How much would you sacrafice to save the world...

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The Final Fantasy is the latest Final Fantasy game to be released for the PS3 and Xbox360, orginally planned and developed to be Final Fantasy XI the idea was scrapped for the MMO version, the producers at Square Enix decided to begin a re-boot on the Final Fantasy series and so the orginal developed Final Fantasy XI (Project:Nemesis) became The Final Fantasy. It was first released on August 16 2012 in Japan and November 2nd 2012 worldwide, the trailer was leaked across all of youtube featuring the song "Imago" by Australian Alternative Metal band "The Butterfly Effect". The game became the best seller in the history of Final Fantasy to date.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

TFF carried on the Active Time Battle System which was used in previous FF games, orginally the producers of Square Enix were gonna carry on over the Command Synergy Battle System but decided to keep the ATB due to former producers of Square Soft haveing planned the Project:Nemesis to use it.

  • Job Classes: Job Classes play a significant role within TFF, Magic is a rare ability and is hardly used, due to this the enemies were weakned down to allow players to have better chances at completing TFF.
  • Summons: Like previous FF games, summons serve as a major plot. In TFF Summons are refered to as Eidolons, there are 10 Eidolons all up but are not accessible until a summoner joins the party.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Kylon is the main protagonist of the game, he serves as a captain of the Venexion Empire and leads The Brotherhood, an elite group of the best soldiers the empire has.

Freelith is Kylon's best freind and boyfreind to Belle, he is a member of The Brotherhood and fights against the Zolvorcion Empire in the Imperial Wars.

Brett is the politically incorrect character, he is vulgur, disrespectfull and doesn't care about anybody else's feelings but deep down he will alyways protect his freinds before himself.

Veronica is the quiet but strong one of the party, as a member of The Brotherhood she has great potentional allthough haveing to rely on gamebling techinques, she doesn't care much about Brett and usually puts him in his place.

Byokuta is an assassin from Jyukai, allthough he is an assassin he is a very noble and respectful of everyone, he is a man of wisdom and strength.

Emperor Venex is the Emperor of the Venexion Empire, a former Paladin he in herited the crown from his father years ago, now he fights to protect his kindgom from Emperor Zolvorc.

Caliburn and Serena are sisters with mysterious powers....

Mexazil is a machine built to serve the Venexion Empire, he serves the Empire with loyalty and bravery.

Story[edit | edit source]

The Intro begins with Kylon siting aboard The Interceptor, he holds his head to the ground and is thinking heavly, "How much would you sacrafice to save the world" the screen goes black and the TFF logo appears followed by the track "Imago" by "The Butterfly Effect"

For the rest of the story please see The Final Fantasy Story

Themes[edit | edit source]

TFF had taken on a mixture of diffrent themes throughout the game, it contained a small dose of Sci-Fi with machines while containing a much more bigger Fantasy feel. Places like The Venexion Empire and Zolvorcion Empire and its region had a more Western Medieval fantasy approach to it while Jyukai and it's region was more of Orient decent, even other locations incorporated styles from Brazillian jungles and Egyptian deserts plus past Mythology.

Music[edit | edit source]

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The music of TFF was the most interesting part of the game, the intro contained the track "Imago" by "The Butterfly Effect" but the most well remembered OST was the boss themes for Demonoid. Even though Demonoid is fought four times he had four diffrent tracks played for each battle which were all songs from Industrial Metal band "Fear Factory". Also another well known piece of OST was the tunes played in the final dungeon and the final boss battle-

  • Demonoid Scripted first battle: "Smasher/Devourer" by "Fear Factory"
  • Demonoid + Main Frame: "Shock" by "Fear Factory"
  • Demonoid: "Obsolete" by "Fear Factory"
  • Demonoid + Upgrades: "Demanufacture" by "Fear Factory
  • Apporaching The Destroyer after speaking to Demonoid in the Qillestar ruins: "Remnants" by Disturbed
  • Final Battle: "Asylum" by Disturbed.

TFF was critizied by some fans for the use of Metal songs but was also praised for the approached by others. The OST also included remixes of themes from other FF games but most notably is the orginal tune "Clash on the Big Bridge" that is played when the party fights Gilgamesh.

Spoilers end here.

Development[edit | edit source]

Hironobu Sakaguchi was the orginial developer behind the orginal draft of Final Fantasy XI which nicknames Project:Nemesis, when Squaresoft merged with Square Enix and Hironobu Sakaguchi left the company the new developing team decided to scrap Project:Nemesis and make their own FFXI.

It wasent until 16th of December 2010 that the company discovered the old documents on Project:Nemesis, goining through the finished story and characters the team decided to re boot the FF series with Hironobu's Project:Nemesis which was to be titled The Final Fantasy. Allthough legal issues came into play when Hironobu had revealed to the people of Square Enix that he was working on Project:Nemesis with an user from a certain Wiki.

Because of this the user from the FFWiki had to give permission for the Square Enix team to use his story and the user did but on the condition that he would lead the team and make all the final descisions and the team agreeded.

Reception[edit | edit source]

The game recieved much praise for it's development, it was herald the greatest FF game of all time. All though this created many TFF Fan Boys which lead to the user of the FFWiki to leave from the constant bickering. The Characters of TFF mainly the hero and villian have begun to appear in alot of popular culture including crossover games. Rumour has it that the user may be writting a two new stories to TFF, one as a sequeal and one as a prequel but this is pure speculation at the moment.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The International release dates are the same date as Nemesisx's birthday.
  • The logo and grammar editing was done by Mateus.
  • December 16th 2010 was the date Square Enix discoverd TFF while in reality December 16th 2011 was the date The Nemesisx begun writting TFF

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