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Name Trindadex
Job Student
Hometown São Paulo
Country Brazil
Date of Birth 1991
Age 22
Weapon Swords
Spells Curaja
Summons Alexander and Bahamut
"Princess! No need to worry. I hope you haven't forgotten my role in this little story. I'm the leading man. You know what they say about the leading man? He never dies." —Balthier to Ashe

Hello User, Welcome to my user page

Hi, I'm Trindadex, and I live in Toronto, Canada. I started to play the Final Fantasy series in 2001 with Final Fantasy VII, and I became a big fan after beating Final Fantasy IX. I joined the wiki in 2009, but before that I edited it as a "Wikia contributor". I can't spend too much of time here unfortunately, since I am a busy College Engineering student (but who isn't?). I tend to direct my contributions to articles really in need of it, like Stubs, incomplete tables, missing images, etc. Currently, I am not exacly active in editing here, but I am always around.

Currently playing: Dissidia 012


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The Final Fantasy Games[]


Final Fantasy[]

I've never fully played it, but it's a game that deserves your respect.

Final Fantasy II[]

Never played.

Final Fantasy III[]

It's not a bad game, but just like much early final fantasies the story is based in the Crystals, and this is kinda repetitive through the series. The job system is good, but maybe FFV is better in this aspect, but still I've played this one to the end, in the version for DS, but the file corrupted when I was going to beat the final boss and I never started over... but maybe in the future I'll do it.

Final Fantasy IV[]

This one is good, but it's the first Final Fantasy of notoriety. The Characters are nice, the story, despite being about crystals again , is better than the predecessors. The characters here have personality and an interesting villain (?), and there's The Active Time Battle, that is better. But it isn't amazing . It's just a nice Final Fantasy. By the way, the DS version (the one that I have beaten) is tough, really hard. Even the random battles destroy you.

Final Fantasy V[]

Finished the GBA version. I like the job system, an improved version of FFIII, where as a freelancer you can keep the abilities you've learned, turning you into indestructible if you know what to do. The music is great. And there's Crystals again and the characters aren't nice with the exception of the introduction of Gilgamesh. Exdeath is the classic villain who thinks everyone is inferior and want to destroy the world. But it still better than the first three. Clash on the Big Bridge!! A curious fact about my playthrough in this game is that NeoExdeath was pretty easy, I wasn't overleveled (I didn't even grinded), he just stood there, watching me destroy him, only using weak attacks, I guess I got luck.

Final Fantasy VI[]

It's the end of an age, and it's a very nice game, the best of the "pixels" era. There's a lot of characters, you can change and chose your party with freedom, there's the introduction of "Limit Breaks" (but they're not exactly good in this one). The main protagonist is a girl (finally) and the characters are very nice! It has a more improved story, it's longer than the others. The music is very good too. This one begins what I call the "Golden age o Final Fantasy" where the best tittles were released. Finished the GBA version.

Final Fantasy VII[]

This is the most popular Final Fantasy, it's a great game, but it's not the best, in my opinion, this is the first one I played and I have very good memories from it. Its story is one of the best of the Final Fantasy series, the characters are very good developed (exception: Cait Sith), the music, once again courtesy of Nobuo Uematsu is great, and the limits are amazing. Like many people, I don't like the character's graphics outside of the batlles, they look squared, even the enemies look strange. The graphics of the scenarios and background and places are really good. If you consider it has been launched in 1997, it's forgivable. This is the most influential game of the series.

Final Fantasy VIII[]

It is an ok game maybe, it has its failures, like the junctioning system, that can make you a super-strong at really low level. And, the higher level you have, higher level the enemies have, and the game gets more difficult. The idea behind this is nice (no level grinding), but they should have improved it. The Story is good, until a certain point, the limits are nice, but not as FFVII's, and they make some questionable plot decisions in the final parts of the game. There's some annoying forgettable characters like Selphie and Zell. But still I've beaten it for curiosity, it's not as bad as the words above may indicate, it's worth a try.

Final Fantasy IX[]

For me, this is the best game in the series. I think this might be the game that show us what a Final Fantasy is, the story is really good, the characters are well developed and "old style", each one of them have his one "job" and it's funny too. This is the game that have the better graphics for the PSone (I don't really care for that). The limit is called trance and is very good and useful in boss battles. The ability learning system is very nice too (you learn abilities from the equipment). The music in simply epic - the best in the series. The story is very well written and along with the many party splits, keeps you interested.

Final Fantasy X[]

This is a really good game, it features the sphere grid, that is the "leveling up system" of the game, a nice "summon system" and the story, as usual in recent FFs is good. But it could be better in many aspects. The maps are too linear, the cutsenes are kinda boring after some hours of gameplay. This is the first game that there's no Overworld, that is sad, I liked the overworld. In general it's a great game, there's some minigames for the celestial weapons that may annoy you, but nothing that ruin the game.

Final Fantasy XII[]

Okay, I don't know why many people seems to dislike it, (Vaan is not THAT bad, people just can't accept different things, everyone wants a "main" character badass of the same stereotype, for me Vaan does his job in the game quite well, although he is not the "leading man" of the party, I agree that Balthier could have been the main character in this one, but Vaan is good for a change). The battle system is different than everything you've seen before, there's the hunts that are very nice, it features the "License Board" where you characters can buy licenses to use magicks, equipments, weapons, technicks and augments. In this game, every character can use every weapon instead of just a certain type like the others. I think I choose this one as one of the top three as it's very innovative, very different from the other but also keeps the classical aspects that made Final Fantasy a successful series, and there's no random battles, wich is good, you can choose what you fight. Sadly, it seems like this is the last game of my "golden age".

Final Fantasy XIII[]

It's not a bad game, no. It's a good game, bringing back the job system (paradigm) for the main series (absent since FFV!), it has interesting characters, a good plot that keeps you wondering "what will happen next?". But... when you play it you don't feel like you're playing a Final Fantasy game, don't know why, but it seems that the series has lost its "heart". Maybe I feel that not because of the game itself (I liked it, I did everything but the treasure hunter and 5 star achievements), maybe it's because I don't agree with square decisions in this generation. Lightning is too overrated by the way, to me she is a cliche character, and I don't think the characters of the party are good in any sense, they are all cliche forgettable characters.


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Final Fantasy bests and worsts[]

Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
Male Protagonist Zidane Cloud Balthier Firion
Female Protagonist LIghtning Ashe Terra (-)
Male Supporting Character Vivi Auron Steiner Cait Sith
Female Supporting Character Tifa Yuna Ashe Quina?
Female Love Interest Tifa Yuna Garnet Rinoa
Temporary Player Character Beatrix Reddas Edea Vossler
Villain Kefka Sephiroth Kuja Seymour
Recurring Boss Gilgamesh Omega Ultros Kraken
Cid Cid Highwind Cidolfus Demen Bunansa Cid Pollendina Cid Kramer
Biggs and Wedge Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy VIII Final Fantasy X
Airship Final Fantasy IX Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy III Final Fantasy XIII?
I Character Fighter Black Mage White Mage Red Mage
II Character Leon Gus Maria Firion
III Character (DS) Luneth Refia Ingus Arc
IV Character Kain Cecil Rydia Edward
V Character Lenna Bartz Galuf Faris
VI Character Setzer Edgar Locke Relm
VII Character Cloud Tifa Cid Highwind Cait Sith
VIII Character Squall Seifer Zell Selphie
IX Character Zidane Vivi Steiner Quina
X Character Auron Yuna Tidus Wakka
XII Character Balthier Ashe Basch Penelo
XIII Character Lightning Snow Sazh Vanille

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