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FFT templateEdit

The "Final Fantasy Tactics Battle Information" template
Battle Information
Battle No. {{{bno}}}
Condition(s) {{{condition}}}
Number of teams {{{team}}}
Team capacity {{{capacity}}}
Guest(s) {{{guest}}}
Battle formation
Enemies {{{enemies}}}
Enemy level {{{enemy lvl}}}
Recommended level {{{recommend}}}
Items of interest {{{item}}}
Additional info {{{info}}}

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[[White Mage (Final Fantasy)|]]

White Mage - Disambiged pages, a'okay!

[[Forum:Okay, I just found this game in a book.../Archive 7/Chapter 1|]]

Okay - as expected, the comma messes it up. Damn.


Yuanchosaan - user pages fine

[[User talk:Yuanchosaan|]]

Yuanchosaan - no way to show that it is a talk page. Bad.

[[/EoS info]]

/EoS info

[[/EoS info|]]

/EoS info - pipe trick does not work with sub pages, apparently...

However: [[User:Yuanchosaan/Sketchbook|]] --> Yuanchosaan/Sketchbook - user subpages does not work. Comparing main space:

[[Cloud Strife/Limit Break Videos|]]

[[Cloud Strife/Limit Break Videos|Cloud Strife/Limit Break Videos]] - same thing, sadly.

[[Forum:Proof of the Godhood of Zidane|]]

Proof of the Godhood of Zidane - on a side note, this page is hilarious. Far funnier than those "Final Boss debates" and the like. Go Faeth! Go nerdy jokes!

[[Project:Manual of Style|]]

Manual of Style - I can't test shortcuts, but this works fine.

[[Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-|]]

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- - wasn't expecting this one to work.

[[Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children|]]

Advent Children - Yes! Colon pipe trick go!

[[Walkthrough:Final Fantasy/NPOV|]]

[[Walkthrough:Final Fantasy/NPOV|Final Fantasy/NPOV]] - er, I prefer to see the space...

[[Toad#Final Fantasy VII|]]

[[Toad#Final Fantasy VII|]] - so section links don't work...Wonder if we can get that fixed...

Heard there were some problems with gallery pipe linking trick over at Main, looks to be fine here...

[[|White Mage]]

White Mage - ugh, need to test on a tagged page...

[[:Category:User Images|]]

User Images - wasn't sure about this, but yes, it doth work!

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[[/EoS info/]]

EoS info



[[Cloud Strife/Limit Break Videos/]]

[[Cloud Strife/Limit Break Videos/]]

For some reason, slash trick does not work. Ah well...

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Tincture Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII


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Personnel Template Edit

Directors and Producers
Hiroyuki Ito - Yoshinori Kitase - Yasumi Matsuno - Hironobu Sakaguchi - Shintaro Takai - Takayoshi Nakazato - Motomu Toriyama - Toshiro Tsuchida
Artists and Art Directors
Yoshitaka Amano - Toshiyuki Itahana - Ryōma Itō - Hideo Minaba - Hiroshi Minagawa - Yusuke Naora - Tetsuya Nomura - Akira Oguro - Akihiko Yoshida
Angela Aki - The Black Mages - Emiko Shiratori - Faye Wong - Masashi Hamauzu - Hitoshi Sakimoto - Izumi Masuda - Kazco Hamano - Koda Kumi - Kumi Tanioka - Masaharu Iwata - Máire Breatnach - RIKKI - Risa Ohki- Shiro Sagisu - Tomoaki Watanabe - Tsuyoshi Sekito - Nobuo Uematsu
Alexander O. Smith - Ted Woolsey
Takashi Katano - Hirishi Kuwabara - Kazushige Nojima - Koji Sugimoto

... Edit

Randomness. Please ignore ^_^;

  • Mathematician: "...a blind man in a dark room looking for a black cat that isn't there"
  • Large Hadron Collider: scientists banging things together really fast and hoping something will happen.
  • Nuclear power: a very expensive way to heat water.
  • Chemist: What the child pyromaniac now is. (Sorry Feavyre!)
    • Scratch that. Every scientist is.
  • Theorectical physics: The equivalent of saying "If we think really hard about an infinitely deep hole here, and imagine really hard falling into it..."
  • Experimental physics: Creating said hole and jumping into it.
  • Quark flavours: Proof that scientists have a sense of humour. Albeit a strange odd one.
  • Search for extraterrestial life: A person on a deserted island in the middle of an infinitely large sea yelling for someone to save them.
  • Schrodinger's cat: This sentence certainly isn't alive.
  • Epistemology: I'm not sure I can know that.
  • Metaphysics: Tomato cans might be a good place to start.
  • String theory: Hey, you know what would be really cool? If all the universe was made up of little...tiny strings...

You no like? Talk to the Higgs field!


I should probably go to bed.

FFX character Edit

Kana {{{kana}}}
Romaji {{{romaji}}}
Voice actor(s) Flag of Japan {{{japva}}}
Voice actor(s) Flag of the United States {{{engva}}}
Age {{{age}}}
Height {{{height}}}
Eye color {{{eye}}}
Hair color {{{hair}}}
Laterality {{{laterality}}}
Home {{{home}}}
Weapon(s) {{{weapon}}}
Overdrive {{{overdrive}}}

Userboxes Edit

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Monk (Final Fantasy XI)/AbilitiesEdit

Monk is one of the basic job classes in Final Fantasy XI. This is a list of job abilities and traits of the class.

Job TraitsEdit

Martial ArtsEdit

Martial Arts is gained at Level 1 by Monks and also at Level 25 by a Puppetmaster. The initial delay for hand to hand attacks is 480. Martial Arts I reduces this to 400. Martial arts II-VI progressively reduce the delay by 20 and only monks get this advantage. The improvements in Martial Arts II-VI are at levels 16, 31, 46, 61, and 75 respectively. It can be enhanced by wearing the Wrestler's Mantle.

Subtle BlowEdit

Subtle Blow is a job trait for Monks, Ninja and Dancers. It reduces the amount of TP creatures hit by the monk or ninja gain from the attack. Typically the amount of TP gained by a physical attack for an enemy is based on the character's base TP + 3 per hit. Subtle blow will reduce this by a percentage based on the subtle blow ability of the character plus any equipment.

There are 4 levels of Subtle blow for Monk, one at level 5, 25, 45, and 65. Each level grants a -5% bonus to TP gained, for a natural -20% at level 75. Gear can further reduce this amount but total reduction of TP can never be beyond -50%.



*versus players this amount is always 0

Equipment EnhancementEdit

  • Arakan Samue
  • Barbarian Mittens
  • Black Belt
  • Bushido Cape
  • Dragon Cap / Dragon Cap +1
  • Dragon Harness / Dragon Harness +1
  • Dragon Mittens / Dragon Mittens +1
  • Dragon Subligar / Dragon Subligar +1
  • Karasuageha
  • Melee Crown / Melee Crown +1
  • Melee Gloves / Melee Gloves +1
  • Melee Hose / Melee Hose +1
  • Meteor Cesti
  • Ninurta's Sash
  • Pahluwan Armor Set
  • Rajas Ring
  • Unji
  • Unsho


This trait allows the monk to take no damage from the attacks they counter. Counter is a passive ability and is gained once player has 10 levels in monk, or for anyone whose subjob is monk and has a job level of 20 or greater. Counter is only activated occasionally, but the chance of countering an attack can be greatly increased if a player uses the ability counterstance.

Max HP BoostEdit

As the name suggests, Max HP Boost permanently increases the Monk's HP. There are multiple levels available:

  • Max HP Boost I - available at level 15 (also avaible to Puppetmasters at level 62)
  • Max HP Boost II - available at level 35
  • Max HP Boost III - available at level 55
  • Max HP Boost IV - available at level 70

Kick AttacksEdit

Kick Attacks is available at level 51. When using Hand to Hand attacks, there will be a random chance of a kick attack occurring. This trait can also be granted by equipping certain pieces of equipment. An upgrade, Kick Attacks II can be obtained at level 71.


Invigorate is a merit trait which adds a Regen effect to Chakra.


Penance is a Merit trait which passively adds a TP reducing effect to the Chi Blast Ability.

Job AbilitiesEdit

Hundred FistsEdit

Hundred Fists is the Monk's two-hour ability. This ability is available, as with all two-hours, at level 1. When activated, the special ability status will remain for 30 seconds. During this time the monk's hand-to-hand weapons delay will drop to next-to-nothing. This allows monks to perform successive punches almost non-stop for the period of this effect. This does not increase or decrease the monk's accuracy, but it does increase then number of attacks he can make drastically, thereby greatly boosting his damage potential. The increase in damage could draw unwanted enmity though since monks are one of the highest damage jobs in the game.


Boost can be learnt at level 5. It raises the next attack for approximately three minutes and is stackable. It works well in conjunction with Chi Blast and to increase enmity. Boost can be enhanced by wearing Temple Gloves.


Dodge is a Monk ability in Final Fantasy XI gained at Level 15. When activated, the Monk's Evasion will increase temporarily. Dodge's effect can be enhanced by the Temple Gaiters. It can be activated every 5 minutes.


Focus is learnt at level 25. Unlike in most Final Fantasy games, it raises Accuracy rather than Attack. Its effect can be enhanced by equipping the Temple Crown. Like Dodge, it can be activated every 5 minutes.


Monks have access to Chakra at level 35. The ability can be used once every 5 minutes. When activated it will instantly heal a monk for twice his vitality in HP. The Vitality score used is the modified amount after gear, food, songs, et al. Chakra can also remove negative status ailments such as poison, Paralysis, blindness, and sometimes some other effects. Chakra can pretty reliably remove up to three of those effects, though paralysis may effect the monk's ability to actually use Chakra.

Chi BlastEdit

Chi Blast is a Ranged Attack available to Monks at Level 41. When used, the Monk releases a blast of Chi to inflict damage on the enemy, with no chance of missing. The damage dealt is dependent upon the Monk's Mind (MND) stat. This also drains MP from the monk.


Counterstance is an ability available at level 45 which aims to increase the damage output of the Monk. This ability greatly increases their ability to Counter an attack, but it comes at an equally large drop in their defense stat. Functionally, this means that a monk will potentially get a counter-attack every time they are attacked, thereby increasing his own damage potential and lowering the enemy's, but the moment they start getting hit, the monk is going to lose hit points very rapidly. In addition, using the ability will raise enmity towards the player.


Footwork replaces punch attacks with kicks. Kicks are slower but do more damage and gain more TP. There is also a delay when using [spell]]s, songs, and Ninjutsu while Footwork is active. An extra kick will occur if a Kick Attack is activated.


Mantra is a Merit ability for Monks. It increases all party members' HP by 4%, 8% or 12% depending on the level of Mantra merit the monk has. It can be used once every 10 minutes and the duration of the HP increase is 3 minutes

Formless StrikesEdit

Formless Strikes is the other Merit ability available to Monks. When used, for the duration of 3 minutes, all melee attacks will be considered non-elemental magic damage. This includes status effects such as Invincible, naturally high defense, or weapon type immunity (specifically blunt); however, the attacks will also deal reduced base damage as compared to normal. It may be reused every 15 minutes, with further merit upgrades increasing its effectiveness

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