Heads up![edit | edit source]

This user is still here sometimes; he has simply lost access to this account but can now be found at User:Kingfisher2376...

Working Online[edit | edit source]

  • /Abyss - my thought page.
  • /Musings - An Idea borrowed from MC, this will compile some random quotes from movies, songs, other video games, etc. and some original ones.
  • /Sandbox - Private project so that I can work on things while still having the wikia codes active.
  • /sig-Signiture template to save space.
  • /nosub-A way to dodge the SUBST issue with the sig. Credit goes to Eric Ryan Jones for the help.
  • /Creative- Area used as a storage area of my part in site wide arts.
  • /Dissidia - This is just a byproduct of boredom.
  • Walkthrough:Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-/Werefang - My walkthrough for DoC.

Outside of FF Wiki[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • I am Roman Catholic......but Religulous was kick-ass.
  • I suffer from Semantic Pragmatic Dissorder.
  • I believe that that time travel is semantically impossible...And yes those are the right words.
  • On the subject of time, my day to day schedule is on Eastern Standard Time. That is Eastern U.S.
  • I tend to be better at action games.
  • Squall is based on me. As expected, I even got him on a "What FF character are you?" quiz.
  • Before I had all the primers, I was able to figure out what people were saying by using primers that I did have and guessing smaller words.
  • My first "Dragoon" was called Alverez and he was a Lancer.
  • I am genetically predisposed to Depression and Bipolar Disorder. In fact, I can say with reletive convidance that I do in fact suffer from depression.
  • Contrary to what the above might suggest, I am in no way, shape, or form, emo.
  • I tend to listen to post-grunge inspired music, but I have been known to listen to classical on occation.
  • I am currenly a Judo white belt. I took classes in college.
  • I once got Rick Rolled 3 consecutive times. You may have seen that if you were on the IRC at the time.
More to come
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