WarxePB-It's Warxe
Name Tourauds Warxe Shorus
A.K.A WarxePB
Job Class Machinist/Mani User
Hometown Gregorian
Date of Birth Weta 26, 3271 MSA
Age 22
Height 160cm (5'3)
Gender Male
Weapons Roto-Shield, Teleneedle
Abilities Basic Mani, Ice Kinesis, Psychokinesis

Obligatory Introduction ParagraphEdit

The name's WarxePB, or just simply Warxe. You could say I've been around the Final Fantasy block a few times. I'm not very good at describing myself (or anything, really), but... well, that's it.

Obligatory Userboxes sectionEdit

Canada-flag This user lives in Canada.
User leo This user is a Leo.
VI This user is a fan of Final Fantasy VI.
IX This user is a fan of Final Fantasy IX.
IIThis user Hated Final Fantasy II.
XIThis user Hated Final Fantasy XI.
th_Cronovict.png This user plays the Chrono series.
th_Rocket-Slime.jpg This user plays the Dragon Quest series.
Likes FF way too much This user most definitely likes
Final Fantasy WAY too much


Coming soon.

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