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A Friend, or a Foe?

Name YKProductions
A.K.A Chief Executive Officer of YKProductions
Job Class Corporate Thug
Hometown Wroclaw, Poland
Date of Birth May 24th
Age Over 9000
Height 5'4
IQ 120
Weapon Godhand
Limit breaks Backhand Slap
Summons Dark Bahamut, Bahamut ZERO, Odin, Dark Anima
37 This user has been a member of the Final Fantasy Wiki since July 26th, 2010.
Userb male.gif This user is a male.
Christianity.PNG This user identifies as Christian.
Canada-flag.gif This user lives in Canada.
Straightsymbol.PNGThis user identifies as heterosexual.
Userb earthcrystal.gif This user is of the Earth element.
biling This user is bilingual and can speak 2 or more languages fluently.
This user is a fan of Final Fantasy X.
This user is a fan of Final Fantasy X-2.
Userbox ff7-cloud.png This user is a WikiMercenary.

AC This user has watched Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.
300 This user has completed 300 of 300 quests in Final Fantasy Tactics A2.

Aeris Portrait.jpg This user doesn't give a damn
if Square wants to retcon it.
90x60px This user thinks that putting
a second online game in the main series is beyond idiocy
Pro Yoshida.PNG This user thinks that Yoshida's art is better than the others.
Antinomura.JPG This user thinks that Nomura's art is an abomination.
Shinra Face.PNG This user is just a kid.
Userb enon.gif This user believes that an edit count doesn't necessarily reflect on the value of their contributions.
Q? This user is a loyal disciple of BlueHighwind.

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