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  • I am Male
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| </center>{{User:Kaimi/VanilleFC-Membership}}
| </center>{{User:Kaimi/VanilleFC-Membership}}
| {{User:Kaimi/Vanille Mastery}}
| {{User:Kaimi/Vanille Mastery}}
| {{User:Coolawits/Userboxes/Yeul Fanclub}}<center>
| {{User:Coolawits/Userboxes/Yeul Fanclub Mod}}<center>
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<center>{{User:SquallRocks/LFC Certificate}}</center>
<center>{{User:SquallRocks/LFC Certificate}}</center>
I'm also a "member" of the [[User:Coolawits/Yeul Fanclub|Yeul Fanclub]]
I'm also a "moderator" of the [[User:Coolawits/Yeul Fanclub|Yeul Fanclub]]
{{User:Coolawits/Yeul Fanclub/Membership Pass}}
{{User:Coolawits/Yeul Fanclub/Mod Membership Pass}}
I'm also a member of the [[User:Kaimi/Vanille FaNClub|Vanille FaNClub]]
I'm also a member of the [[User:Kaimi/Vanille FaNClub|Vanille FaNClub]]

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Username UltimateAnnihilation
True Name Sacha
Japanese 究極の対消滅 - Kyūkyoku no tai shōmetsu (Google Translate)
Job Class Summoner
Race Human (L'Cie)
Hometown Londres
Date of Birth 6th Feb
Age 15
Weapon Rexion Sabre
Eidolon Evrae
Special Attack Wingblaze Rain

Some Quotes:

Why do people insist on creating things that will inevitably be destroyed? Why do people cling to life, knowing that they must someday die? ...Knowing that none of it will have meant anything once they do?
Kefka, Final Fantasy VI

Ooh, soft!
Zidane to Garnet, Final Fantasy IX

Heh heh, Rydia's got you whipped, eh, kid?
Cid Pollendina to UltimateAnnihilation, Final Fantasy IV

There are too many Kefka Quotes
―UltimateAnnihilation, Final Fantasy VI

About Me

Hey there. First thing's first, I use the Monobook layout, so click here to see my page how I do. Anyways, my real name's Sacha and I live in the UK. I joined up on this wiki to generally contribute my thoughts and stuff as well as hopefully make useful edits. Unlike many other users, I don't keep a list of the pages I've created or big things I've done for the wiki, mainly because I can't really be bothered to go back through my history, but also because I like to think of myself as quite humble. Finally: check out my friend Coolawits' page. He has loads of cool stuff including a few fan fictions, an arena, a fanclub, and more. Look below to see my templates and stuff.

Sigs etc


And here's my sig  Ultimate Dark BahamutAnnihilation . Can't touch this. I originally made this one:
 Ultimate Dark BahamutAnnihilation, but it's too big to use, even though it's undoubtedly cooler in my perspective.

Why am I here?

There are a couple of reasons why I joined this wiki. The first one is that I have been subject to the nattering of Coolawits about it for a while now. But secondly, I really wanted to contribute to something, but I wanted to enjoy it too; so here I am! I hope to eventually finish my page and do a few Dissidia Character movesets (made up ones) and maybe even walkthroughs. Oh, my favourite Final Fantasy is ten because it is overall awesome and also the first Final Fantasy game I ever played, which is why I'm SO PSYCHED that it's coming out for PS3/Vita!!!

Userboxes, Awards, Fanclubs


Look at this link if you want. This will probably be deleted or moved some time soon, as I spelt preferences wrong (... d'oh!) and am not really contributing to it anymore.


Here is my extremely long list of Userboxes, which are now categorized!


Here are my awards which are not very prestigious, but I am nevertheless proud of them.


I'm a member of the Lightning Fan Club!!!

Lightning - 012 CG "It flashes bright, then fades away...It can't protect, it only destroys." Crystarium Crystal Lightning
This certificate validates that this user is proud to be a member of the Lightning Fan Club, which means that this user is completely badass, just like Lightning herself!
Also, this user is fond of punching people in the face, especially if their name has something to do with Snow.

I'm also a "moderator" of the Yeul Fanclub

"I have seen you..."
This user is a Moderator of the
Yeul Fanclub
Paddra Nsu-Yeul
Yeul - the young Pulsian seeress - gifted with the curse of precognition.

This young girl has travelled to every time within the world of Pulse.

Having seen the way it began and the way it will end, she cannot alter the course of time to save herself.

Guiding Caius, Serah and Noel, she valiantly braves her countless death, smiling as she fades...

Though physically, she may have faded - this innocent girl is in all of our hearts...

I'm also a member of the Vanille FaNClub


Vanille FaNClub

This user is part of Vanille FaNClub and his/her role is Member.

and the Sazh Fanclub, but there's no award or plated thingimebob for that.


I appear to have been made a L'Cie.

SorcerorlCiebrand.gif This user is a cursed l'Cie, bound into the
service of
Sorceror Nobody for eternity
Branded: August 19th 2011 Eidolon: Evrae
Role proficiencies:
Focus: Complete a walkthrough for FFX, and have an edit count over 750

Dissidia Movesets -IN PROGRESS-

Seymour - Dissidia -> pretty much done

Auron - Dissidia -> pretty much done

Edge - Dissidia -> started

Vivi - Dissidia

Vincent - Dissidia

Rydia - Dissidia -> pretty much done

Fang - Dissidia

Snow - Dissidia

Zemus - Dissidia

Here is the Template I am using.


Final Fantasy X Walkthrough - Postponed

Stopped. Will continue. Eventually. (Probably after X HD comes out)

Other Stuff

This section will be where I post stuff that's on my mind, like fan stuff or rants or essays of the sort. Don't expect too much stuff here, as I have a million other projects going on right now, plus my skoolio.

To do: Essay on Final Fantasy X-2!

Anything Else?

So, yeah that's me pretty much covered. Final Fantasy-wise anyway. I've already tried to do a few edits that aren't of my own page or Dissidia Profiles, which hopefully will be of some use to somebody somewhere. I promise one day they will be much more worthwhile, especially if a new game comes out (i.e. Type-0, LR:XIII and Versus XIII); I will intently watch out for missed-out content or mistakes. I've started a walkthrough too and will proceed to make a few more, so check those out when they're finished, if you can be bothered that is.

But overall, I think I've got the hang of this wikia thing, even though I started not too long ago, and will proceed to aim to be more like some of the Admins and Moderators of this thing.

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