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  • I was born on August 29

Hello "every body", I'm Timeman, from Catalonia, Spain. I don't know enough English to keep the "perfect harmony" of this Wiki, but I always like to read most of the articles that can be found here (more than the Spanish version... that's a Chaos realm XD).

My story with Final Fantasy seriesEdit

Well, it all started with my pirate DS card (that is actually broken). It had a lot of games, and one of them was Final Fantasy III DS. As the game was "quite new" for that moment, I consider that I was too "young" to play (when I tried to play I abandoned it because the game bored me).

The years passed and, in 2012, I downloaded a music player app of videogames from SNES for my iPod. When I searched for games to download their music (and with the existence of Final Fantasy III forgotten) I found Final Fantasy IV up to VI music. I downloaded the soundtrack of the three games out of mere curiosity, and the first "game" that I chose was Final Fantasy VI. When I played than music... Oh, man! It was really awesome!!! After that I started searching other FF games (such as Final Fantasy VIII or III (hey! XD) with two "brother apps" (of PSX and NES respectively, created by the same guy of the first app)) to download its music for the iPod, and after this I started searching more information about the FF series and I downloaded Final Fantasy IV DS for my pirate DS card and finished it... 3 times XD (but I cannot beat Proto-Babil yet :() . And I was surprised with the Internet comments saying this version is more difficult than the original one, but I never understand why the people say that Zeromus is so hard, when I found one of the easier bosses of the game (I find, for example, Dr. Lugae much more difficult, but maybe it's only an opinion (or a very great luck XD (but... 3 times that easy... too much luck XD)). Unfortunately, my pirate card broke down and I couldn't continue playing Final Fantasy games (and other games that I only had there, but they are not interesting here XD), so I decided to watch a walkthrough video of Final Fantasy VI as it was a movie, remembering the love I had with its music... and when I finished the last chapter of the walkthrough... I fell in love with that game even more if it's possible XD. Now it's my second favourite Final Fantasy game of the main serie (at the same level with Final Fantasy V).

One year later I bought my first FF game: Final Fantasy IV DS (surprised? XD) in a second-hand shop (well, not exactly, but it's the closest explanation for a brief one). Unfortunately I still cannot beat Proto-Babil :(.

The problem with the Final Fantasy series and I is that I'm a Nintendo "gamer" (I'm not the type of "fan" that scorns the players of the rest of the platforms, simply I prefer Nintendo exclusives (except, obviously, Final Fantasy, and a few others (Kingdom Hearts, for example). Nevertheless, only for my "love" for this franchise (and KH), I bought a PSP (mainly for the Dissidia, but I took advantage of my purchase and I bougth other FF and KH titles), and now I have the amazing PS4 Luna Edition (the FFXV version :v (I must say that, after all of these years, this was my first special-themed console and my first special pack of the franchise n.n)).

My Final Fantasy gamesEdit

Here I put all the games I have. I list them in a chronological order (well, I think it's chronological... memory sometimes is deceiving XD).

I played other FF games that I don't have (because there was another person's game or I had a ROM of them and now I lost it). These games are Final Fantasy V Advance, Final Fantasy VI Advance, Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings and Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift.

"Special things"Edit

Here I put other things that are not videogames or special or limited editions (so I will repeat some of the games of the previous section (but I do not count the demos even if they have a limited obtainance method). Why? 'Cause I want. Any problems about that? :V.

Videogames limited editionsEdit

  • PlayStation 4: Luna Edition
  • Final Fantasy Type-0: Limted Edition (Steelbook)
  • Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age (Steelbook + music DLC)
  • Dissidia Final Fantasy NT (Steelbook + Noctis, Garland and WoL DLC)


Kingsglaive already listed

Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

  • Starter Set (Final Fantasy XIII)
  • 1 booster pack of Opus I (I had the luck to obtain the Dissidia Gilgamesh card in my first and only booster pack, the card I wanted the most <3).
  • 1 booster pack of Opus II.


  • Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy Skins: WoL, Cloud, Sephiroth, Onion Knight, Bartz, Empereor
  • Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy Music: IV, V, VI, XIII
  • Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Songs: The Extreme, Somnus
  • Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call Songs: Another Moon (FFIV), Battle 2 (FFV), The Dawn Warriors (FFV), Locke's Theme (FFVI), Protect the Espers! (FFVI), The Chase (FFVII), Liberi Fatali (FFVIII), Shuffle or Boogie (FFVIII), Premonition (FFVIII), Balamb Garden (FFVIII), The Oath (FFVIII), Roses of May (FFIX), Assault (FFX), Thunder Plains (FFX), Via Purifico (FFX), Nascent Requiem (FFXIII), Nemesis (FFXIV), Battle in the Forgotten City (FFVII AC), Advent: One-Winged Angel (FFVII AC), Battle 1 -arrangement- from FFIX (DFF), Canto Mortis -An Undocumented Battle- (DFF 012), We Have Come (FFT0), Struggle to the Death (FFLII), Devil Lord Confrontation II (RS3), Hills of Radiant Winds (NieR), Shadowlord (NieR), Song of the Ancients / Devola (NieR), Kainé / Salvation (NieR), Evilg Wings (BD), The Serpent That Devours the Horizon (BD)
  • Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call Characters: Rosa, Yuffie, Cloud #2
  • Final Fantasy XV Seasson Pass
  • Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Seasson Pass


My favourite charactersEdit

Disclaimer: the lists could have changes depending on my likes' changes. Incomplete by the moment.


Position Character Description Image
1st Gilgamesh Gilgamesh is my favourite character in Final Fantasy series, as well as one of my favourite of all videogames. He is a very funny and memorable character, and his bizarre behaviour and his passion for swords (mostly for Excalibur) makes me love him much more. I have to confess that the first "contact" I had with him was with his original theme (Battle at the Big Bridge from Final Fantasy V), and I even love that. You don't know what I love about playing with him in Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy or in Final Fantasy Record Keeper XD! Gilgamesh-ffv-gba
2nd Kefka Palazzo The "best" thing about him is his craziness. Ok, he loves killing people and destroying places, but this makes him more "memorable"... and his quotes are extremely funny (always considering his place as a fictional evil character :V). FF6 Kefkaart
3rd Ardyn Izunia The second most charismatic antagonist (sorry but Kefka is unbeatable XD) and, in my opinion, one of the better designed characters in the whole franchise. His story is shocking and completely unpredictable (hey, this is not sarcasm! I was extremely surprised. He caught me off guard!!!). I also love the battle against him and his themes. Ardyn Izunia Render XV
4th Golbez From my most played Final Fantasy game, Golbez is my third favourite character. Even being the main antagonist in nearly the whole story, I find him very interesting, and I like his battle abilities, and I like even more that I can play with him in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy Record Keeper. DS Golbez
5th Lightning (Comments considering only her first game, at the moment)
First she starts as a cold and rude character. However, as the time passes and she gets used to the other characters she slowly turns more kind and like the "big sister of the group", taking care seriously about her friends and companions, but also being at their side emotionally when they need it. In summary, she goes from being a moron to a total badass, and I love it.
FFXIII-Lightning CG

Final Fantasy IIIEdit

I don't put the previous two games because I haven't played them enough to "know" the characters

This list is made looking to the DS version

Position Character Description Image
1st Refia I like her rebelious personality (although the character's personalities are not very developed in the game :v). Refia
2nd Cid Haze I feel like "this" Cid is a sort of grandfather of the team, and maybe is because of it that I like it so much. Also, having a little backstory (his wife and his condition of the airship owner, basically) makes him "earn some points". FFIII Cid
3rd Luneth I don't know. I consider Luneth as the "main character" (I assume this is because is the first character the player meets in the game), so I have preferences for him in the party. Luneth-Freelancer
4th Desch Leaving aside the "typical topic" of amnesia and being a womanizer (seriously, why are they "seeking the other sex" so desperately ¬¬), he is so cheerful, and you end up being attached to him... (in affectionate terms, not love nor these kind of weird things XD). III desch render
5th Aria Benett Ok, ok, I look mashochist, but I like Elia (I prefer this name), and I almost cried when she died (a really dramatic scene, I must say). I know I stay a very short time with her, but... I don't know... I had become very fond of her so quickly. Aria FFIII PC

Final Fantasy IVEdit

Position Character Description Image
1st Golbez Honestly, I don't think I can say much more than I already said... soooo NEXT! Golbez(Dissidia 012)
2nd Yang Fang Leiden My favourite playable character. It's a shame he's not more than a temporary party member (honestly, I would prefer him to Edge :v). He's strong, he has self-confidence and he is able to sacrifice himself for the others (I almost had a heart attack with the Tower of Babil's attack!). Yang art
3rd Rubicante Our favourite gentleman is here too! I cannot ignore him with his sense of honor. Leaving aside the fact that it's a relief being healed before such a hard battles that he (well, he and the 4 fiends :v) makes, is the mere act, it's purpose... Have you ever wondered why he is "evil" being how he is? Rubicante
4th Cecil Harvey Well, more or less like Luneth, but with more story around him. I like that he marries Rosa at the end of the game (and "makes" Ceodore (imagining a baby Ceodore being built by a machine like a soda bottle XD)). TAY iOS Cecil
5th Rydia Her sudden growth is one of the most shocking plot twists of the game (no one surpasses the "No, I am your father, Luke. Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!!! brother" of Cecil-Golbez). Also... she's the (fixed) black mage of the game, and I like the black mages... sooooo... Nah, her cheerful (sometimes childish) personality is also a factor. Little Rydia

Final Fantasy VEdit

Position Character Description Image
1st Gilgamesh Like Golbez (and with more reason XD), I don't need to put anything in here. Gilgamesh-ffv-gba-2
2nd Exdeath I must admit that most of my appreciation of this character comes from Dissidia. His intimidating appearance and power, his "obsession" with the Void and (at least in my opinion) being the best fighter in the Dissidia series (both PSP games) are some of the reasons. And... he's a f****** TREE! 160px-Ff5 exdeath
3rd Bartz Klauser Ok, I admit it, he has the "main character syndrome" for me. His carefree nature and his thirst for living a lot of adventures fits very well in the game's story, as well as his element, wind. Amano FFV Bartz
4th Lenna Charlotte Tycoon Is one of the few characters in the franchise that I find "cute"... (well, except with Amano's artworks... seriously, man, I love your characters, but your art style... XD). And her sweet personality makes her a very charming character. Lenna Icon
5th Boko Chocobos are always very adorable creatures, and its help is... helpful :v. Apart from this ridiculous description, if you give a story to a chocobo you obtain something even better, and this "thing" is Boko. He even has a family! FFV Cover Concept Art

Final Fantasy VIEdit

Position Character Description Image
1st Kefka Palazzo Like the others... PFF Kefka
2nd Terra Branford Although the large list of characters with the "main character syndrome", Terra is not one of those. I find her story and powers (also her ability to transform into an esper) very interesting, and, as I said before, I love mages. Also, she has one (in my personal and biased opinion :v) of the best theme songs of the whole franchise. Terra Branford small
3rd Cyan Garamonde Another character with a tragic story, and thirsty to avenge his wife and his son, he seeks to end the murderers. Also the reunion of Cyan and his family at the Phantom Forest and the departure of the Phantom Train forcing their last encounter to end is also one of the most memorable moments of the game. Ff6cyanart
4th Mog I can say that most of his position is... well, is a playable moogle XD. Also, his curious abilities and his exclusive item that lets you avoid the random encounters (when you search for them it's fine, but when you don't... XD) are something marvelous. FFRK Mog
5th Sabin Rene Figaro Another of my favourite classes is the Monk class (notable with Yang in FFIV), and Sabin is another great character in this particular group. Also... well, man, he can do a suplex to a FU****G TRAIN, soooo, this makes him earn some points XD. Sabin II

Final Fantasy VII (universe)Edit

Position Character Description Image
1st Angeal Hewley I really love this character. I've beaten the whole story (I restarted after beating the Final Boss and I'm doing the missions right now) and his story is really interesting and memorable, and I like his personality and determination. I understand why he is acting like he acts (but I don't share his point of view... in this case I'm closer to Zack's). His Digital Mind Wave limit is one of my favourites ("Prove your honor to me".. even in these few seconds his personality is strongly shown). AngealCGModel-CrisisCore
2nd Cissnei Well, I don't know... I find her a very charming character. It's curious, because even though is the runner-up of this list I don't know the reason why she's here XD. Cissnei-ccvii-dmw
3rd Zack Fair As a counterpart of the well known Cloud, i prefer Zack (well, I think a stone has greater range of emotions than Cloud, but well, maybe when I finish FFVII I change my mind :P). He is flooded with (good and bad) feelings. Zack&#039;s-Final-Stand
4th Reno At the moment I mostly know this character from the film (and, obviously, from Crisis Core), but I think he is a very charismatic character. Reno Advent Children
5th Genesis Rhapsodos I put this character here because... well, I enjoyed the battles I've had against him. Also, I like the "detail" of not making his "mecha-form" as the last battle and avoiding these overused topics. CC7 Genesis final encounter

Final Fantasy VIIIEdit

Position Character Description Image
1st Squall Leonhart Even with Squall I DON'T have the same "main character problem". In his case, I'm very attached to him because we share some (SOME) aspects of personality. Also he is my "main" in Dissidia (I don't know why he's the character I control the best XD). Squall-ffviii-battle
2nd Laguna Loire Nearly the opposite of Squall XD. I don't have much more to say about him... Laguna-ffviii-battle
3rd Fujin The Spanish translation names her "Viento" (a literal translation of her name, we can say). She's more or less the same as Squall (maybe she is his femenine counterpart XD). FF8 Fujin
4th Rinoa Heartilly Rinoa is the clear counterpart and complement of Squall, and this is shown throughout the story (I haven't finished the game yet, but I hope there's a happy ending between them n.n). Sure this list is full of parts and counterparts... Rinoa-ffviii-battle
5th Cid Kramer At this point I didn't know who to put here XD, so I put Cid (don't blame at me by this). Cid (Final Fantasy VIII)

Final Fantasy XEdit

Maybe when I play a little further...

Position Character Description Image

Final Fantasy XIIEdit

Position Character Description Image
1st Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca Well, I don't play the game so much (I have a lot of games to play before and new games coming, so I don't have enough time to play to all the games I want XD), but her personality is awesome. I love how straightforward and determined she is (which isn't normal in the femenine characters (well, we have Lightning, but... XD). I prefer (a lot) calling her "Ashelia" instead of only "Ashe"... I don't know... I feel it's more "harmonious".... soooo, I always call her "Ashelia" :v. Ashe Alt Render
2nd Balthier Well, I suppose anyone who played this game would find his appearance obvious, and would even be confused by his not being in first place (but come on, everyone has different oppinions about everything XD). His strong personality is, obviously, his best point and the reason why is here. Balthier-ffxii-render
3rd Vaan Like others, he suffers from the "main character syndrome"... even if people say the real main character of the game is Balthier XD. In comparison, his situation is similar to Lann's one (what's really sad... dummies power! XD). Vaan
4th Basch fon Ronsenburg I honestly have no idea why I like this character so much... Maybe I should ask to a fortune teller or something XD. FFXII Basch Render
5th Gabranth I must admit that I didn't play enough to know him deeply for his original appearance, so his appearance here is mostly (or totally :v) because of the Dissidia games. XII gabranth render

Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

Position Character Description Image
1st Lightning More of the same (also, my favourite outfit for her is the one she uses in FFXIII-2, and I prefer her real name, Claire, over her nickname)... Lightning XIII Action Render
2nd Sazh Katzroy A great parent, who loves his son over all things, but still has a great sense of justice and a strong will. His interactions with the chocobo chick and his constants argues about how old he is for this adventure are hilarious. He's been on my team since the beginning (well, since the free party member's change is available). FFXIII-Sazh
3rd Snow Villiers The typical air-headed "hero", who fights for good... but firstly for Serah. At first he feels kind of annoying, as he doesn't attend to reasons, but he also works as some sort of a "morale-inspirer" for the group when they doubt about their target (and "Focus"). I like the type of relationship he has with his "sister" (and how Lightning hates it during most part of the game). Snow
4th Oerba Dia Vanille All hail her healing magic!!! She's, alongside Claire and Sazh, the other fixed member on my party. It is curious how she is the "narrator" of the game, as most of us (counting myself) consider Lightning as the main character of the game. I also like her "double-sided" personality, how she hides her pain about what she knows and tries to make everyone happy showing herself cheerful. Is it a way to redeem herself, perhaps? Vanille
5th Yaag Rosch Yep, a side character over the last two playable characters and the main antagonists. Even though he shows up as an enemy, I saw him as a "good guy on the wrong side" ever since the beginning, and I confirmed this suspicion at the end of the game (what an epic death). I also like his battles, challenging but nof frustrating. YaagRosch-Render

Final Fantasy XV (universe)Edit

Position Character Description Image
1st Ardyn Izunia Well, like the rest of cases... Ardyn-Daemon-FFXV
2nd Aranea Highwind Hell yeah, I DO love Aranea! How can I not love her as being the most badass dragoon ever created (sorry, Kain,... Cid?, but GIRL POWER!!! XD)? Everything about her is like "Bi***, you know I'm the number 1" (well, she is actually the number 2 in this sublist buuut let's ignore this little dilemma, ok? XD). FFXV Aranea Highwind
3rd Regis Lucis Caelum I like him as a secondary character, and his imposing but fatherly appearance... I don't know why I have a predilection to that kind of characters :v. Also, I expected his death... I mean, he was dubbed by Sean Bean in the film, the world-famous spoiler-actor in Hollywood XD. King-Regis-Magic-Kingsglaive-FFXV
4th Noctis Lucis Caelum, Gladiolus Amicitia, Ignis Scientia and Prompto Argentum I'm sorry, but after experiencing the whole story with this incredibly strong friendship bond it's impossible for me to separate them even when I make a list like this. If I was forced to choose one, I think I'd go with Noctis for the same as the other cases, for being the main character over the rest. Outside-Insomnia-FFXV
5th Ravus Nox Fleuret I prefer his design from the game over the film's one. He's a very complex character, having an emotional storm all over the FFXV story, and one can even understand all his actions, as he suffers a lot. His death (in the "canonical" ending) is one of the saddest ones in the game, in my oppinion (and his battle music is sublime). Ravus-Nox-Fleuret-FFXV

Final Fantasy Type-0Edit

This list is more focused in the gameplay of the characters more than their backstories (well, most of it). Done looking to the HD version.

Position Character Description Image
1st Ace / Rem Tokimiya Again, I'm not able to decide who's better. I really love Ace's gameplay, with all of these card tricks (and I LOVE him as a fighter in Dissidia NT and how well his moveset was adapted to it), but I also equally like Rem's personality (well, I also do like her being the most powerful mage in the game, and when I started I was preety good with her daggers, but later on I got worse playing with her phisically). I put Ace here at the same spot as Rem because my preferences here go in another direction. FFType0-AceRender
2nd Seven One of the best phisical mid-range characters. Pretty similar to Lighning in appearance (but not in gameplay), her gameplay reminds me Ivy's from SoulCalibur and Cya's from Hyrule Warriors (do video game developers have any fetish with women with whip-like weapons?). FFType0-SevenRender
3rd Trey I prefer long range characters for ARPG games (maybe I'm scared too easily), so Trey is a good option for me. Chargable attacks, zoning attacks, fast projectiles... His versatility offered me a lot of victories. FFType0-TreyRender
4th Sice A femenine low-cost version of Marluxia from Kingdom Hearts (I'm not saying this because she's a woman, but because of her gamestyle). She has some slow but powerful moves (not as slow and powerful as Cinque XD), and her Death Maelstorm is one of my favourite attacks (I don't know why). FFType0-SiceRender
5th Deuce The first time I played with her I didn't know how to control her, so I thought she was a terrible character. However, due some "circumstances" that forced me to play with her I learnt her "hidden power" (in other words, now I know how to control her properly :v). It doesn't mean I'm a beast controlling her, but now I enjoy it more. FFType0-DeuceRender


Same as FFX (so many games to play).

Position Character Description Image

My favourite gamesEdit

An essential section in a profile XD. Well, here we are:

Disclaimer: I don't consider spin-offs games. If I did, I would put Dissidia 012 and Dissidia NT in 3rd place.

Position Description Game
1st After all these years playing Final Fantasy games, I didn't expect to be attached to this game so much. Even with the bad backstory of the popular Chapter 13 and the... ease of the game, it's the FF game I enjoy the most. I'm still playing it and I have other games that I have to start, but it's like a drug: I cannot stop playing it XD! Final Fantasy XV&#039;s completed North American box art.
2nd Before FFXV came out, the most "staunch" position was between FFV and FFVI. It was so intense that I finally decided to share the same position for the 2 games. FFV is where Gilgamesh has more relevance, which is an obvious favorable point, but not the only one (I also love how... exotic I find it, and the relation with the characters). On the other hand, FFVI was the game which made me start to love the franchise, so it has a lot of relevance: the characters, the bosses, the music... all fantastic. FfvGBAEUFFVI-EU-gba
3rd Ok, yes, I didn't finish the game, but I think I played it enough to justify its position here (I finished 3 of the 4 discs, sooo...). I find that the game has a really attractive plot and characters, and, althought confusing, innovative mechanics. Final Fantasy VIII European box art
4th I wouldn't have played so many times if I don't like the game. The initiative of restarting the game again and again, far from being tiring and repetitive, I find it interesting and motivating. Also, the superbosses (even though I never beat them XD) are amazing. IVDSE
5th Well, more or less the same as FFVIII. I like the freedom of the gameplay in order to move and interact in the combat, how dynamic it is. Also I find the story (at least what I played) really interesting. EUffxii

My favorite summonsEdit

The list is sorted by effect. I will not put Gilgamesh because I included him before in the characters section, and I don't want to repeat myself multiple times if I can avoid it :P.

Position Weapon Comment Image
Special Odin I know that I said I'd only put summons sorted by effect, but I love Odin and how he is represented in all the games (at least in all the games I've played). Maybe, as an excuse, I could consider his FFXIII playable apparition. FFV Odin
1st Bahamut Well, I'm the kind of person who thinks that the first strike counts more, and if it's strong better XD. Sooo, why use the eidolons king would not like me :v? FFV Bahamut
2nd Phoenix Well, I mostly like it because of its story in FFV (it seems that I like the dramas XD), but the effect is awesome (at least in the games that attack with fire and revive the KOed allies at the same time... because you know... multifunctionality is better XD). FFV Phoenix
3rd Shiva Ice is one of my favourite elements, and I like to use it a lot (well, at least as much as I can). WoFF Shiva
4th Cerberus I was able to defeat it in FFVIII, but, unfortunately, I don't remember so much about it. However, I like all the magic possibilities this GF gives. Cerberus-FFVIII-boss
5th Ramuh Well, his case is similar to Shiva, but my preference for thunder attacks is a little bit lower than ice attacks. Ramuh-FFXV

My favorite weaponsEdit

Disclaimer: This list is made in relation to design and story, not to statistics. The list can change according to the time (and my interests) and it's an incomplete list.

Position Weapon Comment Image
1st Fusion Swords I love the fighting style of this weapon in the film, how Cloud uses all the blades as only one sword or as multiple blades and how he changes from one to another every time he needs it. FirstTsurugiDiagram
2nd Caelum Well, my main weapon changed over the game (maybe this game being almost my first PS4 experience had something to do with it), changing basically between swords (well... say "swords" when the most used sword is the Ex Machina... XD), greatswords and lances, but at the end (and currently), I have the preference for the "swords" (except against big enemies. In this case I prefer lances). However, even though I never use it because it hurts you every time you use it, I prefer the Sword of the Father (or Caelum, as I know this sword) because of its design and and backstory (and the animations). Sword-of-the-Father-FFXV-Artwork
3rd Rapier I prefer this weapon over other memorable weapons of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII (exept for the before listed XD), such as the Masamune or the Buster Sword. Maybe because is red? Who knows. Crisis Core Rapier
4th Lionheart I never played with this weapon in Final Fantasy VIII (I had to restart because of a bad equipment when I started the fourth CD D:), but I used it a lot in Dissidia in the Squall's EX Mode (he's my main in the game) and I like it a lot. LionHeart-ffviii-squall
5th Zantetsuken I don't know, I simply love this weapon. I don't have too much more to say about it. Zantetsuken A-ffxiii-weapon

My achievementsEdit

Progress of the characters will be included soon.

Final Fantasy III DSEdit

I completed the main story once. I bought the game (as a second hand game) after the close of Nintendo online servers for Nintendo DS, so I have neither the Onion Knight, the Ultima Weapon nor the superboss fight (against my will. If anyone knows a method that doesn't involve Wi-Fi to get it I would apreciate it :v).

The progress of the characters is:

  • Luneth is at level 61 and has the job Knight at level 80. I also have the following levels in the other jobs: Freelancer at lv. 22, Red Mage at lv. 23, Thief at lv. 6 and Dark Knight at lv. 5 (the rest of the jobs are not used yet in Luneth, so all of them are).
  • Arc is at level 61 and has the job Devout at level 47. I also have the following levels in the other jobs: Freelancer at lv. 8, White Mage at lv. 47 and Red Mage at lv. 14 (the rest are not used yet in Arc).
  • Refia is at level 61 and has the job Sage at level 36. I also have the following levels in the other jobs: Freelancer at lv. 7, Black Mage at lv. 48, Red Mage at lv. 14 and Magus at lv. 16 (the rest are notused yet in Refia).
  • Ingus is at level 61 and has the job Ninja at level 47. I also have the following levels in the other jobs: Freelancer at lv. 17, Warrior, Red Mage at lv. 8, Theif at lv. 3, Scholar at lv. 15 and Dragoon at lv. 99 (mastered) (the rest are not used yet in Ingus).

Final Fantasy IV DSEdit

I completed the main story seven times (three in my pirate card and four in my legal game (and I discovered you can only restart a file 3 times :/). I never beat any of the superbosses there (I'm a bad player XD).

Final Fantasy IV: The After YearsEdit

  • I completed the main (and ridiculously short) story of the main game. I have the stories of Rydia, Yang, Edge, Golbez and the "continuation" of the story, but I haven't started any of them yet.

Final Fantasy VEdit

  • I completed the main story once. I have to admit that I "cheated" a little bit with the saving of the emulator XD :P.

As I lost the .sav file (and the whole ROM) I can't put the progress of the characters I had.

Final Fantasy VIEdit

I haven't played it so much. I only arrived at the separation of Locke, Sabin and Terra. Sincerely, I'm looking for a phisical copy of the game for GBA (or hopefully a miracle will fall from the sky and they'll give us a remake or a port for a Nintendo console XD), and I'm waiting to continue when I have it.

Like the previous game, as I lost the ROM I cannot put the characters' progress.

Final Fantasy VIIEdit

I only had time to beat a few bosses.

Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VIIEdit

I completed the main story once in Normal difficulty, but I didn't have enough time to finish the optional missions. As I accidentaly restarted the game after beating the final boss and overwrote the saved data I'm trying to complete all the missions I can first before preceeding with the main story.

Final Fantasy VIIIEdit

In my first time, I got to the first boss of the fourth CD, but it was so strong (I suppose I didn't have the required equipement, so as I normally go forward like crazy with the main stories of the games XD) that I was forced to start over again.

On the Remaster (Switch)

Final Fantasy XEdit

I defeated Sinspawn Echuilles and got to Kilika. I'm in the first save point of the island... But I'm going to restart with the Switch Remaster.

Final Fantasy XIIEdit

I'm trying to beat Tiamat, but I think I'm too weak to beat it, so I'm "farming" levels.

Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

I beated the game once. I also beat one of the routes of Titan's Trials once.

Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit

I only beated the first boss with Serah and Noel.

Platinum Demo - Final Fantasy XVEdit

I completed the demo and I got arround 130 crystal points (I'm putting this by heart, not looking at it).

Final Fantasy XVEdit

I completed the main story once. Now I'm trying to complete the game at 100% (apart of the trophies). I also completed Pitioss Ruins and I've been able to defeat Adamantoise at levels 63 (Noctis), 59 (Gladio), 57 (Ignis) and 58 (Prompto), being the first superboss of the franchise I beat (I also recorded it ewe). I also obtained all the trophies (I do not count the DLC ones) and I have the Chocobos at level 10. My hunt level is also at level 10.

The progress of the characters is:
Disclaimer: I don't know the English names for the weapons exactly and I prefer the Spanish ones, so ther could be some incongruity with the weapons I'm really using.

  • Noctis is at level 103. His skill level (fishing) is at level 10. He has equipped the Artema, the Hyperion, the "La parca" and the Ring of the Lucii.
  • Gladio is at level 101. His skill level (survival) is at level 10. He has equipped the Hyperion and the Dagda.
  • Ignis is at level 101. His skill level (cooking) is at level 10. He has equipped the Zorlin and the Radiance.
  • Prompto is at level 101. His skill level (photography) is at level 10. He has equipped the Mercuria and the "Perforador Ω".

Final Fantasy Type-0 HDEdit

I completed the game once, and I arrived to the Chapter 2 for the second time.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of TimeEdit

Progess will be put soon.

World of Final Fantasy MaximaEdit

(I ignore the original as I let it unfinished and I'm currently progressing in the Maxima version).

I beated the game once, but I didn't progress any further on the postgame.

Dissidia 012 Final FantasyEdit

I have all characters to level 100, and I beat Feral Chaos twice (the first one with 3 characters needed and the other only with Squall (my main in the game)). I beat the level 100 Chaos too (with Squall too XD).

Dissidia Final Fantasy NTEdit

Progess will be put soon.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera OmniaEdit

I finished in Chapter 10.

My main team is the following one (I expect getting new interesting units):

  • Rem: at level 60 and crystal level of 60.
  • Noctis: at level 60 and crystal level of 59.
  • Gilgamesh: at level 60 and crystal level of 51.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

I don't know if it counts, but I think I'm so advanced in the game. I'm not very good (and I have horrible luck with the draws :P), so I cannot beat the most difficult bosses in the events, but at least I'm a good enough player to get the second memory crystals from each (and some third memory crystals).

My main team is the following one (I know it's not the best group when it's refered to stats, but I try to use my favourite characters (and the ones I have some good relics XD). I don't put the names of the equipment and some of the abilities because I have the game in Spanish and now I don't know the translations.

  • Terra: at lv. 99 with Bahamut (3 uses) and Meteor (4 uses).
  • Noctis: at lv. 99.
  • Rem: at lv. 80 with Holy (2 uses).
  • Gilgamesh: at lv. 99.
  • Prompto: at lv. 68 (still training it).

My favorite musicEdit

Disclaimer: the songs listed here are not ordered by preference. Instead, they are ordered by game appearance.

Final FantasyEdit

Chaos Shrine Opening Theme Castle Cornelia Miniboss battle (GBA)

Final Fantasy IIEdit

The Rebel Army Castle Pandemonium

Final Fantasy IIIEdit

Crystal Cave Battle My Home Town Eternal Wind
Boss Battle Go Above The Clouds The Boundless Ocean Elia, the Maiden of Water
Deep Under the Water Doga and Unne's Mansion The Invencible The Crystal Tower
This is the Last Battle Forbidden Land Eureka[1]

Final Fantasy IVEdit

The Red Wings Theme of Love Rydia Prologue
Main Theme Battle Into the Darkness Boss Battle
Melody of Lute Golbez, Clad in Dark Parom and Polom Battle with the Four Friends
Troian Beauty The Lunarians Within the Giant The Final Battle
Opening Movie[2] Prelude[2]

Final Fantasy VEdit

Opening Theme Four Hearts Lenna's Theme Dungeon
Battle 1 Tenderness in the Air Battle 2 The Fire Powered Ship
Reminiscence Nostalgia The Day Will Come Home. Sweet Home
Battle at the Big Bridge Decisive Battle The Last Battle

Final Fantasy VIEdit

Omen Battle Kefka Phantom Forest
Phantom Train Celes Theme Desicive Battle Terra's Theme
Forever Rachel Opera (Aria de Mezzo Carattere
+ Wedding Waltz Duel)
Setzer's Theme Johnny C. Bad
Airship Blackjack Mog's Theme Relm's Theme Fierce Battle
Searching for Friends Kefka's Tower Dancing Mad

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-Edit

Under the Apple Tree Encounter The Price of Freedom Night of Seclusion
The World's Enemy On the Verge of Assault Controlling the Iron Beast The Summoned
The Face of Lost Pride Truth Behind the Project

Final Fantasy VIIEdit

Opening - Bombing Mission Tifa's Theme Those Who Fight Still More Fighting
Main Theme J-E-N-O-V-A The Chase The Forested Temple
Aerith's Theme Judgment Day Jenova Absolute Birth of a God
One Winged Angel Staff Roll

Final Fantasy VII: Advent ChildrenEdit

The Promised Land Tifa's Theme For the Reunion Divinity I
Those Who Fight Divinity II J-E-N-O-V-A One-Winged Angel
Cloud Smiles

Final Fantasy VIIIEdit

Liberi Fatali Overture Blue Fields Don't Be Afraid
Find Your Way SeeD The Landing Force Your Way
Never Look Back Breezy Shuffle Or Boogie Waltz For the Moon
The Man With the Machine Gun Julia Only a Plank Between One and Perdition The Stage Is Set
Premonition Fragments of Memories Retaliation Fisherman's Horizon
The Oath Mods de Chocobo Ride On The Castle
The Legendary Beast Maybe I'm a Lion The Extreme Eyes on Me

Final Fantasy IXEdit

Feel My Blade Behind the door Melodies of Life ~ Final Fantasy Mistaken Love
Battle 1 Battle 2 Run! Over The Hill
Hunter's Chance The Sword of Doubt Ambush Attack Roses of May
Something to Protect Not Alone The Darkness of Eternity The Final Battle

Final Fantasy X (+ X-2)Edit

Zanarkand Prelude Tidus' Theme Hurry!
Battle Theme Enemy Attack Blitz Ball Gamblers Yuna's Theme
Seymour Battle Via Purifico Thunder Plains SUTEKI DA NE
Decisive Battle Resting Place[3]

Final Fantasy XIEdit

Vana'diel March Ronfaure Awakening Shinryu
Iron Colossus Ragnarok

Final Fantasy XIIEdit

FINAL FANTASY (FFXII version) Streets of Rabanastre Boss Battle Clash of Swords
Esper Battle Fight to the Death Giza Plains Rebelion
Speechless Battle The Dalmasca Estersand Theme of the Empire Battle for Freedom
Ending Movie

Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

The Promise Defiers of Fate Saber's Edge Promised Eternity
Lake Bresha Blinded By Light Lightning's Theme March of the Dreadnoughts
The Forever Fugitives The Gapra Whitewood The Sunleth Waterscape (Japan) The Sunleth Waterscape (Overseas)
Sustained By Hate Atonement Vanille's Theme Chocobos Of Cocoon~Chasing Dreams
Test Of The L'Cie Fighting Fate The Seperate Paths Desperate Struggle
Fang's Theme The Archylte Steppe Memories Of Happier Days Dust to Dust
Eden Under Siege Born Anew Fabula Nova Crystallis Nascent Requiem

Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit

Beautiful Heroes Knight Of The Goddess Historia Crux Last Hunter
Followers Of Chaos Shadow Of Valhalla Noel's Theme ~The Last Travel~ Heart Of Chaos
Eternal Paradox Clash on the Big Bridge[4]

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

Lightning Returns Chaos Crimson Blitz ~ Battle Theme The Last Surviving Wilderness
Savior of Souls Army of One A New World Divine Love
Almighty Bhunivelze

Final Fantasy XIVEdit

Answers Dragonsong Fallen Angel Torn from the Heavens

Final Fantasy XVEdit

Somnus Wanderlust Stand Your Groud Relax and Reflect
Safe Heaven Hunt or Be Hunted Love Lost The Aggressors
What Lies Within Bros on the Road The Nilfheim Empire Veiled in Black
Valse di Fantastica Valse di Fantastica (piano) The Fight Is On! APOCALYPSIS NOCTIS
Cosmogony NOX DIVINA Veiled in Black (Arrangement) Invidia
Sorrow Without Solace OMNIS LACRIMA Rodeo de Chocobo Up for the Challenge
NOCTIS Prayer de Luna Song of the Stars The Hydrean's Wrath
ARDYN II After the Battle Careening Into Danger Horrors of the Night
Braver Shield of the King - Theme of EPISODE GLADIOLUS[5] The Spirits Converge[5] Battle on the Big Bridge[5]
A Frozen Soul[6] Coffee and Contemplation[6] Sound of My Heart[6] Face the Music[6]
Sins of the Father[6] Home Sweet Home - Theme of EPISODE PROMPTO[6] Descent into Darkness[7] A Daunting Challenge[7]
Choosing Hope - City of Light[7] Urgent Mission[7] A Clash of Swords[7] The Wrath of Swords[7]
Choosing Hope[7] EPISODE IGNIS - The Main Theme[8] Altissia Under Siege[8] A United Front[8]
A Tear-Stained Sword[8] Theme of RAVUS[8] ARDYN III[8] APOCALYPSIS MAGNATUS[8]
APOCALYPSIS MAGNATUS[9] Omega[9] Encelevenemus - Kingly Compassion[9] Daemons - Eternal Darkness
I Promise Main Theme[10] Dining[10][11] My Calling[10]
Guardian Boss[10] Ardyn's Rest[10] King Regis[10] Somnus - The Final Battle[10]
Resisting Fate[10]

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XVEdit

Prologue Diamond Weapon LUNA Somnus (Instrumental)
Missing Princess Glaive Infiltration The General and the King

Brotherhood Final Fantasy XVEdit

Riding the Wind Awakening Solidarity Into Oblivion

Final Fantasy Type-0Edit

We have come Crystal Guide Us Rem Tokimiya Machina Kunagiri
Apostles of the Crystal The Earth Under Our Feet War: Warrior Worth a Thousand Three Hours that Changed the World
War: Life of Darkness Type Zero Vermilion Fire Tempus Finis
Swaying Thoughs War: That Which Lurks War: The White Weapon War: Recapture
Time of Tranquility Utakata (HD)

World of Final FantasyEdit

Innocent² World of Grymoire World of Beauty World of Nine Woods Hill
Labyrinth of Light World of Battle World of Addy Labyrinth of Dragons
Mega World of Battle Moonlight Melody Prismelody: Town Theme Prismelody: Battle Scene
Prismelody:Eternal Wind Prismelody: Clash on the Big Bridge -S- Prismelody: The Fierce Battle Prismelody: The Decisive Battle
Prismelody: Festival of the Hunt Prismelody: A Fleeting Dream Prismelody: Blinded by Light Prismelody: Torn from the Heavens[12]
Prismelody: Veiled in Black[12]

Dissidia Final Fantasy (2008 + 012 + Remixes)Edit

Arrangement FFI - Dungeon Arrangement FFI - Chaos Shrine Arrangement FFII - Battle Theme 1 Arrangement FFII - Battle Theme 2
Arrangement FFII - Castle Pandemonium Arrangement FFIV - Battle I Arrangement FFIV - Battle II Arrangement FFIV - Battle with the Four Friends
Arrangement FFV - Battle at the Big Bridge Arrangement FFVI - The Decisive Battle Arrangement FFVII - J-E-N-O-V-A Arrangement FFVIII - Don't Be Afraid
Arrangement FFVIII - Force Your Way Arrangement FFVIII - The Extreme Arrangement FFIX - The Final Battle Arrangement FFXIII - Blinded by Light
Cosmos Cantata Mortis & God in Fire Arrangement FFIII - Eternal Wind Arrangement FFVI - Terra's Theme
Arrangement FFVII - Main Theme Arrangement FFVIII - Julia Arrangement FFXIII - The Archyite Steppe An Undocumented Battle
Arrangement FFV - Dungeon Arrangement FFVIII - Find Your Way Arrangement FFX - Via Purifico Opening
The Troops' Advance

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT (Arcade)Edit

Opening Massive Explosion Arrangement Dissidia 012 FF - God in Fire Arrangement FFI - Opening Theme
Arrangement FFII - Rebel Army Arrangement FFIII - Eternal Wind Arrangement FFIV - The Final Battle Arrangement FFV - The Fierce Battle
Arrangement FFV - Battle at the Big Bridge Arrangement FFVI - Dancing Mad Arrangement FFVIII - The Man with the Machine Gun Arrangement FFVIII - Maybe I'm a Lion
Arrangement FFIX - Dark Messenger Arrangement FFIX - Something to Protect Arrangement FFX - Battle Theme Arrangement FFX - Seymour Battle
Arrangement FFX (TFFASC version) - Seymour Battle Arrangement FF XI - Belief Arrangement FFXII - Eden Under Siege Arrangement FFXIV - Torn from the Heavens
Arrangement FFT - Trisection Arrangement FFT-0 - Servant of the Crystal Arrangement FFT-0 - We have come Arrangement FFT-0 - War: The Quiet Bloodbath
Arrangement FFVIII - The Landing Arrangement FFX - Assault
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Pages of my interestEdit

Dress Record // Dancing Mad (theme) // Gilgamesh (character) // Dissidia Final Fantasy NT // Dissidia Final Fantasy NT weapons // Opera "Maria and Draco" ...

Pages created by meEdit


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