Name wtdrmfrthwbzn
A.K.A wtdrm
Job Class Gamer
Race Infected Human
Home Australia
Date of Birth 25/12
Age 19

I'm soon to re-play the NES version of Final Fantasy II on my own and am presently playing Final Fantasy VII and XII with my boy.

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Game chart thing Edit

Category Best 2nd Best 3rd Best
Male Protagonist Zidane Tidus Noel
Female Protagonist Yuna Garnet Lightning
Male Support Steiner/Quina Steiner/Quina Wakka
Female Support Vanille Quina Lulu
Temp Character Gordon Layla Laguna
Major Villain Kuja Seymour Garland
Minor Villain Sin Four Fiends
Ability System Sphere Grid The one from FFIX License
Main Game, overall Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy IX Final Fantasy I

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