I gots a job change!
Name Rentou Tsuruchi
A.K.A Ren, Rentou, Hobo
Job Class Samurai, Pirate
Hometown Tokigogachu, raised at Kyuden Gotei
Date of Birth August 20th, 1989
Height About 1'90 meters
Weapons Dual katana, kusarigama.
Skills Throw, Coin Toss, Dual Wield, Mug.
Elemental Affinity Thunder.
Lvl1 Limit Breaks Ren Headbutt
Lvl2 Limit Breaks Raging Blow
Lvl3 Limit Breaks Sarcastic Look
Lvl4 Limit Break Not unlocked yet

We'll drive them out and wipe them out. Their parents and children, and if necessary even their dogs

Berserkers are underrated

Cleaning this up a little bit.

About meEdit

Ffxiirw gnoam This user is a WikiGnome.

I don't know why somebody would want to know about me, but I'm bored right now. Let's go: I'm a male, and I plan to be one of those beings as long as I live in this world. I was born in Spain (and that means my English is as bad as hell, advanced criticism encouraged) on a sunny August 20th, then I grew up. I like music (almost any style, almost), playing videogames and the like (fighting, RPG, A-RPG, platform, some shooters, beat'em up... almost anything except for sport games (meh, kinda boring after 1h of solo gameplay)), I read manga comics and watch anime series (sometimes), I also like staring at random people, and I like hats. Oh, I also like Warhammer, Magic: The Gathering, Roleplaying and I would like to play FFXI, but I'm too busy (and poor) to spend my money/time on them.

PD: I like Bangaas.

Me & Final FantasyEdit

The first FF I played was the one launched in 1997 in Europe. I remember the promotion video of the console plus the game (you could choose between it or Gran Turismo!) featuring a child jumping on his bed, and I thought "I would never play a turn-based game, they are crappy, and slow". And i don't know why, but I played it, and then I loved it, and then played it again and again and on and on, once, twice, thrice, I think I've finished it about twelve times, and I haven't defeated Ruby and Emerald WEAPONs yet.

Later I finished FFIX, (FFVIII was ignored because of its "item-like" magics), and later still, I started to play the original FF, FFII, FFV and FFVI; I only finished FFI at this time (in the PSP remake). I almost finished FFII (Jade Passage is boring) and I'm stuck at FFV and VI. I also played FFX and didn't want to kill Sin in the final battle against it, he was trying to destroy Spira with all those walking fails still there, it can't be really bad. Oh, last summer I started FFXII, and don't know why, dropped it, i'd like to finish it, but I can't even remember how I was planning the licenses, so...

Also finished Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (3 missions to 100%) and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2 (more missions to 100%, but they do not appear), and tried FFIII (dropped because of Disgaea being better and awfully kickass) and Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions (dropped because it's slow as fucking hell). About other RPGs, I played some more: Suikoden V, Illusion of Time (awesome), Terranigma, Chrono Trigger (thanks, God), Pokémon (yes, it's actually a RPG), Disgaea, Tales of Eternia... some more will do.

On a sidenote: I always play with ATB at max speed and in "active" mode.

About teh wikiEdit

I'd like to collaborate, but I don't have the level of english to do it at great scale. I made some minor edits somewhere, short sentences and that.

Also, I'm a professional procastinator, and kind of slow when it comes to knowing new things. There were almost no things I wanted to know and I didn't find in the wiki. I'm trying to take note of the levels at which characters on Dissidia Final Fantasy learn new attacks.

Final Fantasy Gaming Log Edit


Absolutely true Random quotes Edit

―Spanish Translators

―Warrior of Light

Fer the beards 'f N'ptune imma p'rate har har. OHNOEZ THE LEVIAITHAN 'S ETIN' ME. Hi, Im 'live har har, ye does not ask me how!

I did not become a Dark Knight to bring suffering, even if that's what Dark Knights have always done. So now I'm a Paladin.
―Cecil Harvey

I'm stupid
―Butz Klauser

Even secondary characters get more development than me, and evolve through the game more than me, but people likes me more than any other... *cries*
―Terra Branford

I'm a total badass and don't give a heck what you think. But I think I'm guilty for all those things that couldn't be helped. And now I wear a black ridiculous suit and ride a motorcycle
―Cloud Strife

$$%"%!!! %%·!·!#€!;D ¡'!?!=))$!"·!1!
―Cid Highwind

What do you mean by pervert? I need to voyeurize interspecies sex! Scientifical issues. And now get the fuck off my lab!!

This book that didn't have any relevance until someone wanted to destroy the franchise says: DERP DERP HURR DURR DERP DURR HURR BLARG BLAH DERP, so I'm gonna retcon your past to give myself some importance.

Yo br0, Imma pr0, and your a b1tch. I'm the rappa', just l00k at how Imma movin my arms while I t4lk
―Seifer Almasy

...... ... .., .. -.-. .- -. - -... . .-.. .. . ...- . .. -- .- -.-. - ..- .- .-.. .-.. -.-- .-- .-. .. - .. -. --. -- --- .-. ... .
―Squall Leonhart

Look at me! I know the only two sentences my pupil says!
―Quistis Trepe

Is that... a female of any antropomorphic species?! Come here sweetie~!!
―Zidane Tribal

Hey, is someone paying attention to me? I'm the main character, you know. AND I HAVE A FUCKING NAME.

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