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As of January 2017 - Hi all. I thought I'd pop back and see how things are doing, but whether or not I return to active duty remains to be seen. I'm very busy these days, now I have a rambunctious toddler to run after all day and college, work and volunteering to juggle - for those interested, I'm in the process of applying to university to study midwifery and have been offered a place. I'm of course still happy to chat to everyone and will keep an eye out for anything that might need doing.


Hi there. I'm Tia, resident rainbow squirrel of the Wiki and one of the admins. If by some chance I'm needed for anything, I respond fairly quickly on my Talk page, but it may sometimes be easier to email me as I'm likely to respond faster.

You'll mostly see me moving articles, fixing links like a madwoman because I don't like to bother the bot commanders, wiki-gnoming and editing articles to keep in line with our Manual of Style. I do tend to watch anonymous user activity like a hawk in case of vandalism, for which I apologise, but I'm not a multiple-user-proclaimed RC Patroller for nothing!

Other stuff I have you might like:

Current Work/Projects

  • Creating List of Shops articles for any game release that doesn't yet have one.
    • In doing that, edit any existing List of Shops articles (such as II) to correctly list wares according to version differences.
  • Greatly expanding on the Debug Room of FFVII using information I gained from the Cutting Room Floor and images courtesy of JBed. Current progress can be seen at my sandbox and is not far off finished now!
  • Creating an article for the Debug Room of Final Fantasy VIII. Information from the Cutting Room Floor is currently stored in another sandbox and images to come soon.
  • Expanding our Etymology content and transcluding into articles.

What I've done for FFWiki

Within the Wiki

  • Updated the Featured Article for a time.
  • With the help of Drakey and JBed, revamped the Loot table to include Monograph Drops and added all the information in.
  • With the help of Omega Mk.XII and Shockstorm, blitzed the Uncategorised Files. Once upon a time it was very full. Very.
  • Created numerous articles in line with our article creation forum.
  • Kick-started the discussion for a new running of the Featured Article (see here.)
  • Worked on Appearance and Personality sections for characters across numerous releases.
  • Began a walkthrough...and had Scathey delete it. Let's face it, it was crap.

Within Wikia Itself

  • Contributed my thoughts and memories on the PS1 era for Wikia's Guided Tour of Final Fantasy, along with Drakey, Spira and Kaimi.

FFWiki Let's Play

  • Appeared in episode three of BlueHighwind's Let's Play of Final Fantasy VIII. Also contributed to the final episode but due to my connection cutting out I'm unsure as to whether someone had to substitute for me.
  • Appeared in episode four of Jeppo's Let's Play of Final Fantasy X. Seems Jeppo has gone MIA so if someone could bring him back to face court martial we might just see these episodes uploaded.
  • Provided the vocal track for the ending of Scathey's Let's Play of Final Fantasy VI.
  • Appeared in several episodes of Technobliterator's Let's Play of Final Fantasy VII.

Social Media

  • A former admin of the Wiki's Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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My 10,000th edit! Eeek!

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FF and me

Final Fantasy

Platform- GBA

Status- Incomplete

Can honestly say I haven't gotten very far in this one at all. Been meaning to pick it up again, but something's stopping me. I don't know what it is...sheer boredom, perhaps. Had I been around when it was first released it might have been a different story. But I just can't get into it at the moment.

Final Fantasy II

Platform- GBA

Status- Incomplete

This user is a fan of Final Fantasy II.

I had begun a walkthrough on this game, as we still need one for the GBA version; this is the one I have. However, Maria ended up with very low max HP and I never switched her off bows, so she was my primary weakness, and I just got stuck in the Tropical Islands. Switched off after that. Meaning to restart soon. When I figure out what the hell I'm supposed to be doing. I didn't even know how to open my map for ages.

Don't get me wrong, I like Final Fantasy II. I just don't think I was playing it right. And the amount of characters that die is ridiculous; it should be renamed Game of Crystals. Georgie Martin would be proud.

Final Fantasy III

Platform- NES, DS, Steam

Status- Incomplete

This user is a fan of Final Fantasy III.

Oh man. Don't even get me started on this one. I'd love to play it on the NES, that would be a nice difference if not rather difficult since I can't read Japanese, but I have the DS version, and I have to say I'm really not a fan. The characters don't feel like they have any depth to them, and I can't understand a Final Fantasy where you can't buy Phoenix Downs.

However, location-wise, I quite liked the way Final Fantasy III is set out. The Floating Continent and the lower world was interesting and a fun way of including several worlds, something Square have carried on in several FF games. I don't feel their Job System was done any justice though; it should have been kept to Final Fantasy V.

Since writing the above, on the day I write this I have downloaded and begun playing the fan translation of the original NES version. The tinny music makes me laugh, and I will be trying my hardest to utilise this despite my lack of patience with anything.

Final Fantasy IV

Platform- SNES (J2e 10th Anniversary Edition), GBA

This user has completed Final Fantasy IV.
This user is a fan of Final Fantasy IV.

My mum bought this for me and my brother when I was around eight, and while I don't have many memories of playing the PS1 version, some years later we acquired it for GBA, and I became hooked again. I'm a hopeless romantic so for me the story was captivating. Also it was fast paced, ever-changing and generally quite fun. Little things like finding treasure in pots and being able to change the moving character by pressing a shoulder button made me happy. The issues with the ATB bars was a slight hindrance, and though I love the story I hate Rosa, but that aside, this is a game I thoroughly enjoy and do not hesitate to play through again.

Final Fantasy V

Platform- GBA, Android

This user has completed Final Fantasy V.
This user is a fan of Final Fantasy V.

Of course, the Job System just made this game. One was pretty much useless; I didn't like the Red Mage, as the only decent ability was Doublecast and the AP required for it was ridiculous, and of course, the classic case of the Red Mage not being able to cast high level spells and decreased magic power compared to a White or Black Mage, as well as decreased strength compared to a knight, just really got on my case. I feel the story of Final Fantasy V was very short, but at the same time there was quite a lot to do. I enjoyed the piano sidequest and acquiring Blue Magic, as well as mastering jobs just for the hell of it.

Final Fantasy VI

Platform- GBA, Android

This user has completed Final Fantasy VI.
This user is a fan of Final Fantasy VI.

Got this as part of the Anthologies bundle when I was about eight or nine. Very fond memories of playing, and was the first out of the GBA ports that I got for that particular platform. As such, I hit the roof at such changes as Tritoch to Valigarmanda. Of course, the nostalgic value of the PS1 version can never be replaced, but the GBA version, like the other ports, added all the little extras, such as the Dragon's Den, and made it so much more enjoyable to play.

Though I understood and liked the characters of Final Fantasy IV, this was the first time I really started to enjoy playing a Final Fantasy for its characters. This is probably due to there being a fair number of them, but they are all so varied in their personality, their depth, their outlook on the world. They really add to my experience of Final Fantasy VI, a game I'm not likely to put down just yet.

Final Fantasy VII

Platform- PS1, Steam

This user has completed Final Fantasy VII.
This user is a fan of Final Fantasy VII.

I suppose I'll have to be really careful with what I say on this one, just in case I sound like a fangirl. Luckily, I'm a Vincent fan, and not a Cloud/Sephiroth shipper. This is the first Final Fantasy I played, having been given it at the age of seven, and I still continue to play to this day. I feel this game progresses quite slowly, particularly at first, and once you've done everything, you're quickly bored. However, it can't be denied that Final Fantasy VII paved the way for a new style of RPG and was a revolutionary in its own right. I don't think the series would have continued this far without the success it had.

My general past time on this is chocobo breeding. It's my aim to create the best chocobo ever ^_^ and also to defeat Emerald and Ruby Weapon. I'm ashamed to say that even after twelve years of playing the game the closest I've ever come is managing to whittle Emerald down to a point where Demi3 was shaving off 6999 HP at a time.

Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-

This user has completed Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-.
This user is a fan of Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-.

I have to owe it to Square. This is the only shooter game I've ever been any good at or completed. Unlike some other games, the linearity of this one isn't crushing; noticeable, but not crushing, and it follows a character I've always liked for his mystery, appearance and outlook. I liked how Cloud and the others aren't rubbed in your face; in fact, I just really like that it mostly involves Vincent and Yuffie, the two optional characters from the previous game.

Dirge of Cerberus isn't amazing, far from it. But it introduces believable antagonists- you can do anything and blame it on Shinra- and an emotionless little brat you either love or hate. And I don't mean Lucrecia. We all hate her. But it lets someone else take centre stage for once, no flower girls or spiky hair or bishies. And I like that.

Final Fantasy VIII

Platform- PS1, Steam

This user has completed Final Fantasy VIII.
This user is a fan of Final Fantasy VIII.

Now, here's the one that always causes arguments. I like new introductions to games, but though I like the Junction system to a certain extent, it definitely made the game a lot easier. Step 1- enter battle. Step 2- Draw repeatedly till you have a stock of 99. Step 3- find which stat that particular magic suits. You can end up with much higher stats than should be suitable for the point in the game. Not a very enjoyable experience.

One aspect I do really enjoy about Final Fantasy VIII though is Triple Triad. Comparing this with Tetra Master, not only is it easier to understand, but rules can change pretty much anytime simply by wandering from place to place. Again though, the game insists on making itself much easier by allowing you to get back modified one-of-a-kind-cards towards the end of the game. I think Final Fantasy VIII is the lazy man's RPG, and people either play for the characters or they take no notice whatsoever. Me? I'm the latter.

Final Fantasy IX

This user has completed Final Fantasy IX.
This user is a fan of Final Fantasy IX.

I've always said that Final Fantasy IX is a long-standing favourite of mine, and continues to be even now. I've always been a fan of references and intertextuality, which this game most certainly does, in a cute and classic way that either captures your heart or confuses you. The previous two Final Fantasies before this had become a little futuristic, but Final Fantasy IX returns to castles and princesses and the gallant knights, be they in armour or not. A game worthy of being a fairytale. The only thing I regret is never managing to steal the Fairy Flute from Hilgigars.

Final Fantasy X

Platform- PS2, PS3

This user has completed Final Fantasy X.
This user is a fan of Final Fantasy X.

Half the time I love this game. The other half I can really hate it, and this is mostly because training your characters can be hard work! I'm not always our lovely Jimcloud; I have to be in the right mood to grind, and grinding in Final Fantasy X is a slow and sometimes painful process. I'm very nitpicky. My characters have to be well-trained in that I will use all of them in every battle, no matter how short or easy. Yep, even Kimahri.

However, the reasons I can love this game; the beauty of Macalania Woods. Yeah, I'm a sissy. John DiMaggio, one of the greatest voice actors ever. Suteki Da Ne, the song I've been performing- in its original Japanese version- for years at concerts. The story, while not being my favourite of Final Fantasy storylines, doesn't stray; it sticks to what it's supposed to do and stays true to Yuna and Tidus. At least I know where I'm supposed to be.

Final Fantasy X-2

Platform- PS3

This user has completed Final Fantasy X-2.

My opinion has changed slightly since I obtained the HD remaster and all the perks that came with it. The Fiend Arena is a little bit of genius, I have to say. You can be 1% through the game, and yet have a party of monsters with levels off the scale, getting items and accessories you wouldn't otherwise be able to access much later in the game! I love the whole thing, though I doubt I have the patience to pull it off. Liking the new Garment Grids, not so keen on the new dresspheres though.

This being said, I still very much feel like Final Fantasy X-2 ruined Spira by making it all fun. I was hoping they would remaster some of the soundtrack but ah well, a woman can dream.

Final Fantasy XII

This user has completed Final Fantasy XII.
This user is a fan of Final Fantasy XII.

Now here's a game I can't get enough of. One of my favourite past-times is hunting Rare Game, one after the another. I've done a lot in my recent playthrough, more than I've usually managed to do. I mean, I never got the Tournesol in the last playthrough, and I did this time! Very proud of myself. I can't say I connect with the characters much in this one, with the exception of Fran, who I think is very well thought out and designed, but I enjoyed the class divides, various races and different accents throughout Ivalice. The world itself was very much convincing, and one I'd like to live in myself if it weren't ravaged by war.

Final Fantasy XIII

Platform- 360

This user has completed Final Fantasy XIII.
This user Hated Final Fantasy XIII.

Yeah, I completed it. Somehow. No idea how. Or why. But I probably won't do it again. I don't think I've ever been so bored. I know there are loads of people who really, really like this game, and sure, they're entitled to their opinion, but I'm also entitled to mine. And my opinion is... *Sticks middle finger up at Square*

A little about me

Trivia Bytes

  • I have two Final Fantasy tattoos; FFVIII's cactuar on my inner right forearm and FFVI's Goddess on the upper arm and shoulder.
  • You have to give me things (mainly food) in even numbers. Or I will flip. Seriously. I have some funny obsession with even numbers.
  • I don't like pink. Don't ask me why I used it in my signature and talk bubble. Not even I know.
  • I'm British, I'm female, I like football (Manchester United all the way!), I play games and I own a reptile. I'm more man than woman, I tell you. Except for the boobs. Which you cannot touch.
  • I never have a favourite Final Fantasy. It depends on what I'm playing currently, and that's normally the one I will favour.
  • I'm all for game innovation, but I stick to older games, mostly because I'm lazy and/or am poor because I spend most of my money on Ebay.
  • I'm left handed. I play the drums left handed, but the only thing I cannot use my left hand for is throwing a dart.
  • I don't actually watch a lot of anime. I got into a sort of mindset that I would be looked down on for watching anime, because if you liked Naruto or Bleach when I was at school you were nothing short of crucified! Which probably explains why to this day, I've only watched Dragon Ball/Z/GT, Pokemon, Code Geass and Death Note.
  • I love to read. My pet favourites are the Skullduggery Pleasant series, Harry Potter, A Song of Ice and Fire, The Hunger Games Trilogy and His Dark Materials.

Etymology (courtesy of Likeacupcake)

In his words as well, except for a few spelling corrections by moi- I used to know Tanya! It's something like "Fairy" or something, give me a moment to have a look...

"Tanya" is Fairy Queen/Princess. It is also the shortened form of Tatiana, a Slavic saint.

Byrne I do know: Raven, or "Child of Bran" in Gaelic, meaning you could be a possible decendant of one of the ancient Irish kings.

Sounds good to me! Now down on your knees and call me Your Highness- yeah, I'm gonna shut up now.

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Haha. I feel loved!

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