zexion6/Organization13 Talk‎ Favorite Wallpaper: [[File:You_better_not.jpg|left|thumb|173px]]

Wall UA 04

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FF Opinions

Category Best Worst
Game Final Fantasy IV Final Fantasy X-2
Opening Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy III
Ending Final Fantasy IV Final Fantasy
World Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy III
Story Final Fantasy IV Final Fantasy IX (at least what I've seen of it)
Main Character Cloud Strife, Final Fantasy VII Zidane ,Final Fantasy IX
Supporting Character Cait Sith ,Final Fantasy VII Vivi, Final Fantasy IX
Villain Sephiroth ,Final Fantasy VII Dr. Lugae, Final Fantasy IV
Fighter Original N/A
Black Mage Rydia Vivi
White Mage Rosa Cecil Harvey
Soundtrack Final Fantasy IV Final Fantasy VIII

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