Name A common girl's name.
A.K.A YamiMysteriaG, Shayminlight58 (Bulbapedia, inactive), others.
Job Class Mages of all kinds, Keyblade Warrior *shot*
Hometown Singapore, a land far far away
Date of Birth Too funny to put.
Height 160cm
IQ *weeps*
Weapon Lexicon/ Keyblade
Spells Ultima, Firaga, Curaga, Lv.5 Death
Summons Mist Dragon This user is a cursed l'Cie, bound into the
service of
Sorceror Nobody for eternity
Branded: October 29th 2010 Eidolon: Mist Dragon
Role proficiencies:
Focus: Overhaul all of the Final Fantasy XI spell pages
About me
VOTE IN THE L'CIE TOURNEY. (random) Anyway, I'm a girl who lieks mudkipz editing wikis. I usually fix coding problems and add Chinese text to related pages. Oh, and edit those grammar errors.
Cpt. DB Sprite.png This user is a Random Page "scout".
Userb female.gif This user is a female.
biling This user is bilingual and can speak 2 or more languages fluently.
User sagittarius.jpg This user is a Sagittarian.
Straightsymbol.PNGThis user identifies as heterosexual.
300px-Kingdom Hearts.jpg
This user identifies as a
seeker of Kingdom Hearts,
the source of all Hearts!
This user has completed Final Fantasy.
This user has completed Final Fantasy V.
This user has completed Final Fantasy VI.
This user has completed Final Fantasy VII.
This user has completed Dissidia Final Fantasy.
AC This user has watched Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.
Likes FF way too much.PNG This user most definitely likes
Final Fantasy WAY too much

To-do list[edit | edit source]

  • Tables of all the FFXI spells. (meh, all the info is in the articles)
  • Cleanup of FFV and FFVI enemies pages. (seriously, I hate doing this, but I did play both games, so...)
  • Hit 1000 edits. (ah well.)
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