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Not much to say, really. I'm 29, male, and I enjoy video games. I'm married, I live in the USA, and I work as a software designer. Everything else is just too complicated for a wiki userpage.


Here, I've written a walkthrough for Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions. I also troll the recent changes list and chime in on the forums. While working, I churn up my sandbox page.

Elsewhere, I'm a contributor to FFXIclopedia.

FF History[]

  • Finished: I IV VI VII X T TA
  • Almost Finished: VIII IX X2
  • Also Played: XI XII
  • Also Own: V
  • Currently Playing: XI XII

FF Preferences[]

  1. Final Fantasy Tactics -- I'm just a sucker for tactical games, and this is still one of the best. FFT:WotL just cements its place as one of the best games ever.
  2. Final Fantasy VI -- Fourteen playable characters, each with a fully-developed storyline. Enough said.
  3. Final Fantasy XII -- Soooooo preeeeeetty. And some really great characters too.
  4. Final Fantasy XI -- It's not a game -- it's an addiction! Though the game itself is wonderfully conceived and implemented, the inability to play by yourself, and the pain of dealing with other people, can sometimes be fatally annoying.
  5. Final Fantasy X -- The ending invoked a tear. Auron is the essence of cool. And Lulu... well, she's Lulu.
  6. Final Fantasy IV -- One of these days, I'll get Dark Knight Cecil and Child Rydia to level 99, just to see...
  7. Final Fantasy VII -- Ground-breaking, revolutionary, but there were too many parts that invoked a "Meh."
  8. Final Fantasy X-2 -- Fan-service! Whee! Whatever else you may say about it, its ATB system and job-change-on-the-fly feature gave it some of the most entertaining gameplay possibilities in the whole series. Too bad the story was so sappy, especially after the story in X was so powerful. And Paine... mmm...
  9. Final Fantasy -- While this was a great game when it came out, looking back, it's sorely needed every improvement that's ever been done to it.
  10. Final Fantasy VIII -- Beautifully rendered (given the available platform), but a super-time-eater, and I never did beat the damn thing.
  11. Final Fantasy IX -- Retro is nice, but I just didn't care about finishing it, and I remember nothing, other than being shut out of half of the game's locations near the end, which was just annoying.
  12. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance -- The story was silly, and the ability acquisition system was too annoying.