Metus-Userimage.png Metus the Acolyte
Name ylc0304 / Yoeri
A.K.A Metus the Acolyte
Job Class White Mage
Hometown Scrap Hills
Date of Birth 13 September 1989
Age 21
Height 5.9 ft / 1.80 m
Weapon Broadsword
Spells Curaga LXIV
Summons Shiva
Limit Breaks Circle of the Living Winds

Chatty[edit | edit source]

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Ghido: "You think I spent 7 centuries eating pizza?"

Ghido: "Yes, the twelve legendary weapons. They're weapons, they're legendary, and there are even twelve of them!"

Metus: "..."
Metus: "... Why are we doing this?"

— thoughts, User talk:Ylc0304
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