wee187 is here...

Name wee187
A.K.A freki
Job Class Warrior
Hometown Lombard
Date of Birth August 3rd, 1993
Age 16
Height 5'8
IQ Unknown O:
Weapon Tournesol
Spells ALL spells cause I'm that good.
Summons Valefor, Zalera, Ultima, Zodiark
Limit breaks freki's win

I've been rebuilding for ages now. Actually, I've been putting no effort into it whatsoever, if it really pleases you to know. Tough. Come back Later...

Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

FFXII is my favorite game in the Final Fantasy series. Possibly FFVIII or FFIX can come close, but they don't compare to the overall amazingness of FFXII. I love the battle system, and I constantly make youtube videos for FFXII. I even am dedicated enough to own 6+ copies of various versions, including IZJS. I love Ivalice, and I think as an introduction to myself to the wiki, here is the "Walkthrough: Final Fantasy XII/wee187|Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough". (Under Construction)

Final Fantasy Opinions[edit | edit source]

Category Best Second best Worst
Game Final Fantasy XII Final Fantasy XIII (Let's Just Assume) Final Fantasy I
Opening Final Fantasy VIII Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy III
Ending Final Fantasy XII Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy III
World Ivalice Spira Final Fantasy
Story Final Fantasy Tactics Final Fantasy VIII Final Fantasy
Main Character Ashe Zidane Warrior of Light
Supporting Character Larsa Balthier Quina
Villain Sephiroth Doctor Cid Garland
Fighter Ashe Auron Steiner
Black Mage Vivi Lulu No Black Mage is bad.
White Mage Aerith Yuna Minwu
Soundtrack - By Game Final Fantasy IX Final Fantasy XII Final Fantasy III
Dragoon Oerba Yun Fang Freya Crescent Kimahri
Summoner Yuna Garnet Rydia
Thief Zidane Vaan Cinna
Paladin Beatrix Cecil Can't think of any I don't like.
Blue Mage Quistis Kimahri Quina
Monk Tifa Sabin Vayne Solidor
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