You don't need a reason to help people.
―Zidane Tribal, Final Fantasy IX

Oh yeah...
―Me, after hearing a sexual methaphor

You're prone to sleep-talking...
―A youngling on a confirmation camp.

Basch Final Fantasy XII-2
Name Unknown
A.K.A ZaFlareStar
Job Class Student, Aikidokan, Farmer, Knight, Sportsman, Scroundel
Origin Karelia
Date of Birth 7th of December, 1993
Age 16
Height circa 175 cm
IQ Untested, should be high
Favourite Color Purple
Weapon Environment
Limit breaks LB's are boring, I'll use Trance!

About MeEdit

―A former classmate of mine, whom I kicked to face when I ran out of patience. Good times.

My first experience in the Final Fantasy series was when I was alot younger. I played a demo of Final Fantasy VIII on PC. After some years, my older brother bought Final Fantasy X, and I of course, tried it out too. I bought VII (it's community being a large disappointment) and VIII. My brother also bought XII, which is one of my favourites (if all the grind is excluded). So long I've also got my hands on all the other games in the series, and played them abit or alot. Aside Final Fantasies, I don't play other RPGs. I used to play the famous MMORPG World of Warcraft, but the drain of money and time made me bored, thus I quitted. From other genres and series, I play Devil May Cry and other random games. I don't play much, compared to some people, who are closing to no-lifeness. Final Fantasy series has inspired me for creation of a fantasy novel series, with similar retro style I-V and IX have.


You're not a gentleman... But you're not a badass either. You're something inbetween. A knight?
―My colleague

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I've played all of them, and this far VII is the worst, because it's overrated.
―Obviously I...

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VI - Flying Blackjack and got no idea where to go.

Fan or not?Edit

Are you saying Advent Children is a bad movie?
― A clanmate from another game.

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If unmentioned, I simply liked it.


That helmet is %&#@!% ugly!
―A former schoolmate of mine.

I've got strange hobbies. I train Aikido, a martial art of self-defense of japanese origin. I can play guitar and the piano (Melodies of Life, Final Fantasy theme and the Dragon Spreads its wings out of memory, yay.) I'm a confirmation "camp leader". I collect Queen and Led Zeppelin CD's and any other kinds of discs, with covers included. Strangest of all is crafting swords out of wood. I've made Zangetsu from Bleach (bad anime/manga, don't watch/read it.) and Rebellion and Yamato from Devil May Cry. I'm also in middle of making a wooden replica of Gabranth's helmet. I just need to fix it abit, shape the horns and put them on it, make the plates for back of the neck and chin, paint it and glue something soft inside so it wont kill people who use it for a split second. If I really go nuts I might craft the whole armor and even Chaos Blade and Highway Star.

Opinions of Final FantasyEdit

The Original Final Fantasy

A great game for an old one. Very awesome game for a new one if you're thinking: "Hey, let's save the world from evil and restore balance!" instead of waiting for big plot twists. Final Fantasy I was easy, but I sometimes had trouble finding out where to go. I had to check a walkthrough when searching for the caravan. Chaos Temple of the Past was a maze, took me half an hour to find Chaos.

Final Fantasy II

T'was a great game! Easiness was refreshing. Also, the final boss was the easiest ever. It would probably have been in my top 3 Final Fantasies if the story development was at the same level as these days.

Final Fantasy IV

This game had a great story, and it was my favourite Final Fantasy game (until I finished IX). It was such a great shame big plot twists were already spoiled to me, it would've made the game way better.

Final Fantasy V

This was a great one, 4th best in the series! It took me long time to advance because I had an intent of keeping some characters as knights and some as white mages in the beginning, instead of learning their master abilities and using them as Freelancers. Oh well, I realised how awesome it would be at World 2, had to grind before going to the final dungeon but atleast I did it. Whenever "The Dragon Spreads its Wings" plays I get a legendary feeling. Also, leave Exdeath alone! He may have no character development, but succesfulness and evilness (and cliches) to compensate for that!

Btw, I defeated Neo Exdeath at level 44.

Final Fantasy VII

Everyone's overrating Final Fantasy VII. IT was GOOD but nothing AMAZING. Sephiroth was a dissapointing villain. We had to chase him all the time... He had more "cool looks" than personality and antagonist things. As a final boss he was rather hard, maybe because he is one of the two (in a way, three) final bosses to raise in power with player characters. I could've fought omnislash to myself or bred chocobo's to get Knights of the Round, but didn't bother. I let Vincent go CHAOS and kick his ass.

Final Fantasy VIII

Oh why, oh why must you hate it? Final Fantasy VIII had DEEP characters, they were truly DEEP! Yes, Squall is emo at the start, but he has a reason for it, he's lost his faith in humans. He develops back into a more social and happy person during the game, stop whining. Zell is an idiot, but a useful idiot. I do agree, however, that someone should tie Rinoa with chains. Seriously, "STAY HERE GODDAMNIT" and she runs off and gets in trouble and gives us an extra difficult boss to deal with (extra-difficult means there is a slight chance I might need two renzokukens to beat the boss. In this case, Adel or whatever her name was died from one.) This was an easy game too. Only had to draw alot of powerful magicks (yes, magicks) and beat up bosses, no need for random battles (Diablos' no encounters ability ftw). A great game, better than VII! What exactly was so great about VII anyway?

Final Fantasy IX

Number one Final Fantasy game! Retro fantasy! MMMM! A protagonist that smiles! MMMMM! Touching asses! MMMMMMM! And a metrosexual main villain who is hated by homophobics! MMMMMMMMM! Final Fantasy IX had the best plot, the best music, the best characters, the best main villain (Blow up everything with Ultima is enough reason), and so on. I'm happy I can play Melodies of Life on piano. (If you were wondering, Kuja is one of the three "final" bosses who'se power scales on your level. But that's not entirely true as it's only his Flare Star that hits high level characters better than low level characters. Ultimecia from VIII is obviously the other final boss whose power scales with player characters levels). IX also has alot of drama.

Final Fantasy X

Not the best in series, but not the worst either. The sphere grid was a nice system for raising stats. X was strange, as it had bad voice acting, a new punchful of Nomura characters and no more pre-rendered backgrounds. Bad voice acting made Tidus a seagul. HAAA HAA HAA HAA HAA HAA HAA HAA! It had a good story, even with not-so-great characters. Superbosses requiring breaking damage limit to beat was just bullshit.

Final Fantasy XII

The second best Final Fantasy game. It would be the best if: 1) Basch was the main character and 2) The game wouldn't be a movie where you only have to move the characters once right licenses and gambit settings have been reached. I gave each of my characters (Basch, Ashe and Balthier) a "Defender" and Charge, Curaga, Curaja, Araise, Esuna, Hastega/Protectga and of course, a bubble belt. I gave them the right order of gambits and they became the unstoppable force. Whenever someone fell low on hp one of them would heal, when someone died, someone casted araise. This kept on going even when facing something that would kill a normal party. This created an endless loop of curaga, charge and araise, until I grapped the controller and healed Reddas off his Disease. He pwnt a horde of zombies that were meant to kill me. XII had a great story, great characters, even music was sometimes awesome (Theme of the Empire <3).

Final Fantasy XIII

Ah, finally finished this! Took me 48 hours... I'm glad the Adamantoise Death Trick stopped working at the moment my chars were almost maxed out in their 3 main roles. I almost CRIED during the ending! 'Tis was a refreshing Final Fantasy game, as I avoided almost every major spoiler, one picture in the Wiki when scrolling to Lightning's trivia revealed me what would happen in the end, so I knew the conclusion to their Focus mystery. Oh well. Less spoilers than the others, anyway. This either ties with IV or is inbetween IV and VIII (IV is the 3rd best). The battle system is great in this one. I wonder if the characters were unbeatable should they allow one role to do the job of all roles and include the good ol' gambits from XII.

I will write my thoughts about other final fantasies once I've finished 'em, and later about the spin-offs I've finished (Dissidia and CC, maybe DoC if I even care to bother)

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