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PFF Enemies[edit | edit source]

The following are unconfirmed as of right now whether they are already in the game or not yet in.

A gallery of the enemies from the mobile game, Pictlogica Final Fantasy.


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D[edit | edit source]

G[edit | edit source]

Unknown[edit | edit source]

FFRK[edit | edit source]

Rank 5[edit | edit source]

Ability Uses Damage Cast time Power Element(s) Status(es) Crafting
Ripper Bolt
FFRK Ripper Bolt Icon.png
Heat Bite
FFRK Heat Bite Icon.png
Fast Thundara
FFRK Fast Thundara Icon.png
Fast Blizzara
FFRK Fast Blizzara Icon.png
Outer Cannon
FFRK Outer Cannon Icon.png
FFRK Unknown Spellblade Icon 2.png
Evil Press
FFRK Evil Press Icon.png
Splash Bite
FFRK Splash Bite Icon.png
Midnight Throw
FFRK Midnight Throw Icon.png

Rank 6[edit | edit source]

Ability Uses Damage Cast time Power Element(s) Status(es) Crafting
Burn Raid
FFRK Burn Raid Icon.png
Quick Disaster
FFRK Quick Disaster Icon.png
Storm Raid
FFRK Storm Raid Icon.png
Sapphire Bombshell
FFRK Sapphire Bombshell Icon.png
Lunatic Thunder
FFRK Lunatic Thunder Icon.png
FFRK Unknown Spellblade Icon.png
Enhanced Raid (エンハンスレイド)
FFRK Enhanced Raid Icon.png
FFRK Unknown Samurai Icon 2.png
Flame Offer
FFRK Flame Offer Icon.png
FFRK Unknown Samurai Ability Icon.png
Frost Offer
FFRK Frost Offer Icon.png
Scary Blizzard
FFRK Scary Blizzard Icon.png
Demon's Cross
FFRK Demon's Cross Icon.png
Necro Count
FFRK Necro Count Icon.png
Impulse Dive
FFRK Impulse Dive Icon.png
FFRK Unknown Monk Ability Icon.png
Plasma Offer
FFRK Plasma Offer Icon.png
Ripper Plasma
FFRK Ripper Plasma Icon.png
FFRK Unknown Ability Icon.png
Icicle Bombshell*
FFRK Icicle Bombshell Icon.png
Hurricane Bolt*
FFRK Hurricane Bolt Icon.png
Passion Salsa*
FFRK Passion Salsa Icon.png
FFRK Unknown Monk Icon.png
FFRK Unknown Ninja Icon.png
Raging Starter*
FFRK Raging Starter Icon.png
Lower Aqua*
FFRK Lower Aqua Icon.png
Darkness Swing*
FFRK Darkness Swing Icon.png
FFRK Unknown Monk Ability Icon 2.png
FFRK Unknown Gunner Ability Icon.png
Taboo Raid*
FFRK Taboo Raid Icon.png
FFRK Unknown Samurai Ability Icon 2.png
FFRK Unknown Spellblade Ability Icon 2.png
Serpent Dive*
FFRK Serpent Dive Icon.png
FFRK Icebound Icon.png
FFRK Screamfire Icon.png
Midnight Bullet*
FFRK Midnight Bullet Icon.png
Ripper Storm*
FFRK Ripper Storm Icon.png
Forbidden Cross*
FFRK Forbidden Cross Icon.png
Dark Shadow*
FFRK Dark Shadow Icon.png
Kamui's Requiem*
FFRK Kamui's Requiem Icon.png
Great Form*
FFRK Great Form Icon.png
Flame-Cool Stance*
FFRK Flame-Cool Stance Icon.png
FFRK Unknown Ninja Ability Icon 2.png
FFRK Unknown Monk Ability Icon 3.png
Trinity Grenade*
FFRK Trinity Grenade Icon.png
Darkside Dive*
FFRK Darkside Dive Icon.png

Hero Abilities[edit | edit source]

Ability Uses Damage Cast time Power Element(s) Status(es) Crafting
Onion Great Magic
FFRK Onion Great Magic Icon.png
Kerplode VIII
FFRK Kerplode VIII Ability Icon.png
Ultima Arrow
FFRK Ultima Arrow Ability Icon.png
FFRK Holy VIII Icon.png
Manalchemy Syphon
FFRK Manalchemy Syphon Ability Icon.png
Summoner's Band
FFRK Summoner's Band Icon.png
Al Bhed Steel
FFRK Al Bhed Steel Icon.png
Mirage Raid
FFRK Mirage Raid Icon.png
FFRK Sagefire Ability Icon.png
FFRK Renzokuken Squall Icon.png
Spinning Edge
FFRK Spinning Edge Celes Icon.png
Light of the Four
FFRK Light of the Four Ability Icon.png
Angel Wing
FFRK Angel Wing Rinoa Icon.png
Shift Flame
FFRK Shift Flame Icon.png
Full Swing
FFRK Full Swing Ability Icon.png
Grimoire of Destruction
FFRK Grimoire of Destruction Ability Icon.png
Shadow Dragon
FFRK Shadow Dragon Ability Icon.png
FFRK Souleater Ability Icon.png
Double Hole
FFRK Double Hole Icon.png
Heartless Angel
FFRK Heartless Angel Ability Icon.png
FFRK Shadowblade Ability Icon.png
Shadow Fang
FFRK Shadow Fang Ability Icon.png
Paladin Force
FFRK Paladin Force Ability Icon.png
Seiken Shock
FFRK Seiken Shock Ability Icon.png
FFRK Unknown Orlandeau Hero Ability Icon.png
Radiant Sword
FFRK Radiant Sword Ability Icon.png
Radiant Sword
FFRK Radiant Sword Ability Icon.png
Tycoon Cure
FFRK Tycoon Cure Ability Icon.png
Firaga RF
FFRK Firaga RF Ability Icon.png
Blaze Rush
FFRK Blaze Rush Ability Icon.png
FFRK Whirlwind FFXIII Ability Icon.png
FFRK Froststrike Ability Icon.png
Titan Blade
FFRK Titan Blade Ability Icon.png
FFRK Cleansing Ability Icon.png
Healing Wind
FFRK Healing Wind Ability Icon.png
FFRK Braver Ability Icon.png
Riot Blade
FFRK Riot Blade Ability Icon.png
Earth Rave
FFRK Earth Rave Ability Icon.png
FFRK Pray Ability Icon.png
Aerial Slash
FFRK Aerial Slash Ability Icon.png
Scoop Art
FFRK Scoop Art Ability Icon.png
Royal Guard
FFRK Royal Guard Ability Icon.png
Golden Cross
FFRK Golden Cross Ability Icon.png
FFRK Ninjutsu Ability Icon.png
Celestial Stasis
FFRK Celestial Stasis Ability Icon.png
Beast Flare
FFRK Beast Flare Ability Icon.png
Jecht Shot
FFRK Jecht Shot Ability Icon.png
FFRK Slots FFVIII Ability Icon.png
Spin Drive
FFRK Spin Drive Ability Icon.png
Divine Guardian
FFRK Divine Guardian Ability Icon.png
FFRK Cyclone FFIV Ability Icon.png
Dragoon's Pride
FFRK Dragoon's Pride Ability Icon.png
Prayer of the Lost
FFRK Prayer of the Lost Ability Icon.png
Tachi: Gekko
FFRK Tachi Gekko Ability Icon.png
Play Rough
FFRK Play Rough Ability Icon.png
Hymn of Healing
FFRK Hymn of Healing Ability Icon.png
Charged Shot
FFRK Charged Shot Ability Icon.png
The Sending
FFRK The Sending Ability Icon.png
FFRK Hurt! Ability Icon.png
Genesis Slash
FFRK Genesis Slash Ability Icon.png
Banishing Blade
FFRK Banishing Blade Ability Icon.png
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