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"This ... is my story."[]

They say it's never easy to introduce ourselves to others, to tell your own story to people.

Man ... how right were they !

Stars in the Eyes[]

I discovered Final Fantasy for the first time when I was around 15 years old. After sticking to my precious Game Boy (The Legend of Zelda : Link's Awakening !), my brothers introduced me to a new gaming era : emulation.

Despite the wide variety of consoles, I was astonished by what the Super Nintendo had to offer. And then, I stumbled upon Final Fantasy V. Of course it did not end there, as I played episodes IV and VI, and Mystic Quest and Bahamut Lagoon as well. Boy, for a first time in Squaresoft's incredible universe, that was a memorable one.

I grew up, I kept playing, I discover the PlayStation era. And then, like about everybody who played Final Fantasy VIII, I f*cking enjoyed Triple Triad.

And that's where it began ...

The need to be a part of it[]

It was so tempting. I mean, Yu-Gi-Oh was bursting back then, and it's safe to state that Triple Triad inspired a whole generation. I must admit that IX's Tetra Master was not as fun as VIII's card game for sure, but the idea of expanding it grew instantly inside of me. Especially since I had a lot of fun with the Super Nintendo episodes back then.

And so it began.

It was in 2004 that my biggest project, my Final Fantasy trading card game began. But compared to what the project looks like now, sometimes I find myself laughing at its origins.

Back then, it was a mere expansion of the Triple Triad. It didn't have the seriousness of the actual project, really it was random values and Super Nintendo monsters, and then I tried to create a whole unique design to the game. Which ultimately lead to a new gameplay, because as time passed, my expectations grew bigger just as I was getting older - and more serious in my endeavors.

In 2006, I nearly ended up as a Square-Enix staff member as I applied to a QA job at the London office. After passing the test with Seb Ohsan Berthelsen, the head of QA department, I had to back off in the end because London's a very expensive town to live in. This decision still haunts me today, as I had the chance to be a part of Square-Enix for real. I believe that experience shaped my resolve and heightened my expectations.

Thus I began working harder and harder on the project until it got its proper name, design and gameplay. As my project started to get massive, I saw the release of the official Final Fantasy Trading Card Game in 2013. At first I was scared, but when I saw what they realized, I felt very sorry for the franchise as I never thought it would please us fans. And damn I was right about it. So instead of giving up, I decided to toughen my own card game and make it even better with each passing year, in order to show what a true testomony to the franchise looks like.

Other fantasies in life[]

Aside from that big project of mine, I became president of an association ([1]) called "Millénium". As a toy collector myself, I enjoy creating exhibits where you can find toys from the biggest franchises (Saint Seiya, Transformers, Aliens, Predator, Final Fantasy, Skylanders and so much more ...). We have more than 2000 toys right now !

Thanks to the several years of hard work I put in my project, I also became quite the designer. Not only for card, but also for posters. My association is selling unique content I create, linked to the many toy lines we possess.

Today I'm a happy mid-thirty french guy.