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I have dabbled with this idea before. My Abyss will be my rant/thought page and will be present for everyone to read if they so choose. These will include reviews of non-FF games, hypotheses on the future canon of the series, and anything else that may pop into my head.

If you wish to discuss issues that I have posted or make suggestions for future posts (suggest non-FF games or bring up off beat topics to rant about) leave them on the discussion page. Enjoy and have a nice day.

Fun on the IRC[edit | edit source]

The following is an actual collection of comments that only just occured. It is completely real, and undoctored in any way.

<Werefang> IP tried to steal my ID. Now I've got to kick their @$$

      • Griffen78 [44205017@gateway/web/cgi-irc/irc.wikia.com/ip.] has quit [Disconnected by services]

<Werefang> What the hell. I think that's my IP.

<Azul81677> call the cyberpolice

<Scathe> It probably is your IP. I tend to mess up logging in sometimes, and the server tells me that. :/

<Werefang> Oh shi- It is me. When'd I try to log in?

<Faethin> Werefang: here or at the Wiki

<Faethin> Azul81677: lolz the cyberpolice

<Werefang> IRC.

<Faethin> Werefang: perhaps you misidentified?

<Azul81677> :}

<Faethin> When I identify manually I mess up the password sometimes

<Werefang> I don't remember even trying to log in since last night

<Werefang> I have messed up before. I realize that's possible.

<Scathe> Heh. Xenomic is back from his wikibreak. Again.

<Werefang> It's official: I've gone completely insane

<Faethin> Have you got the IP of the person that tried to login as you

<Faethin> Werefang: <Faethin> Have you got the IP of the person that tried to login as you

<Scathe> It's

<Werefang> That's just it. It is my IP.

<Henryacores> Eh

      • Crono|Away is now known as SilverCrono

<SilverCrono> I gotta sleep now, G'night.


<Henryacores> XD

<Faethin> Werefang: yeah, that's your ip :p

As you can see, I tried to log into the IRC, failed and then didn't remember it. I don't know when or how, but this is my reality. I really am at a loss for words.

Welcome to... the Twilight Zone.

--02:02, July 27, 2010 (UTC)

We Need More Opera[edit | edit source]

Bet you never expected me to say that? Really, I do like music in many forms. The fact is, I would be willing to go to an opera. If I could understand them that is.

You see, there are no (or at least very few) English language operas, as far as I know. I have some thoughts as to why but that's for another day. My love of story telling prevents me from enjoying stories that I don't understand, including Foreign films and opera. This is not a statement that these sorts of things are bad, rather...well, you get the idea. This is in part why I don't like musicals: Characters break into song at sudden opportunities and no one seems to notice. This makes no sense and the sudden change in story telling medium is destracting. Either talk or sing, not both you @$$holes.

As it were, it is unlikely that a classical opera would be crafted in a modern culture. And, as much as it pains me to admit it, I am in the minority in this. Thus, I must find all my hope in rock opera. I did like Tommy although at times it seemed antiquated in its concepts (I am only 20 years old; therefore everything before 1990 is "before my time" and was in fact a radically different culture). Well, I've said my peace. Here is where I leave you. Have a pleasant day and thank you for your time.

--11:11, May 18, 2010 (UTC)

Lenton Fast[edit | edit source]

Many people look down on use Catholics for this act of appearent starvation. But what If you were to actually examine the act? Is it possible that there is something beyond the starvation? This was actually suggested by the Priest of my local Parish.

Look back to when the practice started. Back then, they didn't just fast on Fridays. They fasted all throughout lent. And what do you think that did? In and of itself, nothing. But fasting was not the end, it was a means. What do you think would happen to that meat that people weren't eating? Again, nothing. That was closer to the end. There sat perfectly good meat, a perishable item, in the middle of a desert. What good does that serve? Nothing. So let us think of this from a modern perspective: what might a someone at a meat market do with something he suddenly is unable to sell? Nothing? No, you fool. He lowers the price. Now what do you think happens? People who didn't have enough money for food, for meat can suddenly afford it. And so the empoverished starving masses can suddenly afford to eat, for the first time in a long while. And they did.

So now what can you say about the lenton fast? Perhaps it is an antique practice, I might give you that. But it did serve a perpose. And maybe now that you do know the perpose, you might have some respect for it. Or not. The choice is ultimately yours. And here, I must say au revoir.

--23:04, February 17, 2010 (UTC)

Gaming Spotlight:Halo: Combat Evolved[edit | edit source]

Ah Halo. The Halo series is a modern Heroes epic created primarily by Bungie (not Microsoft as many claim). It is a Sci-fi First person shooter, set in the distant future, 30 years into an intersteller war between Humanity's United Nations Space Command (UNSC) and the Covenant, an alliance of alian species bent on destroying humanity.

The story opens shortly after UNSC Pillar of Autumn exits hyperspace, with a fleet of Covenant ships in hot puruit. The humans spot a ring-shaped structur orbiting around a nearby planet and discover that the Covenant are temporarilly distracted by it. Captain Jacob Keyes uses this opportunity to land on the ring, Halo, in an effort to escape the Covenant. Here's where you come in: you have to keep the ship's AI out of the hands of the Covenant for as long as possible in order prevent the stored data out of their hands. Ooh-rah!

Characters: Master Chief-"Something tells me I'm not going to like this."

His full title is the Master Chief Petty Officer John-117. He is a SPARTAN II cybernetic Supersoldier of the UNSC. He acts as the PC throughout the game and he is one of the ultra bad-asses everyone around here seem so infatuated with. He can use just about any weapon to defeat his enemies and is equiped with a Mjolnir Mk. V, Powered Assault Armor with a built in anti-ballistic shield for protection. In the end though, you know very little about John. In fact, he is never seen with his helmet off, he rarely speaks, and his past is almost a complete mystery. His appeal lies in this lack of information. By this lack, a player can actually insert himself into the role of the Master Chief, seeing this world through there own eyes, not just John's. He is an Every-Man, and empty shell waiting for the player to become him.

Cortana-"Be careful! There's two of us in here, you know."

The Pillar of Autumn's shipboard AI, Cortana is the Chief's primary objective. In accodance with the Cole Protical, she is inserted into the Chief's armor. But she is far from being a useless tag along. She is able to hack Covenent tactical chatter and give strategic advice to the Chief and can even be used to quickly access terminals that control Halo.

Captain Jacob Keyes-"Bring us back up to combat alert Alpha."

The ballsy captain of the Autumn, he gives the Chief his orders. After the Chief and a number of Crewmen get of the ship, he attempts to land on Halo and discover its secrets. He is often seen with a smokeless pipe in his mouth.

Sergeant Johnson-"I would have been your daddy, but the dog beat me over the fence."

One of the most beloved characters in Halo, Johnson is the main comic relief for the game, making most of the witty comments that Halo is sometimes known for.

Foehammer-"I hope your analysis is on the money, Cortana. This Pelican won't turn on a dime."

"Foehammer" is nickname for the pilot of the Pelican Dropship, E419 (said "Echo 419"). She has a southern american accent but other than that, little is really known about her.

Covenant-Primarily made up of verious alian races that each fulfill different roles.

Grunts-Infantry and cannon fodder. Most enemies will be grunts but they scatter when the chain of command breaks down.
Jackels-Mercs with energy shields on their forarms. They tend to be more tactical but aren't always difficult.
Hunters-Giants. These guys tend to function as tanks and "equipment."
Elites-A warrior race that acts as the head of the military. Highly tactical and even have and anti-ballistic shield similar to you. Main in game rivals.

Flood-A parasite discovered on the Halo. They can assimilate many organisms and use them as vessels, becoming the game's zombie type enemy. Gameplay

As said, Halo:CE is a FPS action game. This means you have a lot of guns. But unlike many other shooters where you would get one weapon that made all other weapons superfluous, you have to carefully decide what two weapons to carry at any given time. Would you pick up a Covenant plasma rifle to rip down shields? Or would you carry the Magnum to slay the mighty Hunter? The sniper rifle so you might keep your distance? Or the Shotgun to just blow their heads off? This trade off policy was highly innovative for its time and added difficulty and flavor, which aided in Halo's success.


Halo recieve a lot of flack for "only being about graphics." However, anyone willing to actually examine the game would see that this is just not the case. With a Complex story and intuitive mechanics, Halo deserves all of the praise it recieves.

--02:07, October 5, 2009 (UTC)

Humanity: The Warrior Race[edit | edit source]

Often, the heroes of science fiction tales are the humans while the intersteller warriors are elsewhere: the elites and brutes of Halo; the Clausians, Vendeen and Aldian of Star Ocean; Klingons of Star Trek; and the Neichians of Andromada. But what if we were to actually enter an interstellar stage. Would we truly be the pacifists we make ourselve out to be? We, with our violent and bloody history; or stories of war and gore; our anthems to rebellion and heroes who have taken their place at the tips of swords and spears and guns. Or could it be possible, nay, probable that as we take our first steps to greet our brothers among the stars, will it not be as like the landfall of the Norse on the shores of the new world; these explorers and warlords, with weapons that shine and glisten in the sunlight? Will we recieve fear and respect? Will we become their military elite; swaying whole wars one way or another? Or will they see these dangers-this psychotic race- and act to silence the barbarians, the hordes, before they can become a plague?

--00:00, September 2, 2009 (UTC)

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